1 million hectares earmarked for gold mining

THE GOVERNMENT is in the process of releasing one million hectares of land for gold mining purposes in all the country’s provinces to boost the mineral’s production.


Addressing delegates at the Women in Mining breakfast meeting in Bulawayo yesterday at the on-going Mining, Engineering and Transport (Mine Entra) Expo, Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation president, Aplonia Munzverengwi said the government was in the process of releasing one million hectares of land for gold mining purposes.

“We want to have more women miners in all our regions,” she said.

“I am urging women to go in because there are opportunities right now in chrome and gold mining.

“So because of the release of the one million hectares of land, let’s go for it. This is our time.

“We have the capacity to surpass the 12 tonnes target against 16 tonnes from the big miners. I am warning the big mines that we are coming.”

In 2015, small-scale miners produced seven tonnes of gold, which increased to 9,4 tonnes last year.

“From the one million hectares, we need our chunk as women, we want to compete with men, we have the capacity,” Munzverengwi said.

“I am giving you the information madam [Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development deputy minister, Abigail Damasane] that there is land that is going to be released very soon.

Mines deputy minister, Fred Moyo confirmed the development, in an interview with journalists after the meeting.

“This is largely gold, so those provinces that have got more gold than others obviously will have more hectarage, but we are releasing in all the provinces,” he said.

“It’s basically happening now and the paperwork is in the process of being signed.”

Munzverengwi told NewsDay on the sidelines of the breakfast meeting that they were excited about the development.

“We are happy and appreciate the move, it is going to improve our production and we are confident that we are going to meet our 12 tonnes target,” she said.

Munzverengwi hoped the land would be available before the end of this month.



  1. The way policy is announced, heey ummmm hayaaas

    1. KKKK taura hako … they way they present it -you will be convinced that zim is jumping to be the global’s economic giant of them alll but when it comes to implementation eish maone … if they manage to do a minute chunk then it will be only to quench their kleptomaniac desires

  2. And the 1 million hectares will be allocated to the zanu pf youthies

  3. aaah these crooks they never stop to crow the bark is far too less than bite

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