AMHVoices VIDEO: We will back Tsvangirai – PDP

The Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has revealed it will back any candidate chosen to lead the grand coalition to unseat ZANU PF.

By Simbarashe Musaki/Tendai Dune

PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume said: “If (MDC-T leader) Morgan Tsvangirai, (NPP leader Joice) Mujuru, Biti or (MDC-T Vice-President) Nelson Chamisa is chosen to be the presidential candidate for the grand coalition, so be it. We cannot all run for the same post. That is what history has taught us.

“We will not jump out of the coalition if Tsvangirai is elected to lead, we all have faults, we are not forming a coalition of angels. It is a coalition of individuals and we are perfect in our imperfection.

“When working together there bound to be criticism on one another and that should not stop us from working together to achieve a better Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans.”

Currently PDP is under the CODE coalition but is participating in all NERA activities and PDP leader Biti chairs a legal committee in NERA.

“We want to avoid voter manipulation whereby the ruling party will play with percentages and an opposition party will win with less than 50+1 percent.

“No one can be worse than Mugabe in governing this country, they have failed dramatically, they cannot run hospitals and our leaders are competing to die in different countries to an extent that it has become a badge of honor to die in a foreign land.

“ZANU PF is hopelessly incompetent and cannot run an aeroplane which they can use to fly out and get healed,” added Mafume.

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  1. Well said Mafume , your are showing maturity and this shows that your party has people at heart and you need change , this is the spirit needed for coalition to be successful. Zanu Pf must be hit on the head once and for all.

  2. Its a simple issue of everybody asking themselves what they can do for the coalition to see the light of the day but not what the coalition can do for them. Period!

  3. Varume ngatimbosiya zvekuti uyu ndewekubato iro, uyo ndewekubato iro, chatinoda kubvisa zanu PF pachigaro period. I think all opposition party leaders shouls swallow up their pride then come together as one party. We want to see all opposition party leaders conducting rallies together, truly showing the public that they are now one united party, kwete zviri kuitwa na Joice Mujuru zvekungorova berere nenyika ari one. Toda kuona ma opposition party leaders muchiita ma rally makabatana sebato rimwe especially kumaruzevha muchibhilivhisa vanhu. Itai wo ma hero mutinunure isu ma zimbabweans tashungurudzwa ne misrule yaMugabe. Kana iri nyaya yekuti leader oita ani, izvi hazvina mubvunzo izvo, VaTsvangirai ndivo voga vakakodzera at the moment kuva Mutungamiriri we coalition party iyi based on the number of supporters that MDC-T has. Ma leaders akaita saana Professor Ncube naMutambara chishandisai u professor hwenyu tione mubvise dhara iyo yava ne 94 years. Kana maikoniwa tokusvorai nekuti munee mava ma professor ezita badzi.

  4. well said keep it up. just support one candidate and most people the candidate is known its only that we need to give him support.

  5. Together with this spirit we can build the new Zimbabwe we need

  6. Well said Mafume, thats the spirit we want, shows u are not greed like others we know.

  7. Ndopfungwa dzatinoda tese chasa hechoko nesimba redu rese ….tisimudze mhuka inonzi zanu pf pachigaro. well well done mr mafume keep it up all we behind that idea we are sick and tired and suffering becz of this bullsheet zanu pf

  8. ndikoko

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