Zanu PF dismisses seniority in succession

ZANU PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said the ruling party’s constitution does not recognise seniority as a major qualification to lead the party, after fellow politburo member, Jonathan Moyo insinuated Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi was more senior than Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and better placed to succeed President Robert Mugabe.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

“The President (Mugabe) has urged those making such pronouncements to stop it. When the President speaks, I cannot add,” he said.

“But I must say that our party’s constitution does not pronounce itself on the issue of leadership seniority. Our leadership is chosen at congress and that is what we follow.

“The President has said those making public comments relating to leadership seniority are confusing the people. Our President is elected at congress and, in turn, choses two VPs from central committee members, who would have been nominated by provinces and confirmed by the same congress.”
Higher Education minister Moyo threw the cat among the pigeons last week, when he insinuated that Sekeramayi was better-placed to succeed Mugabe ahead of Mnangagwa.

In his presentation at a Southern African Political and Economic Series public discussion in Harare last week, Moyo claimed Sekeramayi was more senior and socially acceptable to succeed Mugabe.

This comes as former Zanu PF stalwarts — Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa — backed Mnangagwa, saying he was more senior and better positioned to be anointed successor ahead of Sekeramayi.

“If the truth be told without bias, Mnangagwa is more senior, although I must say this does not matter anymore in Zanu PF. What matters now is the position to which you are appointed by the President, which again would mean Mnangagwa is senior by virtue of the fact that he is Vice-President,” Mutasa, a former State Security minister, said.

“Mnangagwa was in the struggle before Sekeramayi or even me. He was there before Zanu, we joined much late.”

Gumbo concurred, saying: “Sekeramayi was a student in Sweden, while Mnangagwa was very active in Zambia and later Mozambique. When I was a student in the United States, we were not considered to be active, so Sekeramayi was not active.

“However, when he (Sekeramayi) later joined, he was elected to the national executive in 1977 as deputy health secretary. Mnangagwa was special assistant to the president and was later to take up the position of secretary for security in the party.”

Both Gumbo and Mutasa were booted out of the ruling party between 2014 and 2015 on allegations of conniving with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in an alleged plot to oust Mugabe.

The trio co-founded the opposition Zimbabwe People First party soon after leaving Zanu PF, but later split with Mujuru, who latter went solo to launch the National People’s Party.

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  1. There is a serious issue that needs to be made clear here instead of setting up the country for an unnecessary conflict. WHO OF THE TWO VICE PRESIDENTS IS THE FIRST VICE PRESIDENT???
    I am asking because there have been proclamations that there are no First and Second Vice President, instead there are CO-VICE PRESIDENTS. Yet the constitution of the Republic Of Zimbabwe in Section 101 clearly states that there is a First and Second Vice President, and thus clearly sets out the procedure should the incumbent be incapacitated or dies in office. The question therefore is simple: WHO IS SENIOR BETWEEN VP MNANGAGWA AND VP MPOKO????

    1. if you read that constitution again carefuly it says the issue of 1st and 2nd vp is suspended for 10 years

    2. According to the constitution, the two Vice Presidents are at par. The section you quoted comes into force 10 years from the date of the promulgation of the constitution. However, in terms of State Protocol, at State or other functions where both Vice Presidents are required to attend, Mphoko arrives first, followed by Mnangagwa and then the President. In terms of protocol, juniors arrive first at functions. Similarly, on departure, the President leaves first, followed by Mnangaggwa and then Mphoko. Again in terms of protocol seniors leave first. It is also revealing that these roles are not alternated. On salutations the President always mentions Mnangagwa first and then Mphoko. These Protocal arrangements are a pointer to who among the two Vice Presidents is senior.

    3. Muongorori paHarare

      Just look at who makes more decisions, and who is more respected. I am talking of national Issues here, not donating chickens in high density surbubs

      1. ndabaningi sithole


  2. Wezhira wezhara

    Our own Robinwood is here to destabilize the country so do not take his rants seriously. His time will come because he has stolen enough and we are putting together all evidence. He was not there at the formation of the party but he is fighting his father(Sithole)’s wars because he thinks he could have become the President’s child.

  3. tendai chaminuka

    Nhai pane zanu ngani.What is speaking in personal capacity when you are in a high decision making body.Muzanu muya mave nechibhubhubhu dubulawatibula

  4. if you read that constitution again carefuly it says the issue of 1st and 2nd vp is suspended for 10 years

  5. Everyone in Zanu PF wants to be president – Khaya Moyo, Mphoko, Johnso Moyo, Sekeramayi, Mnangagwa, Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa, Charamba, Chiwenga, Grace, even Mandiitawembanje vese zvavo. The truth will come out the day Bob meets his maker. It will be hilarious.

    1. You made my day!

  6. Mutasa and Gumbo missing ZanuPf hey. It must be very cold out there for sure!!! Best thing for these old man to do is to quit politics and till their land and write stories. They have lost relevance.

  7. The fact of the matter is ZanuPf has used seniority for positions and SK is not being truthful. Has he become a lacoste sympathiser? He lost out on the Vp’s position although he was next in line by virtue of his position but his links with Mujuru cost him and he was fortunate not to be expelled but he ended up in the position he is now plus some obscure waste of money cabinet position. No wonder the guy was sick for nearly a year! It is also a fact that the information ministry and the ZanuPf information dept have performed badly since Jona was redeployed. Chris Mushowe is useless and SK is obviously still not well or still dizzy from being nearly expelled!! If seniority was not in use then the 5 year waiting period before any new member can get a position should not be in place!!

    1. you have nailed it. they hate Jona, but zanu stands today because of him. come election time he will be back at the information ministry. lacoste must be Shivering to the core. Ngwena never saw this one coming. In zanu circles, Sekeramayi is by far better than lacoste. Very soon herald will be in overdrive to try and discredit him.

    2. Tom, please enlighten us as to why SK Moyo was next in line for the VP position? What do you base this on?

      1. He was the Chairman of the Party and that time he was part of the Presidium which was made up of the President. his two deputies and the Chairman. His predecessors Msika and John Nkomo held the same position before being appointed VPs.

  8. Trends have shown that very high positions in Zanu are about seniority, consistency, competence and other unspokens. SK is half right half wrong. Joice Mujuru became VP not because of seniority but because of the unspokens or zvisingataurwi. Vps John Nkomo and Msika became that because of mainly seniority. Mnangagwa became Vp because of seniority and other attributes and comptencies. People like Dabengwa, Gumbo and Mutasa may be out of Zanu but they are useful repositories of nationalist history that even professors should consult about that subject before they open their mouths.

  9. Well said P Musavazi. Even if you check the way the Vice Presidents sit when they are with the President, VP Mnangagwa is always closer to the President than Mpoko. First lady always sits between VP Mpoko and the President. This then means Ngwena is more senior than Mpoko.

    1. There are many contributors who wrote “more senior than…..”. It is incorrect to say “John is more senior than Michael”. The correct way to put it would be “John is senior to Michael”

    2. President Munangagwa,Vice Dabengwa Vice Mutswangwa bhora rapera

  10. But on a serious note some guys when the mudhara goes to heroes acre in that casket they must make sure they have 50cents for kombis in their pockets I see some people dumping their vehicles there.

  11. Yes it very uproffesional for Prof Moyo considering his position in the to go this waffling. But in an way said as it is it remains a good fact. It brings in democratic debate in this whole issue. It should be known that it is not automatic for so and and so to take over after the incumbent president. ZANU PF net for this debate should be widened for people to make a choice.
    But the way our Prof Moyo did it was somehow a dividing approach. In otherways he was speaking as if he is alresady compaigning for Dr Sekeramayi

  12. @Wezhira wezhara which party formation are you referring to? Because as far as we know it the current Zanu PF is the baby after the merger of PF ZAPU and ZANU PF on December 22 1987.

  13. In my opinion, the framed ambiguity of seniority and succession is misguided in a purported democracy. Unless in the event of the automatic absence (death) of a sitting President where a VP can serve in an acting capacity, the presidency remains up for grabs for everyone. Zim is not a dynasty to talk of heir/heiress apparent. Lets not be submerged by subjective fears whereas the constitution demistifies succession clearly.

    1. Amen

  14. Jonathan ka wtch e space

  15. To be honest all the people being mentioned for the leadership of zanupf after Mugabe is gone are all useless including Sekeramai wacho, what a waste of time

  16. What is it really between Moyo and Mnangagwa? Can someone intervene before a life is lost, not that Zimbabweans really care for either.

  17. Panoti jonso ndopakati Zanu pf he is powerfull tht guy everything he does he goes scot free how many times did President say stop social media wars and hw many insults have been posted by jonso since then he is the only person who is allowed to discuss successession in Zanu pf look at it closely

  18. When will you morons learn that no black person liberated this country? There was no nation-state before whites came in 1890. Yes, there were villages scattered around the country but not as a nation-state. It’s untrue to say there was “Chimurenga” in the 1890s. It was just villagers protesting against orderliness. If you enter any creature’s habitat the creature will attack you. It was the same with the villagers in the 1890s. It was the whites who created the nation-state.
    Therefore you cannot say someone who was born in the 1920’s onwards liberated the country when there was no country/nation-state before 1890. You cannot liberate something which was not there before. You are being taken for a ride by these politicians. There was absolutely nothing wrong with any black person seeking political power in the 1960s but to exaggerate “seeking power” and calling it “liberation” is silly. Whites are the ones who set out the borders. This is unpalatable but that is the truth and you cannot change history.

  19. zanu what we are done with those zombies zanu out CHINJA in 2018

  20. Mandipiwanepi and not Mandipiwanembanje

    1. It was humor on a stressful Monday. However, on a serious note I don’t like the direction of this succession issue is now taking. It would appear when under pressure people opt for soft targets like seniority, tribe, war credentials etc. To me those are divisive and are not helpful. Mugabe’s successor should be a person of great vision, who can guarantee civil liberties, change the economic trajectory of the country, fight all evils, reposition the country’s foreign policy, guarantee and grow private capital, fights and protects the most vulnerable and more importantly with no history of violence whatsoever. If you have those attributes you will certainly succeed Mugabe, and unfortunately if you can not meet these basic conditions, then you will not succeed him.

  21. Pythagoras-Run'anga.

    I doubt whether that is correct perception of conventional politics if enduring law need not meet justice ideals.

  22. yekela kuqedane

  23. ㅇ로ㅓㅠㅍ ㅎㅎㅊㅎㄹ. ㅎ효효ㅛㅓㅍ ㅍㅌ츄ㅠㅎ숗 ㅗㅍㄹ솧ㅍㅅ. ㅍㅍㅊㅍ. .thnk yu

  24. Whenever given an opportunity the professor attacks Ngwena. Why is it that way given professor s junior position in the party. Why is it that he has been such a loose cannon and attracting no rebuke from the revolutionary party. Already the professor has got his preferred candidate come 2019 way before the said congress. Quite interesting.

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