Khumalo clan disowns new ‘Ndebele king’

Stanley Raphael Khumalo unveiling the flag which he says must be hoisted all over Mthwakazi after his inauguration when he officially starts his reign

THE Khumalo clan members have distanced themselves from the new self-imposed Ndebele king, Stanley Raphael Khumalo, also known as Mzilikazi II.


Ndebele King 1

This comes amid reports that the new “Ndebele king” was planning to officially pull down the national flag and hoist his Mthwakazi nation flag in most parts of Matabeleland on September 12.

However, Nhlanhla Khumalo and Peter Zwide KaLanga Khumalo dismissed Stanley, saying his was a separate programme alien to the Khumalos’ way of doing things.

They concurred that the clan members had not yet agreed on the successor for the Ndebele king.

“We know that this is a family thing, which goes through processes, under the monitoring of the chiefs. Mzilikazi had a proper channel of doing things,” Nhlanhla said.

“I can tell you that as a family, we are still going through that process, and it’s not a once-off thing. He is misleading people about our history.”

Peter weighed in, accusing Stanley of hijacking the process and distorting the clan’s traditions.

“We urge the public that the aspirations of having a king are very high, they should be patient. It is not very far. The programme for reviving the monarchy system has never been political. Boundaries are for political activists, not cultural activists. These boundaries are of allegiance, not geographic boundaries,” he said.

“He (Stanley) has a picture standing between me and another Khumalo at Mhlahlandlela, which we took at his request. It has nothing to do with legitimasing his project or him being a Khumalo.”

Peter said the intention to reinstate the Ndebele Kingdom was intensified by the late Chiefs Nyangazonke Ndiweni, Ngungumbane Mkhwananzi, Siphoso Dlodlo, and Sivalo Mahlangu, who called a meeting at Amakhosi Theatre with the Khumalo elders on November 6, 1997.

Peter said after the meeting it was resolved that the next king was in King Lobengula’s houses, the representatives agreed that Lobengula had identified Nyamande as the heir apparent, and he was installed on June 25, 1896 by the Chiefs Dliso Matema, Bhabhiyana Masuku, Sikhombo Mguni and Mlugulu Khumalo.

He, however, failed to rule because the white settlers wanted to destroy the monarch system.

They banished him to Mbembesi after he had declined being appointed Bulawayo’s paramount chief.


  1. from 1997 you have failed to identify the legitimate heir to the throne. so lifuna silibekezele for how long. ngyazi liyesaba ipolitics zelizwe lezimbabwe kodwa ngeke silinde lina ngapha isizwe sethu sisifa. if you dont identify the king before year end other people like me will be forced to backup stanely. ngkhathele mina ngokuphuza kwenu

  2. new “Ndebele king” was planning to officially pull down the national flag and hoist his Mthwakazi nation flag in most parts of Matabeleland on September 12.

    l hope it stays a plan never to be implemented. Just let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. mtwakazi thats a dream which will never come true but the NDEBELE KING, i welcome you big time but not this imposter

  4. True, kuze kube nini lilokhu liphikisana sengathi alazani; Stanley or no Stanley let us get going.

  5. so the moyos,ncubes,nyathis,nkomos etc where do you feature here names above shows that you are nothing in Khumalo kingdom

    • All these other groups of people are subjects of the Khumalos. The Khumalos are the house from which a king should come from. For the sake of our history and culture, if this can be revived the better. The longer it takes the more confusion that will come out of the process. But people should always remember that there is one Zimbabwe.

    • And the ncubes, nyathis, nyonis, nkomos, dubes, mpofus, ngwenyas, sibandas etc are the most tribalistic ones.They think they are more Ndebeles than the Khumalos.

  6. Just to enlighten people who think they are Ndebeles because you, like me speak isiNdebele here you are. The Ndebele people have no totems of animals kkkkk

  7. Its about time the khumalo clan puts its house in order and come up with the rightful throne bearer. This matter is agent a lot of cultural, underestimation of the ndebele people’ way of life and philosophy as a proud empire challenges could be addressed by reviving the monarch. The delays taken are just but a fulfullment of the oppressors’ wishes and historical mishaps that continue to haunt ndebele people

  8. Liyahlanya Peter lo Nhlanhla. U Stanley uright. Kunini lokhe lisimbuluzela la?

    • Why not people’s choice Spain has British has Belgians they have Zulus they have all normal tribes have monarchs

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