Chinamasa in nepotism storm

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa finds himself in a nepotism storm after he was accused of abusing his office to divert reforestation funds from the Forestry Commission to the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB), which is chaired by his wife, Monica.



Forestry Commission acting general manager, Abednico Marufu made the disclosure when he appeared in Parliament yesterday, where he accused Chinamasa of moving the Afforestation Fund to TIMB without consulting his commission and in contravention of a Cabinet resolution.

Marufu told the Wonder Mashange-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environment that they were robbed of their right to administer the Afforestation Fund after Cabinet had given them custody of the fund to bankroll reforestation programmes.

“The fund is targeted at producing seedlings to replenish forests that would have been destroyed by tobacco farmers in curing their crop,” he said.

“Farmers are levied one and a half cents per dollar earned to fund reforestation programmes.

“In 2015, the Minister of Finance announced that there was going to be an afforestation levy and we were told to open a bank account, which was specifically for the Afforestation Fund and to prepare a constitution on how it is going to be utilised, but we were surprised that the Cabinet decision to give the Forestry Commission custody of the fund was later changed and given to TIMB.

“This decision was made by the Minister of Finance, and we never saw any document from Cabinet rescinding that decision for us to administer the fund.

“We read about it in the Press and when we approached the ministry, they told us that the fund is now going to be administered by TIMB.”

The situation, Marufu said, had financially crippled the Forestry Commission’s operations, as it does generate much revenue from its activities.

Addressing the same committee, TIMB chief executive officer, Andrew Matibiri told the committee that Chinamasa announced the move the Afforestation Fund to TIMB in his 2017 national budget statement.

“We are not in conflict. We were given the mandate to run the fund and on that regard, TIMB established a committee chaired by Jane Gonese and a technical committee chaired by Minuel Gudu to run the fund,” he said.

Matibiri, however, failed to produce the statutory instrument allowing TIMB to run the Afforestation Fund, as well as its terms of reference.

It also turned out that the fund’s constitution had not yet been approved by Parliament.

Matibiri claimed they were given the mandate to run the fund by the tobacco farmers, adding their mandate to administer the fund is derived from the Tobacco Marketing Levy Act.

“In 2015 to 2016, an amount of $14,2 million was collected by Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) for the Afforestation Fund, and, this year, 2017 up to May, an amount of $7,9 million has been disbursed to TIMB, but we have not yet used a single cent from the fund,” he said.

The committee ordered TIMB to stop using the fund until the wrangle over its administration has been resolved.


  1. it is not about machonyonyo china_masa alone. it is zanu pf modus operandi. makamboonepi finance minister ane mhuno dzakashama kunge matanga emarize sapatrick?

  2. APA Josphat wazorasikawo apa ko zve personal appearance yemunhu zvineyi ne cabinet post yake, waratidza pfungwa dzekufudza mombe chaidzo. You used to contribute factual points but apa wangoshama muromo pasina kufunga.

  3. Josphat waratidza your highest level of stupidity, kunyarara haisi mhosva if you dont have any meaningful contribution to make.

  4. Taurai nezvenyaya yanyorwa apa.
    This is bedroom manufactured corruption. No SI, No cabinet resolution…no nothing. Just change to my wife’s area of control and be sure to get a few millions out of it as a family.

  5. I think its probably a case of ability to manage the funds. Maybe the Minister saw that TIMB is in a better position to manage the fund than the FC esp looking at the fact that deforestation is caused by tobacco farmers. In any case, why is the FC crying for the money? Do they have any other areas other than the main objective of the fund where they want to apply it? I don’t understand. Kufungawo kwangu madoda sibili. Its not about who chairs what or who manages what its about the cause.

    • Nhasi warakidza kuti uri jecha zvechokwadi, kuwanda kwaro hadzisi pfungwa dzinofunga zvakadzama. The mandate of afforestation nationally is the brief of the FORESTRY COMMISSON. The parastatal has the infrastructure already on the ground, going back to the early 80s, when a Rural Afforestation project was established, initially bankrolled by the World Bank. Seedling production was initiated through establishment of nurseries in almost every district in the country and afforestation schemes were encouraged through establishment of woodlots, be it by individuals, schools, cooperatives and etc.Monitoring/research technologies were formulated to check on the progress and timely intervening processes were put in place.No mismanagement of funds was ever recorded/reported. TIMB is an agricultural marketing body similar to GMB,CMB (CottoCo) and their mandates are to market their respective agricultural produces. I have yet to hear of GMB or CMB groping to encroach into the mandate of Agricultural Development Authority (ADA).TIMB’s glamour is the causative factor behind this rapid deforestation, whereby the produce it markets requires wood energy in abundance to be cured.To cut the story short Jecha! The diversion of the afforestation levy to TIMB is/was typically a BEDROOM decision!!

  6. Nhai Wasu makange mapindwa neiko kuita such a blander. Munokurumidza kumedza kutsenga kuchada, munodzipwa amuna weye. Mukati mari ngaiyende kuna wamai. Zvakaoma maZimbabweans correct measure must be taken against this man.

  7. This is not new. Chinamasa wife Monica has been enjoying Chinese contracts on her farm. Then they label other farmers as incompetent whilst they get loans China to farm. Its not fair. If those farming loans they get from China are distributed evenly to all farmers our country will flourish.

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  9. The fact that TIMB has not yet disbursed the money to farmers is an indication that they lack the technical know-how of afforestation. Remember the fund was created way back in 2015. My take is TIMB is an important stakeholder of this fund, as they have the database of active tobacco farmers and the Forestry Commission has the technical know-how of afforestation. Is it not therefore wise and for the sake of progress and for the benefit of not only farmers but the environment that both these two departments then second people to the fund and manage it jointly? Let it be known that particular fund would initially be prioritized on tobacco farmers as they have high impact on the environment, and at a later stage when the problem of deforestation in tobacco growing areas has been arrested, then the mandate of the fund can be expanded to cover the whole country. I don’t see how the fund will solve the forestry commission’s financial problems because ordinarily it will be managed separately from the operations of the commission.

  10. Nyangwe mukati chii the undisputed nepotism champions ndaana kasukuwere iye wonder uyu ihama yacho futi ipapa

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