Grace admits headache over ‘wayward’ sons

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has admitted that her two sons — Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine — notorious for a wild partying lifestyle, have taken to beer binges and drugs.
Grace told family and friends at her sister’s birthday party in Shamva on Sunday that her two sons were giving her sleepless nights.



“Nowadays there are spirits attacking our children. The spirit of drinking, drug abuse and doing other abnormal things way beyond their age,” Grace said, indicating she could be on the verge of a breakdown.

“If I am to say women stand up to talk about your children, very few women can be brave enough to talk about that without breaking down.”

President Robert Mugabe has in the past also complained about his two sons’ wayward behaviour. Grace said that like any other children, Mugabe’s sons were prone to the problems facing ordinary families.

“I am telling you because the behaviour of children does not matter if they are the President’s children or not. All children are mischievous these days.

“I have seen parents wearing torn clothes because their kids are demanding top-end trending clothes. In schools and universities, children are competing on fashion and they do not heed to parental advice,” she said.

Chatunga and Robert Jnr were reportedly evicted from a luxurious apartment in South Africa’s most affluent area of Sandton in Johannesburg after a violent brawl that left one security officer with a broken leg and arm, our sister publication the Zimbabwe Independent exclusively reported a fortnight ago.

Grace missed Mugabe’s youth interface rally in Masvingo three weeks ago after she went to sort out the mess created by her sons in South Africa.

The pair was reportedly evicted from a luxurious apartment where other tenants were complaining of their wayward behaviour.

Before settling in South Africa, Mugabe’s children were in the United Arab Emirates where they reportedly had some brushes with the law mainly over fights and banned substances.

Grace’s first child from an earlier marriage, Russel Goreraza, has also not been spared from controversy with reports claiming he was eyeing to join the legislature. The First Lady has reportedly set her sights on Harare South.

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  1. Stupid children. They think their father will be president forever. Like father like sons.

    1. Mkanya Wondidi Ndowudzira

      George Bush chakaindiswa ku meeting chikatozoita president wani chakura chava sober
      Hapana nyaya apa but meeting chete chete

  2. It goes without saying that the rich also cry!

  3. hapana choshamisa vana vana ndomakuriro

    1. Unfortunately you can not rig child behaviour kkkkk

  4. Vana vanogumbura. I got mine who have given me untold headaches despite the fact that I taught them to love God all the time. MUGONI WEPWERE NDIYE ASINA.

  5. Very true, children can be a major disappointment sometimes, you can’t do better than your best, the only way out is to pray for God’s help kusvikira zvaita chete

  6. Amai its not your children only who are giving parents a lot of problems. Unofanira kutenda Mwari kana ukapiwa vana vanoterera uye vane tsika.

  7. Jimmy jimalo the 2nd

    Very true, vana havana mugoni, all the wishes I had for mine are turning out to be negative. But all that parents should never stop doing is to pray for the children.

  8. VanaChatunga vangaenda nepi, vakatodza mai nabambo vavo. Mai vacho vanogaroita bopoto nemnhu wese wese ukuwo baba vacho ndichamangwiza panyaya yekukonzera bokoshindi nemheremhere. Vakuru vakatisiira shoko rokuti, “Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana aneka zhumwi.

    1. kkkkkkk bokoshindi

  9. take the children to madzibaba steven to cleanse the spirit and possibly their lineage.

  10. True vana vanogumbura but we must stand and be there as parents , we must have faith and pray hard to God he is the only way out because he knows their tomorrow . Vakuru vakati mugoni wepwere ndeasinayo .

  11. iye munhu akartsika gumbo akadii kungouraya izvi

  12. kkkkkk aayas. they are just children like anybody else. nothing special.

  13. Tose taiva vana and did thongs that would shock our parents. Time is short in this world. Love your children warts and all. THESE BOYS ARE TYPICAL OF THEIR AGE. Much as i am not a supporter wevanhu ava pavana ndinovanzwira tsitsi. Every parent wishes the best for their child no matter who they are. All the best in trying to get them back on the straight and narrow Gi.



  14. Madirativhange

    Kids are kids, let them be. I think its also because these children are always away from their parents. Kurera vana ne remote zvinonetsa. They were in Dubai now in RSA, what are they doing? Working, studying, spending money? What are they really out there doing? Cant they stay in Zimbabwe where the parents are? We know those two were not gifted educationally except for Bona, so they should come home, and probably attach them to Duly’s for an apprentice or something suitable.
    Vana zveshuwa panotoda nyasha kubva kudenga kuti uropafadzwe vaite zvakanaka. Amai, rambai muchipfugama kuvanamatira. Izvi zvemaDRUGS zvinonetsa kubuda mazviri zvirokwazvo.

    1. Ngozi dzevanhu vamakauraya dzakukuteerai manje.

      Vana vana but kusvika ipapa, the parents allowed it and promised them heaven I agree namadirativhange. what are these children doing there? Spending tax payers money in luxurious apartments doing what. Ngavadzoke kuzim vashande kucontractel vachivaka maroads and they will learn how to be responsible.

  15. Parents should have time to pray for their children and also treat other people with respect. If we see other people as notning and trash upon them, these are some of the things that happen to us. This confirms the statement, money can noy buy happiness not do positions of power. Instead of globe trotting, I suggest the first family should be at home. The amount they are spending could well be channelled resuscutating Air Zimbabwe.

  16. mwana wemu ol vet

    lyk any other mother shz being pained nehunhu hwevana vavo,vzazoiuta kunge zvashamisa nekuit zvataurwa nemudzimai wapresident here. wani tinovati amai wani saka ndihwoka humai hwacho ihoho

  17. Wezhira wezhara

    @Nesongano you are spot on. Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana ane kazhumwi. We hear nevakafunda namai vacho kuti vainetsa chaizvo and what more evidence do we require ivo vakatora murume wemunhu vakaramba murume wavo anova mupenyu nanhasi? Kungomira pamberi pevanhu regardless vamwe vacho vakuru kwaari anongorutsa kutaura. Even the husband confessed in Victoria Falls gore Riya kuti ndinoshungurudzwa kumba. Kozoti ivo baba vacho. Munhu anongotuka vanhu pama rally everytime vuye mwana wepi anorambira pamukaka? He gives them a false sense of security kuti they are untouchable. Tichavarova and kunze vachashaya kokugara so they will find themselves in prison one day. Don’t say all children misbehave. NO. And musanyepa kuti mwana anodzorwa nemunamato futi. Mwana anodzora neshamu kubvira ari mudiki. Unozoona pasina need yokumurova because at all times anenge achitya kuita misikanzwa knowing kuti ndikanzwikwa ndaigochera pautsi. Mwana anofanigwa kutya mubereki ari mudiki and that fear will grow into respect.

  18. idiots like their parents hahahaha

  19. Allow me to give you an advice amai DR vana venyu makavaregerera kare, this is the manifestation of how you raised them. Maivapa zvamunoda, at one point baba vakamboti vana vangu vanounza tuvasikana kumba why didn;t you stop them ipapo. Chitongosiyai monamata kuna Mwari vopindira imi mega hamuchatozvigone, Pavaiita maparty maivasiya muchiti regai vana vafare nhasi zvazokomba makuti hee what what. Wish you the best my Dr AMAI vandinofarira.

  20. Stop it Chatunga nand Tinotenda. STOP IT

  21. Like father like son

  22. Manje kuJoza, very soon they will find themselves with bullets either from criminals or from rivals. They must watch out, otherwise vanofa vapfanha ava. But their level has gone beyond childhood deliquency, it casts a very bad light on the parenting skills of Grace. She spoiled her boys too much to the extant that the father is on record publicly compaling about it. So the chickens are coming home to roost.

  23. The wayward behavior can only be attributed to marujata herself. She spoiled the children at A VERY YOUNG AGE.

  24. If I had parents like that, I would also take to beer drinking and drugs.

  25. vakajaidzwa vakajaira………..same same nemaparents acho

  26. kkkkkk they must learn good things from Father

  27. Thats a punishment from God. The way you mistreated the poor, greediness and clinging on to power while failing to run the country will result in you having wayward and misbehaving children.

  28. All despots progeny are like that.

  29. All despots have children like that.

  30. Inini am poor financially but rich psychologically. I have three kids vanonditeerera, i brought them up in dire poverty at first i thought they gonna give me problems. pavanenge vasisiri pandiri but they are coping well.Thank God am not rich by earthly standards but rich spiritually

  31. All what the first lady said is true and correct that vana vanoita musikahwa , asi vakaresva kutaura

    vana vachihwa this in my own wisdom , i think this will even encourage these youngstars to

    be more troublesum . All in all mugoni wepwere ndousinayo so mother(Grace Mugabe) just pray to

    God and God will answer your prayers , so dont despair. Kufa pfana avo ndinoti hey ” ivayi

    nehunhu kwahwo muri veimba huru imi , musatinyadzisa ” .

  32. You can quote tsumo nemadimikira but when all is said and done, it’s about parenting. To simply wave a hand and say ndizvo zvinoita vana is too simplistic. The parents must take full responsibility. For starters, why should they live in the most expensive apartments when fellow citizens are living on a dollar a day? What do the kids learn if the mother is grabbing other people’s properties and picking up fights with everyone? Is it coincidence that all the lady’s sons have turned out to be delinquents? Imi!!

  33. Pane misikanzwa iri normal yekuti even mwana akakura achidzidziswa anogona kuita, but kuzosvika pakudzingwa sembwa in 2 countries and in quick succession zvinenge zvapfurikidza! You have to point at parenting.. Tinavo vana in those countries as well

  34. Randall Flagg

    Stupid kids wasting ill gotten taxpayers’ money on drugs, booze and wild parties. The day their old and frail father dies, is the day they will regret the wasted opportunity they should have used to further their education to secure their future. Looting state resources to finance their ridiculously luxurious life cannot go on forever.

  35. Vana avo havachadi Present….i think istress

  36. The brats lack parental guidance. The parents are never there for the kids. Parents always on junkets around the world.
    Children brought up in the right manner will never be seen beating up people. What with parents who are always seen on TV urging thugs to invade farms and beat up people. The children think it is okay to beat up people and smoke mbanje.

  37. Bellamine zvaunomboita semunhu anonzwisisa wani? i met u several times uchiitasemunhu wani usadaro mfanami kushungurudza vabereki kunounza munyama ndakambokuudza kudaro. Dai mukana waiwanikwazve ndaigara newe pasi timboraiarana nekuonesana. Tese tirivabereki or tichava vabereki so chawana hama hachisekanwe.

  38. Gaddaffi the late despot had kids like that. Hussein the late despot had kids like that.



  40. Terrence Nyoni

    Mine are exemplary! Want my advice “Old Queen”?

  41. We all have problems with children growing up but my question is: If one cannot discipline his sons so that their behaviour in “normal”, how can one seriously think he can run a country?

  42. vana vevamwe vanoita misikanzwa yekuenda mustreet vachiti takazidza asi basa hapana movatumira ma canon anemvura inovava ne black butsu, venyu vakuvaviwa nemari motizve heee vana vakafanana, if they are core-equal with others, sei vedu vakataura zvichemo muchitumira teargas asi venyu vakanetsa moda kuchema nenyika yese?

  43. kkkkkk u cnt manage 2boyz bt u want to rule the whole country, ndozvasvitsa nyika pairi nhasi, kuti vana obert mphofu vakaba vanongoregererwa vachifuta, economy yadhakwa moti masanction atsvangirai

  44. imi ndimi makatanga kumona musoro zvinoo nhasi mavanema rasta maviri pamusha makuchema nesu aaah G.I.G.O

  45. I remember Robert Mugabe complaining a long time about Chatunga’s behaviour. This is not news. vapfana vakabvira kare kunetsa!

  46. Jongwe Rachembera

    Uday and Qusay Hussein, remember them. This is what happens when your father is a corrupt dictator.

  47. he has spoken

    the bible speaks of qualities of being an elder or a deacon, i am pretty sure it can be applicable here

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