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‘Implement electronic fines system to curb police corruption’


INFORMATION minister Christopher Mushohwe has called for the speedy implementation of an electronic system to manage traffic fines in a bid to clear the perception that police officers are corrupt.


Chris Mushowe
Chris Mushowe

Speaking during a tour of Southern Region Trading Company, which manages the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) call centre, tollgates and communications systems on the toll links, Mushohwe said he was impressed by the work being done.

“This system will deal with the perception of corruption within the police force,” he said.

“I am impressed and this is the way we should go, not only in government, but also in the private sector.”

The system, which will be implemented by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in partnership with Southern Region Trading Company, will see all tickets being recorded on a central server, and will allow motorists without money time to pay later.

Mushohwe said the system would also include revenue collection for the police and allow motorists to get efficient service.

The system will link police roadblocks to Zinara, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation licensing, anti-vehicle theft squad and the Central Vehicle Registry.

It will distribute fines collected to the appropriate department depending on the offence. It will also be used to flag stolen vehicles when the registration details are entered into the system, making the police’s job easier.

Mushohwe said he was happy with the way the police had been using fines collected from motorists.

Police retain most of the money they collect from roadblocks, but critics say the money was not being properly accounted for and it was not clear what it was being used for.

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