Zanu PF youths threaten ‘to take up arms’

Tajamuka/Sesijikile spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi

ZANU PF youths have threatened to “take up arms of war” to crush a five-day shutdown, which is being organised by social movement Tajamuka/Sesijikile to protest against alleged misrule by President Robert Mugabe.


Promise Mkwananzi (C) arrives at the Harare Magistrates courts for an initial remand following his arrest on Tuesday after holding a press conference near the Parkade
Promise Mkwananzi (C) arrives at the Harare Magistrates courts for an initial remand following his arrest on Tuesday after holding a press conference near the Parkade

Tajamuka has set June 20 to 25 as dates for a crippling protest that it claims would cause a complete shutdown of the country.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday after a preparatory meeting for Mugabe’s second youth interface rally set for Sakubva Stadium in Mutare on June 16, Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth chairperson, Mubuso Chinguno said: “’We are ready for them (Tajamuka/Sesijikile). If it means taking up arms of war to defend a constitutionally-elected government led by President Robert Mugabe, we are going to crush them.

“In Manicaland, we don’t want that nonsense. We are warning civil servants. For teachers, we have many graduates, if you fail to go to work we are going to replace you. As for nurses, it’s the same. No shop will close and we are going to protect you. Manicaland is a no-go area. We are even ready to take up arms of war if that happens. We will deal with them ruthlessly. We will not wait for the police.”

The radical pressure group’s leader, Promise Mkwananzi yesterday claimed law enforcement agencies were already hunting for the group’s members in a bid to stop the shutdown.

“We will not be deterred. We will continue with our peaceful action that we are known for. The country is in a crisis and people need to take action. People must act upon the crisis. As Tajamuka, we are determined to lead the people in a peaceful and resolute action against dictatorship,” he said.

In a statement released by the pressure group on Monday, Tajamuka said all shops and schools must be closed during the protest.

“Park all your kombis and no cars should be on our roads. All our borders must be closed. Stay indoors for your safety,” the pressure group warned in its ominous statement.

“It’s best to be with your loved ones indoors. Stock all your basic needs. Buy your electricity tokens, which will last the six days of shutdown. Take this seriously. This is for all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation … Enough is enough!”

Last year, Tajamuka, working with other social movements that included Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag, successfully led a shutdown of the country, forcing Zanu PF into panic mode, resulting in the use of police to clamp down on any further anti-government protests.


  1. Nothing meaningful can ever emerge from this bunch zanupf youthies who are always high on scud and mbanje, honestly whats there left to defend of a wobbly 93 year old grandpa & a nation in tatters? The problem with these Chipanga youthies is that they never got to see how great this nation was once upon a time & therefore think that the mess it is at the moment is actually acceptable & normal

  2. Mbuso you are crazy. On the 16th when Mugabe is coming to mutare you and your cohorts said that all shops must be closed and all vendors must be at the stadium to meet the president. Now people want to peacefully demonstrate and you now want the shops to be open and the civil service to be at work. The reason for the demonstration is exactly as you said, that there are lots of qualified personnel in the streets who have no work. You can’t take arms to fight for the devil. Blade Nzimande SACP’s secretary general said zanu pf is calling everyone in towns who is oppossed to them an enemy, why? Those very same people who are members of Tajamuka at one time they were avid supporters of zanu pf; so what has caused those very same people to turn against the party? Mbuso it means the party is doing something very WRONG here.Again Nzimande said it’s time we need the truth even if it means sharing the same views with the opposition. Mbuso you know the truth so speak the truth if not be silent.

  3. Itai mega last time you looted zvinhu zvavanhu mutown in the name of shutdown,why threatening to burn and destroy people’s vehicles and shops if it is a peaceful process.TAJAMUKA AND ZANU PF YOUTH SAME SAME dai mukarovana zvisingaite i will be happy mose you are a bunch of used mapete munoda kufiritiwa.

  4. Clearly these TAJAMUKA youths are lacking strategy. To call for a 5 day shutdown when almost everyone is self-employed is a miscalculation. They must understand the environment. I do not agree with the way Gvt is leading but to shut down my business for 5 days thinking vaMugabe will say im stepping down is foolhardy. The man is too stubborn to do such.

    • u r right…..they need to have more tact than this…….the only way that guy will be forced out is when all the youth arise 4 million of us tese……and we march to state house

    • @pams, agree. Calling for a five day shutdown setting yourself up for failure. The few people who have jobs are not going to listen to that. A better strategy would have been to start with one day and then evaluate how that goes and then do two days. They have to learn to adapt to the situation.

  5. Tajamuka will only be followed by fools , where has violence solved things except worsening .

  6. If the guy on the right of Mkwananzi in the picture was the one saying taneta nekudzvanyirirwa ndainzwisisa kwete iye Mkwananzi akasimba sembwa yechirungu nekudya madonor funds.He should share the proceeds equally among his cdes coz akatanga humbimbindoga ikozvino maone

  7. Tajamuka Zanu Pf itai unity government because you are the same, Maburunya evanhu indava muchingoronga kudestroyer zvinhu zvevanhu, ndimi ndimi. Ini ndinonga nditori pabasa fulltime those 5 days huyai tionane.

  8. Whilst I agree that things are not well in Zimbabwe, I question the statement by Promise Mkwananzi. He says we will have peaceful demos or shutdowns, whatever the case, but goes on to say stay indoors for your safety. What threatens our safety if everything is peaceful. Handinga paki mota hama yangu iri muchipatara ichida kufa. Doctors cannot stay indoors when our relatives are dying. Guards cannot stay indoors when our properties/ businesses are being broken into. Be careful when making these statements because it does not make sense that you want to fight even innocent citizens who are trying to irk a living. Register to vote so that you remove Mugabe. If you want war, go and train to fight with guns and people will definitely know what you are upto. No to violence and looting or burning other people’s property.

    • NdiWezhira here arikutaura kudai.Sando dzenyu for such progressive thinking.Zimbabwe ndeyedu and we can not partake in destroying it.

  9. tajamuka is politically clueless. Zimbabweans are suffering because a party called zanupf is trying to protect its wealth from superpowers that imposed all political acrobatics for zimbabweans to think the present government is not doing the right for its citizens, hence buzz words like undemocratic, no rule of law, unfriendly business environment, non human rights and more concepts that were never applied by whites when they vaquished the 1st Chimurenga war. Untill Mkwanzi and his followers understand basic politics of whic I doubt for they earn a living from donor funds, Zimbabwe wont progress and its a sign that the future generation is full of quislings. If Lobengula, Nehanda, Chaminuka, just a few to name could fight for their land more than 100 years back what cant be seen by Mkwananzi now, then let zanu pf rule this country for ever. Those that are proud to be blacks and curving thier own niche would protect this country, evetually Mkwananzi and his lot would one day see how foolish they were and how they delayed the complete of emancipation of Zimbabweans from all walks of oppression one can imagine. You profile the MDC – not even one of their executive has taken up land for free. Its a clear indication that whites support MDC and they cant be seen having farms. SAKA TOTI ZANUPF YAKASHATA?

  10. Vana tajamuka Zanu PF will never back down by your untimely protest siyanai nazvo. You should be mobilising people to vote for opposition to unseat Zanu PF, encouraging youths to register as voters not shutting Zimbabwe. You want to shut so that you loot then get paid by your masked masters.
    I do not support Zanu PF but shutting Zimbabwe is worse than ZPF.

    • Most Zimbos makwara anotya… kuregister chii… same same kungobirirwa nekutya kwenyu. Wake up and shut down zimbabwe. don’t you realise zimbabwe is shutting down bit by bit, so why fearing.

  11. How can they threaten ppl with their jobs, we as Zimbabweans should be ready to luz those jobs for the greater good of tommorow. i m ready to luz my job and free my country from this evil regime.

  12. promise is doing something that should have been done long time ago. At least he is doing something and in the process risking his life. Viva Promise! you are a real promise unlike us cowards who remain in the shadows complaining and doing nothing more.

  13. We need to distinguish total paralysis of all activities (shutdown) and street protests engaging the police in running battles. In this case, Tajamuka should engage all disatisfied persons from all quotas, the opposition and the public instead of ambushing them unprepared only to be severely brought to submission.

  14. Shame shame coz it wont work people will report to the bank queues as usual some to their vending stalls and ZBC and Herald will scream headlines SHUT DOWN A TOTAL FLOP

  15. Mkwananzi is right, ma protests ngaaenderere mberi, hatingakundwe kufunga kana kubvisa dhara ine 93 years. VIVA Promise Zimbabwe ngaivharwe, yozovhurwa kana mutungamiriri awanikwa, nxaaaa ZANU PF yorwadza, nyika yafa, pamberi ne shut down

  16. Poverty levels may inhibit the success of this exercise as people have been forced by circumstances to toil on a daily basis. Well planned however, the exercise may yield as there is no other means to expect change. The regime will never reform itself out of power.

  17. im told zim is a christian nation. “we wrestle not against flesh n blood” but pray for thoz in authority

  18. What else can you expect from these drug possesed Tajamuka claimers, vari ku jamuka chiyi, kana vachigona kufunga ngava jamuke vachiita basa kwete ku sembura vanhu varikuzviitira basa ravo. They are simply carrying out their foreign masters instructions who are funding their organization, people should wake up now, Zimbabweans are just devided, those who love their country and government and those hired to frustrate everything about zimbabwe and make it ungovernable thats exactly what the so called Tajamuka are about. Its so sad Zimbabweans seem to be so ignorant of their real enemies.

  19. Cheap stone age politics. What a joke. Why are we reduced to small minded people. Taking guns to fight who? Who is going to arm them, provide all the necessary logistics to wage a war? Who are their enemies? Honestly in a civilized independent country ruled through a well respected constitution such words can never be said. So when you disturb the peace in the name of Zanupf it does not matter?
    Everything comes to an end. We had Kamuzu Banda, Mobutu Seseseko to mention a few. So guys abuse us but one day we will ask you questions. May God bless you and enable you to abuse us as much as you can.

  20. this confused element mbuso is a great day dreamer if he wants to defend evil let him try but——-

  21. that youth lge fella is saying he will replace teachers…civil servants and nurses if they stay away…who is he representing. the public service commision…the health services board. i thot he is zanu youth provincial chairman. not government. to hell

  22. You misguided Zanu youth, tell me where the fu€king hell are you gonna get the guns? So, it really mean that, you already have the Ak 47s? The Tajamukas are going for peaceful demonstration and you are against that. If you want war, go to Syria, Iraq, Libya etc. DONT TRY TO USE INTIMIDATORY TACTICS. IS IT UNDERSTOOD?

  23. l commend Tajamuka for trying to do something but at the same time whatever action they take or propose must make sense. Tajamuka you are warning us to stay indoors, don’t you want us to join you in the protest? Secondly a protest/march/ stay away / shut down /strike must make concrete demands. You have a few days to plan something more strategic. Good luck.

  24. You cowards! If you want war go to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanstan etc. It shows that you are milksops, wanting to get Ak 47s to attack peaceful demonstrators. SHAME!

  25. Iwe Mubuso Chinguno ziva zvekubhurokesa baba ako mhani iwe…unoitei pauri iwewe…chitsvagawo mkadzi wekuroora

  26. Imbwa dzeZANU PF muchafa nenzara. Pane anoziva kuridza pfuti pakati penyu here. I dnt u are normal u guys. Nyika yagwadama apa murikungoti pamberi neZANU.

  27. Kana uchida kuona kuti Zanu haisisina support. Look at the comments 95% of the coments are against the so called zanu youths..

  28. That is what people are waiting for to be provoked by starting a war with them and that will be the fastest way out of power of zanu bcoz obvious countries like America and France for example will arm civilians so they can defend themselves . All young pple are actually craving for a short war that will bring peace and deep silence in their mother land .Those who are saying Tajamuka is wrong never take them serious bcoz they are all CIO pliz just ignore what they are saying bcoz its nonsense VIVA TAJAMUKA SISONKE

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