Grace eyes sugarcane farm

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has demanded that the government reins in sugar producer, Tongaat Hulett to allow the Zanu PF women’s league to take over a part of the company’s Lowveld estate.


In her address to the women’s league on Thursday, Grace told President Robert Mugabe that the South African company was resisting the women’s league efforts to take over.

“The women’s league was allocated part of the farm that is owned by Tongaat Hulett, but the company has for the last two years been resisting our efforts to take over the farm,” she said.

“They continue to shift goalposts.”

Mugabe’s wife demanded that Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora force Tongaat Hulett to buckle.

“We want the ministry of Lands to rein in the company, so that we are allowed to take over and start producing sugarcane,” she continued.

“The women’s league is in danger of losing two years of sugar production.

“We are also appealing for your (Mugabe’s) intervention so that this issue is resolved.

“The company is claiming that it has to meet a European Union quota, but this is our land. It has nothing to do with the EU.”

Many Zanu PF organs and party members have been eyeing Tongaat Hulett’s land for years, with public fights breaking out over some of the property.

The government issued offer letters to about 300 people to take over a piece of the land owned by Tongaat Hulett.

Mugabe had to hold two meetings with Masvingo provincial leaders over the Tongaat Hulett land, where there were accusations that bigwigs had muscled in and were dishing out the property amongst themselves.

At the time the offer letters were being dished out, there were fears that at least 2 000 workers were going to lose their jobs.

Grace also told the meeting that the women’s league also took over an irrigation project in Matabeleland North and on the eastern fringes of Harare, where she said a school was being run.

“We are producing maize in Matabeleland North and running a school in Goromonzi. We want to build an industrial park, where children will be taught practical skills,” she said.


  1. why not find yourself some other place to grow your sugar, grace

  2. soko pamahererero

    Guys its time to stop these thugs.Everything they have will take back.

  3. Country does not belong to Zanu Pf but Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans interest first and ZANU PF will be respect

  4. Grace please go to Muzabani or Dande harness water from Zambezi River and plant as many hectares of Sugar cane as you can. U can even put Tongaat Hulett out business, cause in Dande there is thousands if not millions of hectares of land.

  5. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Why not look for virgin land instead of disrupting existing and disrupting sugar cane plantations which are well managed?Forced take overs have been going on since the beginning of the twenty-first century and the country has suffered tremendously.Zimbabwe is now one of the poorest countries in the world because of these forced take overs.As soon as this crowd is allowed to forcefully encroach in these sugar plantations,production is going to slump the obvious would then follow, shortage of sugar in the country.No one would admit responsibility and then the usual rhetoric of sabotage from the imperialists and the whites.

  6. Hapana chisingaperi,ichakwana nguwa yekuti Zanu yabvawo,

  7. Remember, Grace was only an office girl when the president married her. She had no idea of what a business plan is, so all this drivill she spouts only shows how ignorant and stupid she really is. I can only shake my head

  8. simbarashe mataka

    why these people always want destroy .There is a lot vast land along Zambezi river which is lying idle.Pliz give Zimbabweans a breathing space

  9. Haaaa we are fed up of these crooks every day its an amazement from this troop embezzlement ,torcher ,killing thuggery from hurungwe right into the zambezi valley there is vast rich and fertile lands that are waiting for exploitation and exploration but imi munoda chete pakseveugwa kare why …..the end is nigh

  10. Saka nyika yose matotora.Isu ticharima papi considering that Mazowe is gone,Kitsiyatota is gone,Bubi is gone, Chiyadzwa is gone,Gwanda is
    gone. Yaah. Zvose Kuna Amai nhai?

  11. Kurima kwacho hamugoni kungokambira kambira zvese zvese. You grab everything from dams, diamonds, land, companies etc. Zanu knows nothing except to grab properties owned by individuals and companies. 2000 workers are gonna lose their jobs becoz of you Grace and your Zanu.

  12. This time, chinyika ichi chazonyatsoita mamvemve chaiwo. Thomas Mapfumo sang that, Nyika yenyu yamaichemera yava mamvemve.

  13. African leadership my foot; how much is much? We have to learn to honour the right of ownership of property, our social status notwithstanding. Lets us lead by example.

  14. And then they cry sanctions chino chino…. These guys are our worst enemies. They invited sanctions with their human rights abuses, corruption and seizures of well functioning Corporations. Do you think if i were an investor ndingaise mari yangu panhu pandinoziva kuti mangwana ndogona kumuka ndichinzi ibva?? Kana kuti ndiri World Bank ndingape vanhu zvikwereti muine pure disregard of the rule of law like this??? Ndikunzwe futi uchiti uri kuvhotera Zanu PF.

  15. I think this country belongs to Grace i dnt really understand

  16. That woman is without one speck of humanity. She only looks like a human. But really she is a Ngwenya – a cold blooded lizard who seeks to drown this country just so she can eat.

  17. Dingie ka jobe

    Still wondering about the future

  18. Dingie ka jobe

    Wondering about the future

  19. The Tokwe Mukorsi Dam has been completed and there is access to over 200,000 hectares of virgin land that can be irrigated all year round and is ideal for sugar cane production. Why don’t you simply allocate the woman’s league some land here?

  20. Hameno mberikwazvo taneta

  21. So they want 2000 people to loss their jobs.Instead of creating the 2 million jobs they promised they are doing the opposite.Zvakaoma

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