Grace has captured Mugabe: War vets

WAR veterans have threatened to join hands with opposition parties in a fresh onslaught aimed at pushing out “captured” President Robert Mugabe from power in next year’s general elections.


ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda
ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, who is considered one of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s closest allies, yesterday tore into First Lady Grace Mugabe (pictured), accusing her of “capturing” Mugabe due to his advanced age.

“Practically, she is a self-proclaimed executive Vice-President, because she delivered a verdict on (Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour) Kasukuwere at a rally and cleared (Higher Education minister) Jonathan Moyo of Zimdef (Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund) fraud,” he said.

“These are issues that were referred to the presidium.

“She is the one now disciplining civil servants. She is the one now educating government officials about their positions in relation to ministers. She is doing virtually everything.

“If she is not part of the presidium, then that is what you can call State capture.”

Some Zanu PF provinces accused Kasukuwere of plotting to unseat Mugabe and the matter was referred to the Zanu PF presidium, which is yet to make a decision, although both Grace and the President appeared to absolve him of any wrongdoing.

On the other hand, Moyo has a pending legal matter, where he is accused of defrauding Zimdef.

Matemadanda was speaking after Mugabe’s rally in Chinhoyi on Saturday, where Grace upbraided Information ministry secretary, George Charamba for overstepping his mandate.

He said the time has come for former fighters, long perceived as Mugabe’s foot soldiers, to build bridges with opposition parties and push out the Zanu PF regime.

“Zanu PF has been so patronised to the extent that people cannot look for solutions from the party,” Matemadanda said.

“We have to make sure that he is out of power in 2018 as a collective.

“Unfortunately, we have been too polarised to the point that we are forgetting that (MDC-T president, Morgan) Tsvangirai, Joice Mujuru (National People’s Party) or Welshman Ncube (MDC) are not the enemies.

“The enemy is poverty, unemployment and Mugabe, who wants to die with Zimbabwe.”

The war veterans’ call for a combined onslaught on Mugabe come as there is a perceived renewed attack on Mnangagwa, who is their favoured candidate to replace the President.

This comes as opposition parties are on the verge of inking a pact to sponsor a single candidate to challenge Mugabe in next year’s presidential race.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu yesterday embraced Matemadanda’s call and urged Zimbabweans to set aside their political differences and vote out Zanu PF.

“Mugabe has totally and completely lost touch and relevance. It’s now a Grace show. What a tragedy?” he



  2. But the guy is wearing a shirt with Bob’s signature how can we trust him and his war vet troops.


      baba pic yakatorwa riinhi iyoyo and also unoti apise hembe dzake dzese here?

    2. Well captured,

    3. Ye the guy is wearing an RG Mugabe shirt!! Ha ha ha!!

    4. that’s an old pic plus these guys nolonger bought clothes vaingopihwa kwa mdara. which means ma wardrobe awo akazara hembe dzemusangano..

    5. Trust this Matemadanda/Mutsvangwa duo at your own peril. These are rabidly dangerous dogs of war, They will kill in order to install ED to the presidency. Better if Dr. Amai can neutralize them before its too late!

  3. I would not sympathize with that section of veterans, they are the reason the country is on its knees in the first place. This happened under their watch, now they are crying because they have been dumped. Not so long ago, Jabulani talked about a bedroom coup and they did not take heed (because they were complicit in Joice’s removal). Dindingwe rinokidzwa kana richikweva rimwe, iro rokweviwa roti mavara angu azara mavhu !

  4. The war vets have been in the wrong for a very long time. Their organisation was not supposedly to be an extension of Zanu pf through and through; but rather an organisation that represents the interest of evry war vet across the political divide. In all past elections the war vets have terrorised the electorate in a viciuos campaign for Mugabe. Now that they have been sideline, they realise they were pawns. Yes all oppositions parties were not, are not and will not be enemies but they just that opposition parties. The enermy is any leader who exhibit dictatorial tendencies like what the president is doing now. Yes all war vets must join the opposition so that the current regime is booted out of office because it has has failed dismally. the first lady is now the de facto prime minister who is exhibiting unprofessional behaviour and conducting duties that are above her pay grade. The first lady has no business whatsoever to question the conduct of civil servants; party business must always be separated from government business. Mrs Mugabe must take a leaf from other first ladies in our neighbouring countries-we have not heard SA’s first lady questioning ministers of their conduct. Yes the president is captured and the question is what are the war vets going to do about it? This is no longer time for threats but action. The war vets must call a press conference and publicly announce that they are joining hands with the opposition, that may be the only way to make Mugabe react.


      Gheor its not that easy to separate them, because they went to war being led and taught the principles and aims of the armed struggle, and zanu pf in ts constitution states that it will support the liberation movements and hence the zanu pf factor is there. the only problem i see and think is the deviation from the fundamental principles and ideologies of going to war and the people just keep quite and do not read the constitution and follow the founding principles only.

    2. I agree with you on a number of things. First everyone must acknowledge that the Mugabes are the reason for Zimbabwe’s problems. We are under the leadership of Grace. Is that what we need? All she is doing is to consolidate her support so that she takes over when Mugabe is incapacitated. Have you seen how she has promoted herself to women’s league boss? Now Mugabe svoita sesvakanyikwa munyatso mumuromo kuti woman deputy president. Dont you guys see the plot unraveling here? If a woman president is elected who will that be? Sandi Moyo? Shuvai Mahofa? Oppah Muchinguri? Thokozani Khupe? NO WAYS! But iye Grace.

      Shuwa kuda kutonga Zimbabwe imba yese?

      So for these once disillusioned war vets, Time has come to put nationalist rhetoric aside and team up with l;evel headed citizens to oust this Mugabe dynasty. Zvekurwisana neruzhinji rwevanhu muchida kusapota pfambi nedhara rayo who are power-hungry aiwa ngatisiyanei nazvo. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country to be destroyed nenhubu idzi. WE welcome your stance war vets but be trustworthy. Even your kids want a brioghter future than kuswerotsvairiswa kumagadziko naMugabe na Grace. Wake up!


      TO ALL DEFENCE FORCES PERSONNEL Musanyeperwe kunzi munochengetedza nyika. Murikuchengetedza dictator who, without your support, will go nowhere. Restore your dignity by allowing those with better leadership qualities to govern. Mugabe atadza under your watch. Now Grace treats you like castrated bulls in uniform. Imi makangotarisa? Mbwende. Vicious cowards!

  5. At last these blind fanatics who never saw it coming have been shortchanged. Unfortunately this well-choreographed succession deal seems to be jumping its last hurdle. Unless intercepted via the opposition combat, its already a done deal.


  6. mdc t for life

    The war vets are finally waking up to smell the coffee, something we in the opposition mdc-t did some 17 years ago, very funny

  7. Wezhira wezhara

    Grace has the guts to comment on issues that are before the courts, which is not proper at law. It goes to show that she is protecting Jonathan Moyo because he used Government funds to prop up her whirlwind meaningless rallies in Chiweshe and the likes. Probably part of the US$1,4 million that bought the ring came from Zimdef. We also know that she got a share from Masimirembwa’s loot of 6 million that year and that is why Mugabe later backtracked. She has the larger chunk of the missing 15 billion dollars that she uses to rent accommodation for $7, 500.00 for her sons in South Africa, that she uses to purchase palaces in the far East and that her husband is using to donate 60, 000 as a birthday present to her sister. The list is endless and it requires no rocket scientist to know that Grace is the greatest thief in this country. We are diarizing and all that wealth shall be recovered by the State.

    One more thing, I want to warn you that remove Munangagwa at your own peril. He has nothing to do with our war as Makaranga but let me remind you that you took away Muzenda’s post in 2004 and gave it to Mujuru then we responded well by voting for our own Karanga in the form of Tsvangirayi in 2008. Manicaland, Masvingo and Midlands will not vote for Zanu PF if you keep on marginalizing us like that. There are lots of Karanga in Mashonaland West, East, Harare and Bulawayo hence we will make sure you go one way. Why should the whole country be held at ransom by an unsettled woman (marujata). Viva Lacoste Viva. You are actually giving us more energy to deal with G40. Sure kutuka murume mukuru anenge George Charamba paRally apa murume wako akakotsira futi. Muchativona muna 2018.Handeyi tivone.


      wezhira moiteizve, pakuda ku supporter a karanga apo i beg to differ, politics should not be on racial, tribal grounds, lets go for people that have the country at heart and have great plans for this nation and africa at large.either its a karanga, ndebele , mkorekore, ndau samanyika u name them ngationei what they have to offer first at vese kana vaine brain dzimwe chete tozoenda kunoti ndoda mukaranga. elections should not be racial or tribal census.

    2. You seems like a near sighted tribalist? There is nothing positive from a tribal minded approach, never.

  8. No one should take these people seriously. They said they are no longer for zanu pf but for the people but they are meddling in zanu pf affairs. First lady is correct for reprimanding civil servant Charamba bcoz he attended a zanu rally and was even wearing a zanu shirt. all they want is for ngwena to take over. bob and amai are doing a good job by destroying entitlement mentality of this lot including the military.

  9. How many war vets are out there ? It wont make any difference which why ZANU PF is concentrating on youth and women

    1. which youths,These youths who cannot even afford mabhero underwear

      1. most of them are mobilised ne chibuku super ye dollar..its so sad



    3. Its sad how you under-estimate the capabilities of the more than twenty thousand war vets still walking the length and bredth of the face of the earth. War vets are military personnel, who on top of having military training took part in a live war, who on top of that have been digesting their war experience for close to 40 years. Talk of the national army and the security establishment, you talking of a majority who havent got a full scale training because of shortage of resources and never a live war experience. Experience is everything when it comes to security and these veterans can train the little kids or even subortage a whole system using a myriad of tactics. So my friend redo your math when estimating the capabilities of spent looking vets, they are live! Wake up its not a hollywood movie! Its reality.


    the war vets are loosing the focus its not supporting the opposition its about removing mugabe from power and make things clear and straight, mugabe is nolonger relevant and has lost it, the so called oppositions are not looking for power NO, bt they are asking for accountability transparency and good governance only if they could address that no opposition would have emerged, bt because they dnt want to accept the reality and correct that its the problem. the WAR VETERANS MUST SANITIZE THE PARTY ONLY STAND FOR JUSTICE DEMOCRACY PEACE AND GOOD GOVERNANCE, NO CORRUPTION NO OVER STAYING BEYOND THE RETIREMENT AGE IN GOVERNMENT AND ALSO NOT TO IMPOSE A FEW MINORITY VIEW ON THE NATION FOR PERSONAL GAIN AND PROTECTION. DEAL WITH THE ZANU INSIDE NOT KUENDA KUMA OPPOSITION, UNLESS THAT CANT BE DONE

    1. I agree with Luv My Country Zim. Matendadama, rega kuenda ku opposition deall with the rot in the party kuti party icheneswe. Tinoda ZANU yedu. Musabvumirwa kuti ZANU iputswe kana kubudiswa mupower nekuda kwe mhuri yarasa gwara.

  11. That man`s boldness raises eyebrows. Besides, with his office, his opinion wont go a long way.

  12. What is happening is a disGrace. With the economic evils bedevilling us, it is ironic that people are expending their energies on power struggles. Charamba is blasted ostensibly for fighting ministers….the same ministers are busy fighting a VP and they get away with it! Interestingly, the First Lady can retell Bible stories with zeal. Good! Could she please tell us more about King Ahab and Jezebel?

  13. Matemadanda and other war vets are the people who are bringing our Zimbabwe back. I respect those war vets and I support them 100 %. It is them fought for that country and it is for them to make what they have fought for looking good. We want better future in Zimbabwe. Our country has become a joke because of Mugabe. His time is up now its time for other to step in and rule the country peacefully. We want to vote with no fear in our country.

    1. You are contradicting yourself. You love and respect the “war vets” who instilled fear into the electorate? Its not only Mugabe who is at fault here, its all those who have cheered him on and continue doing so when he is wrong, mistaken or plain stupid.

  14. zvekupenga zvaGrace izvo

  15. I just love Victor!! he is a true leader. Ndiwo maGenuine War Vets aya, the Tongogara kind of people – truthful, fierce. I wish him well

  16. Thanks, war vets have realised that, Tsvangirai is not an enemy. The problem with Zanu pple is, they fear Mugabe and idolise him at the same time. Now his wife is ruling Zim, chokwadi tichati baba nemuridzo. Kamukadzi kaye kakuda kuti nyika iite marengenya. She is bitter and jealous, just becoz her hubby is too old to serve anther term. I think elders in the party should tell her to control her tongue. Unfortunately, those elders in the party like what, Margret Dongo said, they are, Mugabe’s wives.

  17. Thanks, war vets for coming to your senses and realising that, after all Tsvangirai is not an enemy.
    Right now Grace is ruling and if we fold our hands thinking that, its ok, then, we are fooling ourselves. Zim is not Mugabe’s property and thats a fact. The problem with you Zanu pple is, you have been bootlicking and ldolising Mugabe for a long time and now Grace’s mentality is, ALL ZIMBOS ARE FOOLS AND COWARDS.

  18. What do you expect from donkeys except to be ridden by Bob to have value.

  19. Pamberi na Victor Matemadanda. The man has real balls!
    The opposition has never been the enemy. Its time to take Zimbabwe back!
    All forces must unite to remove this evil force!

    1. mazeru mandirahwe

      empty threats hapana zviripo apa

  20. idindingwe rakuda kudhonzwa ne mu lawn , kwaa


    nyaya yaMusoro Bangu iri mumacourts why do we have people who claim to be educated commenting or halucinating on issues which are before Highest court of Zimbabwe.Is Grace now so educated that she finds every thing now needs her scrutiny and comment evenif she is not asked to bark .Grace must comment about the $1,400,000 Ring .She must tell us she came about to be a PHD HOLDER WHEN SHE FAILED HER FIRST DEGREE REMEMBER HER RESULTS IN THE STANDARD ON SUNDAY THE RESULTS ARE SELF EXPLANATORY its also a mystery that her first and second degree where not heard of orcelebrated like her birthday which of these is important to celebrate .l have never had any or one of our Professors telling their audience kuti ndakafunda mhani ndinoziva constitution zvainoreva Kasukuwere na Jonathan havana mhosva ko mari yakapinda maccount yaGandawa Fazzy Technologies yakabvepi komabhasikro azara tsholotsho nemidhudhudhu akabvepi tinyarei kana taka nyarara hazvirevi kutya .Mwari wevana veZimbabwe atsamwa mubairo we kushorameari naChipanga wasvika se zvo makadzifza muchigara naJesu muchandiyeuka .Charamba anosevenza ku hurumende kwete kuMazoe kurikudzingwa vanhu pasina mhosva mariyakatenga Dairy yakabvepi dari paripo pamaishevedza Charamba kuti azive zvirongwa zwamaivanazvo .Farisai vana nrvakuwasha muvaudze kuti farisai pombonokai asi zivai mwari avapa musuo inga makazvinzwa wani kuti nyama dzaipa ngadziporeswe

    1. Kana O Level chaiyo hapana baba. Hameno kuti munhu anogoita PHD sei icho chikoro chepasi asina.

    2. In simple Amai has soiled the legacy of RG. Shame!

  22. ……but why are people filling stadiums at his rallies. Zanu should just be retired. MDC-t when are you going to start the compaign. please stop fighting the reforms – educate people to vote. we are waiting for you to lead the struggle

  23. Thanks Grace.Flush them out.They are the ones that murdered innocent people and drugged Zimbabwe into ashes.Form your own paty tione munosvikepi.

  24. Heeish i thought only the Guptas in SA are able to capture state Grace as well in Zim .Next year Zimbos will have to free themselves from captive . It took 37 years for a o vet to know that Mugabe is not clever but just a gate crusher who happened to take over zanu leadership bcoz they was no leader as the party a faction of zapu had been in crisis since it was formed on tribal lines . Hamba Mugabe hoza Morgan .

  25. at law Grace has committed offence – obstructing the course of justice – she does not have immunity and therefor should be brought before the court of law

  26. “the gun is there to protect, not only the party but even the general public and therefore I know and I know that the gun will protect us ” NDINI NDADARO… Its time for Coalition and that is enough to settle our differences…. Garwe ramba wakanyarara kumedzwa ndokuchaitwa madinga hedu tiri pa lay low

  27. Zvipiko, a lot of flair with no substance. These guys, like MaI Mujuru, lack credibility. Yesterday they destroyed our economy invading farms. In 2008 they maimed a lot of their own people because Mugabe had lost to Tsvangirai, and now you want me to believe you have reprented only because your preferred candidate Ngwena is being blocked from ascension? Please, tell us something about Zanu we don’t know. Grace is an old issue, people know that already.

  28. At least, at last, the famous freedom fighters, untouchables of yesterday and lunatics of today have finally woken up from their long sleep. They have been deeply absorbed in the corrupt and looting activities to the extent that they could not foresee this day coming. They kept on giving the president powers to alter the constitution as his wife desires, now the wife is taking over and it comes to them as a surprise. The end of time for this monster called zanu has finally come and we must rejoice for our children and the generations to come might live in a better dignified Zimbabwe than the one we live in today. AHOYI! PHANSI LABATHAKATHI!!! INJANA LEZI.

  29. Sahwira mukuru

    Thats is the meaning of one centre of power ladies and gentlemen….the centre of power can delegate that power to anyone they seem fit…in this case, it is amai who wield power and as long as the centre of power accepts that, its fine by those who set up the system. It not like they were sleeping when this as being done….i still believe it is only God who is permanent…rest of us all…its a matter of time before we meet the maker!!

  30. mazeru mandirahwe

    Vanenge vanongonakidzwa ne Press vana Mate ava vachingoita ma empty threats all the time.

  31. Jabulani Sibanda must be rolling with laughter. He whats described Gire”s actions as bedroom coup mukamudzidzinga because at the time Joice was second in command and matemadanda and company wasingamudi. nhasi zvabata wenyu makuti state capture||| What a hypocrite these O Vets are. Now you want the opposition to help you but when the opposition wanted your help you butchered them. Shame on you.

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