Mnangagwa slams Moyo

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) — who has been under attack from Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo over the manner in which command agriculture is being handled — yesterday slammed the minister, describing him as a destructive element, during a fact-finding mission at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) Lions Den depot near Chinhoyi.


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa, without naming Moyo, said Zimbabweans should not lose sleep over comments by destructive elements, who sought to diminish government programmes.

He said he was happy that his principal, President Robert Mugabe, was content with command agriculture and was not worried about sideshows.

“When you come to join the scheme, follow the rules. There are some who call it ugly culture, but thank God, our President called it beautiful culture,” Mnangagwa said.

“Let them talk while we continue to do well on the farms. The maize will continue to grow and then we harvest and deliver it to the GMB, while the prophets of doom continue to criticise.”

He was apparently responding to Moyo, who is very vocal against command agriculture, which he has described as “command ugly culture”, claiming it was being abused by Mnangagwa’s supporters to create a platform for the Vice-President to succeed Mugabe.

Moyo has also taken on Mnangagwa and command agriculture, saying the programme was being corruptly run.

Mnangagwa said command agriculture had been a success and funding would be increased from $165 million to $487m next season.

He said the government was in the process of buying driers to deal with the problem of high content moisture.

Agriculture permanent secretary, Ringson Chitsiko said farmers should get 20% of their total money instantly for grain deliveries and the rest after two weeks.

Mugabe at a rally in Masvingo last week praised the programme, calling it “beautiful culture”, but did not censure Moyo for attacking the programme.

Yesterday, Information minister Christopher Mushohwe, during a tour of a local company in Harare, also said Moyo’s allegations were mere talk without substance and would not deter Cabinet from carrying out government programmes.

“He (Moyo) has a constitutional right to vent his anger and hate on Twitter and to say the things he wants to,” Mushohwe said.

“But allegations of corruption have to be backed by evidence. Just saying there is corruption is not enough. The government is happy with the programme.”

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  1. Progressive Zimbabwean

    I see some anger in the Professor and wonder why it is so? There is open hatred for the VP by the Professor but I think he must separate his personal hatred from government business. He is one minister whom I know can work hard if only he can focus on the job at hand given any ministry but unfortunately he gets carried away. He has his constitutional right to speak his mind but I think cabinet decisions are a collective responsibility and to the ordinary person discord can send wrong signals. It can also be negative to the potential investor. I hold no brief from Mnangagwa but I have been following Prof. Moyo’s various interviews regarding the VP and have come to the conclusion that there is more to it that meets the eye. There is seething hate in the attacks

    1. tendai chaminuka

      I agree with you @ Progressive Zimbabwean.The traumatic experience we sometimes go through wrongfully become a deciding factor in our perspectives.Which is very unfortunate but ,divergent views are greatly appreciated in a healthy society like Zimbabwe.

    2. Cry my Beloved Country

      I can’t add a thing. Spot on my fellow Zimbabwean. Maybe it’s time for the President to dislodge Jonathan Moyo and put a blanket media ban on him like he did to him in 2005.

      And yes….he can resort to his tweets..

  2. Mushohwe nyarara hako kuti zii iwe. Wakaba maDiamonds akawanda kwaChiyadzwa hauna kusungwa wani

  3. Still waters run deep and empty vessels make the most noise

  4. tendai chaminuka

    Qualities of a good leader chaiwo aratidzwa neNgwena iyi.No poetic fury and historical outburst.Kupora zvayo kunge garwe rakashamira nhunzi.

  5. i wish to see a Nkosana Moyo Mnangagwa presidium wth Biti on Finance

  6. Thats why I like this man he wont burst he will keep quite and respond well,even if you listen to him during parliamentary debates you will know how intelligent he is,Ngwena MINUS ZANU PF ill politics you are a good leader.

  7. Ngwena chamboko chaiicho. That man is a true politician par excellence. Imagine the way Jono attack him, akanyava asi watch this this space Jono will be out-sprinted.

    Mumwe noumwe ane zvoto zvake saka Jono usada kubata zvoto zvevamwe.

  8. Evidence of corruption in the Command Agriculture scheme was unveiled by the Auditor General. Her report is a matter of public record.

  9. I begin to love this man. he is good mhani. no bapu. ana jonso and his master hate him so much but level headed people see him as a better option to zimbabwe crisis.

  10. we are still 1ZanuPf and moyo your personality with VP Mnangagwa is not good in this house you are trying to distroy Zanu Pf from inside we’re kids we need to learn from people called Professors with something that admire not behaving like stepFather to a step son we are here we fail our education so for us for leaving we should work and that what our Father are doing thank you Cde VP Mnangagwa and his Excellency Cde R.G .Mugabe thank you once again vane unyope siyai vakadaro avo

  11. Ngwena’s political attitude is mature moree than his principal. He is known for doing the right thing at the right time. Zimbabweans have spoken that they want him to lead zanu pf and eventually the country and it is not going to change. Its no longer a secret that mudhara wacho wants to divide the people for his benefit. Where in this world has a full cabinet minister critisize a cabinet approved project and got away with it, iye mukuru wonyarara zvake kuti ziii? Ndidzo politics dzake but people now know kuti asingadi mnangagwa ndiyani and anovatuma ndiyani. Let Mnanangagwa work silently, ma elections arikuuya whether its government or congress yacho, the ballot woulde decide who is the next leader of zanu pf.

  12. Janana wa Bikaz

    Oh come guys, wake up from your deep slumber,you are beginning to love Ngwena because he did not retaliate or shout abusives at Moyo?And you take that as leadership quality?There is more to leadership than to just keep quiet and wish things will sort themselves out.Keeping quiet when you really know that your colleague is de campaigning you and spreading falsehoods about you?Keeping quiet when you really know that an old man and clueless dictator is holding the country at ransom and you a are actually on the fore front of campaigning for him to be voted into office at 94?Keeping quiet when the country is practically on its knees economically because you want to be seen as supporting the status quo? Keeping quiet may be a way of trying avoid people like Johnso to keep on undressing him in public and spew all Ngwena’s dark secrets and gullible people like Simbarashe will fall for such idiocy.Zivai zvekudira munhu especially politicians.

    1. U actually pinpointed what was brewing in my mind as I read thru these comments.

  13. varume ava vane pavakabonderana, coz I know them as bossom buddies, even mazuva apisa baba jukwa, these 2 guys were reported to be tight buddies.

    the question is, vakanetsana papi?????


  15. I think Munangagwa was right to respont the way he do , siyayi vanotaurisa vataurise , kana Jonso iriye muzvina fundo bva regai tione kwazvinosvika

  16. Leave farming issues to farmers .They are not kids Mnangagwa. Funding of their activities must be through Agribank. You want to corruptly manage their processes through soldiers whom you can arm-twist for your sake. Shame on you Mnangagwa! Prof is right iwe hauzi kurima wani. Tsiye nyoro dzako ndedzei?

  17. soko pamahererero

    zvarambaka zvokupa vanhu minda vasina chavainacho kuti varime moti Command Agric manje kuchinja mazita sezvisina kumbenge zviriko.Takakura zviriko tichipihwa fertizer nezvikwereti zvichingofamba mumaruzevha medu.
    moenda maprazimakati ivhu redu rachembera better titore revarungu izvo vaitoisawo fertizer yacho

    nhamo zvainoita

  18. It is now obvious that Newsday has been cuptured by Lacoste. How can anyone justify spending that much money without going to tender as required by the SPB. Unholy alliance !!

  19. Remember Jonso has a noose hanging around his neck. These are diversionary tactics Comrades. Zimdef is stalking Jonso.” Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!”

  20. All of you idiots who are singing ED’s praises are actually idiots!!! He is known for not speaking much and lets his barking dogs like mutsanga. nematendena,chiwenga and lately chinamasa etc do the screaming but because he is feeling the heat he is now personally responding. I say again that the pending politburo report by Jona on his (ED) presidential grabbing game is giving him sleepless nights and diarrhea and he is very afraid and an expulsion of Jona NOW will be his salvation!! As for command ugly/beautiful culture -time will tell but we know that it is already stinking as alluded to by the Ministry of Finance which is supposed to be headed by barking puppy chinamasa! I wonder which ministry of finance he is heading actually!!

    1. zviri paground

      saka Tom you are Jonathans barking dog? Well Ngwena has many dogs the top dogs and the best also and jonso has you if you are not jonso wacho

  21. I fail to see how we can have a “good” leader in a cruel, govt, riddled with corruption, election violence and oppressive and kleptocratic tendencies. it’s so sad that desperation and poverty are actually authoured by the same people that seem to have convinced many amongst us that they are “helping” us. Really – murambatsvina, road-blocks, bond notes, 90% unemployment, a vendor-nation – please. What is glorious about these things?

  22. Prof Moyo speaks of what he knows better than all of you guys by virtue of being a Cabinet member . You just support each other on this platform from an uninformed perspective Corruption has been institutionalised to the extent that the abnormal is very normal to you guys.Hw many of you claim to know better than Prof on the iasues he talks about?

  23. Matura achangozara achizara achizara, vanovukura vachingovukura vachingovukura vachingovukura!

    Nhai ko Justice Mayor Wadyajena uripiko?

  24. Much Ado About Nothing

    The truth is this country needs a fresh start, without ZanuPf.

    Recycling the same dead wood that has failed for almost 40 years now is idiocy. Mnangagwa is not the salvation this country needs.

    The mere fact ZanuPf is coalescing around a 94-year-old and selling him to the nation as someone to lead us out of our struggles shows what a joke that party is, and what it has reduced this whole nation to.

    Time to wake and reclaim our country people.

  25. This hatred is just a continuity of the Gukurahundi. Remember Moyo’s parents where killed

  26. Garikai Dzimunya

    Command agric is being funded by a company that did not go through gvt tender. Is that not corruption in simple terms

  27. haaa zvipiko zvakamborasisana pa chorocho declaration so grudge racho hariperi zvekumhanya.

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