Zapu mourns ‘sell-out’ hero Ndlovu

ZAPU has branded the late Zanu PF central committee member and former PF-Zapu national chairman, Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, a sell-out, who abandoned his cadres when they pulled out of the ruling party in 2008.


The late Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu
The late Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu

In a message of condolences on Tuesday, Zapu acknowledged that despite his perceived political shortcomings, Ndlovu played a significant role in the country’s liberation struggle.

“Zapu conveys condolences to the family and nation at large for a man who played a role in the liberation of the country,” the party said.

Ndlovu, who succumbed to prostate cancer at his daughter’s home in Suburbs, Bulawayo on Monday, was declared a national hero and is expected to be buried at the Heroes Acre on Saturday.

“After independence, Ndlovu remained in the party leadership structures until he was co-opted as the national chairman of Zapu just before the signing of the infamous Unity Accord of 1987 following Zanu PF’s annihilation of Zapu and its structures from 1982 to 1987,” Zapu said.

“Zapu will always remember Naison Ndlovu as one of the few former Zapu cadres, who felt too comfortable in Zanu PF when Zapu structures pulled out in 2008/9.

Zapu is saddened by the fact that a senior member of the party failed to follow what the lower structures demanded, let alone see anything wrong with the so called Unity Accord that practically-disadvantaged former Zapu members, who are predominant in Matabeleland.”

Dumiso Dabengwa led the pull out of Zapu from the Unity Accord, accusing Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe of failing to fulfil terms of the Unity Accord.

Zapu said Ndlovu’s loyalty with the ruling party did not help his cause, as he was dumped in the twilight of his life, when he was denied the vice-presidency in 2014.

“Zapu notes with regret that despite Ndlovu turning his back on his own in Zapu and dancing with Zanu PF, the party and government neglected his welfare in his last days, as noted by his wife, who once complained in the media,” the party continued.

“It is saddening that he did not find time to introspect and interrogate his position in the face of blatant marginalisation (of the Matabeleland region), under the so-called Unity Accord, of the constituency that made him the man he is regarded today, that is Zapu.”

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  1. stupid tribalism you are portraying here ( the writer and misguided ZAPU )

    1. Who is that stupid idiot who blames a dead man. I guess this person is really bitter. That is the problem in our country, people simply do not welcome opinions. The late Ndlovu made his own decision and he knew what he was doing whether it makes one angry or not its not important. Zimbabweans lets learn to embrace opinion differences then our country shall prosper.

  2. Only Dabengwa and his friends pulled out. Its a time of mourning and not a time of grandstanding.

  3. tendai chaminuka

    I thought zapu was a national party but they seem to limit themselves to tribal issues.Can you follow the same principles of Chibwechitedza and you become relevant to the electorate.Are u aware that zapu was the first party to use the open palm symbol during its campaigns and it went with the words Kwese Kwese Zapu.Not this regional short coming

    1. They have no idea of who Chibwechitedza – chikomo chisina ukwiriko is. The title Father Zimbabwe was earned, that was who he was – Father Zimbabwe.

  4. No wonder Zapu will always remain a tribal party with such utterances from its ranks. No one is perfect in politics but if a man chooses peace no matter how skewed adminstratively, that man must be saluted.What has helped Zapu cadres by pulling out besides being political pariahs? Its better to work for peace within than being tribalistic and continue to wallow in history. Joshua nkomo was a humble politician and was magnanimous enough to see that peace was more paramount than pursuing tribalism.You cant change history.

  5. Tribal party for sure but for them not to rule this country tingapinda busy Dabengwa you are now a toothless dog famba famba mudhara kkkkkkkkk.

  6. Past sell by date. He is just another sycophant!

  7. Sure a party calling a National Hero a sell-out, and you think you will get more votes. You pulled out alone and you want others to follow you when you are heading for the bush infested with lions. Rest In Peace our National Hero

  8. I am Shona and my wife is Ndebele and most importantly we are proud Zimbabweans who love each other. Journalists like these should not be allowed to write such careless stories which tend to divide us on tribal lines. These guys are failures with no national cause.

  9. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Dumiso Tawengwa(Dabengwa) keeps on looking for some political relevance. After leaving ZANUPF he has just degenerated into a dying regional political nonentity.

  10. Truely speaking in this article there is nowhere written Shona or Ndebele. Tribalism yabvepizve? Vakapromiswa nhema nekedu Bob vamwe ndokusvinura Kutshwekhaya ndokuramba akatsunzunya. Inhema here. Pane asingazivi marginalisation iripo ku the southern part of Zimbabwe? Izvezvi moda kuvhara 40 schools in that same region. Nyaraiwo kuvhunduka chati kwatara…

  11. Dabengwa anopenga

  12. Zapu is talking of marginalization of the region by Zanu PF and not by MATSHONAS baboons

  13. i suggest this Dabenwga and friends need a Gukurahundi

    1. Gukurahundi??? That’s being insensitive and arrogant to the victims. May their souls rest in peace and the contributor’s burn in hell for all internity

  14. Only those who donot understand the real situation in Zimbwabwe will always interpret genuine concerns as rwgional or tribal ( yikho abantwana besithi “asifuni bumbulu”)

  15. Kunzima bantubakithi

  16. Wena ozibiza Toti golo likanyoko eliphuma impethu mntanetakataka. Ndlovu and Dabengwa are both Ndebele, it cant be and it will never be a business of mashona bigots to tell us in Mat who is our hero and who is not. Just like Joshua Nkomo, Naison was a celebrated sell-out who sold his people’s cause for a life of comfort hand-held by the same Bob you so despise today. as for Gukurahundi, I repeat: golo likanyoko uNehanda eliphuma impethu lemihlavane. We have never needed Shonas to tell us who our heros and sell-outs are, and while we dont celebrate his death, we know Naison is one of them. Those who think its bad speaking about the bad things of a dead man, sorry, #Asifuni Bumbulu

  17. Chibaba chechokwadi

    In this day and Age, if you are termed a National; hero by Zanu, we know that it effectively means you were part of the terrible molestors of the country’s citizens. heroes were last buried before 2 005. That is why Zanu lost elections in 2008

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