Tsvangirai fine-tunes fresh policy blueprint

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is later this year expected to launch his party’s new policy document, as he gears for the 2018 elections, where he is billed to challenge President Robert Mugabe for the fourth time.


MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa
MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa

MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa said the policy document, crafted by party stakeholders including civic leaders, labour, policy experts and representative of minority groups, spells the party’s new thrust as “a government-in-waiting”.

“It’s an alternative policy blueprint in a new Zimbabwe, smart policies which include a government work programme (GWP) to be rolled out once MDC-T forms and becomes the next government in 2018 or earlier,” he said.

The MDC-T has been accused of policy paralysis and only standing in opposition to Zanu PF policies without providing alternatives.

Chamisa described the new policy document as aimed at providing updated, simplified and user-friendly policy proposals replacing the current Agenda for Real Transformation (ART) policy document and Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment (Juice) “which are now outdated”.

“The policy proposals and measures are designed to deal with the daily challenges and problems Zimbabweans are facing. The policy project is an unassailable and credible policy alternative to the current national decay and collapse,” Chamisa, said adding the alternative policy narratives had been developed in areas of governance, the economy, infrastructure, devolution, dealing with corruption, health, education, social interventions and citizen rights and protection, including foreign policy.

He said the draft policy would now be circulated internally and among stakeholders for further input and inclusive consultation by organs of the party in all the provinces and districts before its launch in the last quarter of 2017.

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  1. First things first! Demand a level playing ground first lest all your efforts will be an exercise in futility,

    1. Jongwe Rachembera

      Correct, they can have all the policy “blueprints” they want and prepare all they want as “a government in waiting”, but until the rigged electoral system is reformed to deliver credible elections, then they are wasting our time and donor money with grand plans to form government. They must stop pretending to be serious and act on what they say.

  2. First and foremost,reform the shamble electoral systems because this is where the main focal point of failures lies.Mugabe and his zanu pf party are not worried about the zimbabwe progresses that every rightful thinking person wished for,they are only interested in preserving the stolen wealthy and governing zimbabwe without the will of the people.Zimbabweans are dead sleeping people leaving Mugabe to rule the country willingly randomly until his death do part shall.Mugabe’s rule has since expired in 1990 as two governing terms are recommended by the entire international community.Down with such bad and dead spirits.

  3. Free and fair elections…..bt u still hear sme pple talking abt rigging…what rigging???

    1. Jongwe Rachembera

      If you are unaware of rigging then you either don’t live in Zimbabwe and have never stood in line to vote or you are a Zanu pf activist. If its the latter then you are part of the rigging.

  4. Wezhira wezhara

    Jonathan Moyo will be waiting to plagiarize that document and give it to Zanu PF. In 1999, upon your launch, you promised land to the people and when Zanu PF realized that you could beat them to this popular idea, they unleashed terror. They had ignored taking land since 1990 upon expiry of the 10 year Lancaster clause. Fore warned is fore armed.

    1. Well said. Jonathan Moyo is the worst thing, apart from Mugabe himself, to ever happen to Zimbabwean politics

  5. you used to make noise about electoral reforms ,what happens nower days? did mugabe agree to reform?or is just keeping everyone in the same circle

  6. coming up with policies doesnt mean they are neglecting the reform agenda. they are working day and night however be warned zanupf is a monster organisation they dont just jump into agreement. give credit where its due. and you yourselves what are you doing as responsible citizens.

  7. On electoral and other outstanding reforms, I think SADC is letting us down, it should act like ECOWAS, a no nonsense organisation. SADC must act when it comes to dealing with this our tyranny.


  9. Leave SADC out of this. Its purely a local issue. The constitution demands that citizens have every right to define their destiny. Its upon Zimbabweans and all disatisfied organs are entitled to demand these rights. These international bodies are only mandated to oversee the implementation of the same especially during elections. Zim opposition must rise to the occasion.

  10. Whilst Zanu PF fine tunes the rigging formula!!

  11. tagarira webuhera

    u will never impress zimboz realy, professionals in criticising both good and bad, so they should sing the reform anthem at the expense of other issues, lets not be myopic guyz. its different from running a tuckshop, a political party is quite a big entity

  12. The policy is a good development. The reforms is a bad one. Preaching about reforming doesn’t help.

    As long as the reforms benefit the opposition please madam speakers and sirs forget. Even if it’s you would you agree to change into something that leaves you powerless. Come on.

    Infact over dwelling on reforms gives power to ZANU pf. They walk over the opposition at will because the opposition will have no alternative talk other than reforms and crying g for lack of…

    So it’s a positive development.

    Articulate to us how you are going to turn around Zimbabwe.

    At rallies don’t waste your energies talking about the age or the character of ZANU pf leaders. Rather convince the electorate that you are the best.

    Convince us.

    Give us hope.

    Give us a future.

    Tell us how sweet life will be under your government.

    And start now to peg out all corrupt officials within the file and rank of the MDC T.

    I tell you, I for one I will embark on a campaign journey within my area of I telling how good you will be if voted into office.

    But when there is no substance …I keep quite.

  13. There is nothing wrong with the so called MDC blueprint for our country,our duty is only to compare & vote for whatz right.Both the MDC & zanu pf are fighting to give us the better side

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