Trump tightens screws on Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s hopes for improved relations between his government and United States President Donald Trump’s administration suffered a blow yesterday after visiting US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Carol O’Connel, demanded a raft of political and economic reforms ahead of next year’s general elections.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

“The relationship with the Zimbabwean government is part of the reason why I am here,” she said.

“We are not trying to vet specific individuals from Zimbabwe, but we are looking to the Zimbabwean leadership and government to make certain political and economic changes so that we can work robustly,” the US diplomat said.

O’Connel said, during her visit, she had met with government officials and political leaders, where she expressed concern over the deteriorating human rights situation and political tension in the country ahead of elections next year.

“We have been meeting with government and other leaders, but I must say we are not looking at stopping Zimbabweans from travelling to the US,” she

“We are not happy with the political and human rights situation, but hope there will be changes. We have hope that there will be a peaceful environment in the pre- and post-election period.”

Mugabe, in an interview ahead of his 93rd birthday in February this year, expressed his wish for better relations with Trump after the latter replaced Barack Obama as US President in January.

“I was surprised by his election, but I did not like madam Clinton to win either. I knew she could slap sanctions on us as a legacy,” the Zanu PF leader said then referring to Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in the US election last November.

Mugabe and his inner circle were slapped with travel bans, as well as asset freezes, by the US in 2001 over allegations of human rights abuses and electoral malpractices.

But the veteran leader has accused the US and its Western allies of waging a campaign to remove him from power by funding the opposition and denying his government access to cheap funding from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

O’Connel said US foreign policy on Africa would not change.

Her visit to the continent will also take her to South Africa.

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  2. hello bye-bye. Good enough

  3. fambai zvakanaka miss tokuonai patv gore rinouya zanu pf yawina

  4. KKKKKKKkkkk This is good, Gvt with no respect of persons people still disappearing at this time after almost close to 4 decades

  5. Conrad Daywalker

    Go away u stupid Americans. we don’t need you here!

    1. Off course you don’t. You have enough food, great industry and farming to support yourselves, no monopoly money and a sustainable inflation. Words to big for you to read? You arafucked! in short you oblivious idiot. Are you a govamunt employee earning money because no one else is.

    2. Jongwe Rachembera

      You don’t want them here but you want their food aid. If anyone is stupid, I think its your uninformed and primitive comment.

  6. I hate zanu and i hate it more when the USA tries to be our masters, why should have a ministry responsible for african affairs. Who gave them that power.

    1. simon Phoenix

      TRUE…Ministry responsible for African affairs my foot…!

    2. Money gave them tge power you hungry one

    3. Americaaa yakanyanya

    4. Chibaba chechokwadi

      Oh sorry. Why do our government have a ministry OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS?

  7. @ Dhewa, that is what happens when you have money. Hate them and hate their US$ as well. Dont use it .

    1. simon Phoenix

      If they have the power let them stop us from using it…they put sanctions on our currency (ZIMDOLLAR) and we adopted theirs…let them put sanctions on there currency and see if it works.

      1. We have dismally failed by ourselves to uplift our own fellow citizens. Most, if not all, of our so-called leaders, even the police, are very very corrupt to the bone & there is utterly no significant effort made to arrest this rot. In fact, they actually reward & promote these greedy fools by re-shuffling cabinet & either not suspending them or putting them in jail. Now which sane donor would be willing to make donations or give money, say, for economic & social development when they know that their money will be so easily diverted from their intended beneficiaries to some stupid & ever-greedy fools’ pockets. And then here you are talking about sanctions. Why the hell did you even go to school if you cannot see this first hand than believing someone who’ll always telling you it’s sanctions yet they eat, sleep & shit on our monies everyday at our expense. Stop this nonsense mhani, nxaa

  8. kkkkkkk how come you like oranges but hating the orange tree at the same time, if you hate Americans hate their US$ as well apa kutochema hanzi munyika hamuchina mari yani mari yacho hahahahahahahah

  9. my mukwacha i will continue to love you all amen

  10. Sniff, sniff! What’s in the air? As always before elections we have these mighty visitors from mighty America!!

    1. Jongwe Rachembera

      Sniff, sniff. What’s in the air, the stench of a failed state, a collapsed economy, a Zanu PF government that has no idea of how to move the country forward and a rigged electoral process that will once again deliver a stolen election. Yep that stinks!

  11. Janana wa Bikaz

    Dhewa you can shout on top of the highest mountain but the fact will remain,USA is a very powerful country whether you like it or not,whether you love them or hate them.The most stubborn fact is that we need them more than they need us as evidenced by the usual sanction mantra from any zanu pf official who gets an opportunity to address a rally.There is nothing called” illegal sanctions”.For the benefit of those who are always bombarded by the sanction is when an individual,a group,an organisation or a country severe ties with an individual,a group,an organisation or a country for reasons which they deem fit to cut ties or co operation.In Zimbabwe’s case the mafia party was sanctioned due to the widespread human rights violation of its citizens,corruption in the public sector,misuse of public funds,applying the rule of law selectively,torturing,abductions killing of innocent citizens for merely belonging to an opposition party.The autocratic zanu pf government just doesn’t want to do what is right.Period!

    1. A man with brains! It is enlightening to see that. It’s what’s best for your country.

    2. #credit to you, you know what you are talking, i agree 100% with you.

    3. USA is not that powerful any more and Trump right now is facing impeachment.

  12. I think some got the message wrong because they are so engrossed by the concept that Africa can look after itself. Well you need the west. All Trump is saying is that get rid of that scumbag, have a fair government that looks after all it’s people where all have the freedom to vote for anyone without fear and then by that establish an economy that can support itself.

  13. Only time will tell #wait & see method

  14. I see no shift on human rights abuse a leopard will remain a leopard they is even more violence in next years election.

  15. I didn’t realise there are so many people by the broke Zimbabwe government to post confusing comments!

  16. # love USA nomatter wat

  17. People who are still supporting zanu pf today are the very people who are stalling zimbabwe’s developments.They are killing people who are against their wishes. How then can zimbabwe go forward when you keep on killing future and intelligent leaders?.But Mugabe enjoys and sees good life when he goes to Europe and has mansions there.37 years gone by to waste,but these clueless idiots are still championing to keep on zimbabweans suffering.List they will not be cursed.

  18. muchamama chete mazanu mati madii

  19. Kana Ari ma A R V ma chef vanoziva America. Kana vavhundutsirwa ne MDC T vano nyepedzera kunge vane economy ne sovereign currency

  20. If you have pride you must have something to show for it, 37 years later and we have Jack. We cannot manage our own affairs – there comes a time when we must admit failure because one thing is for sure – we certainly fared better under the Smith government than this one. Under this one only a few are benefiting, so if we must be told how to do it, then so be it. If the shoe fits wear it.

    Pride for the sake of pride counts for Sh!t

  21. So where’s the tightening of the screws? Americans are just being themselves. The same stance by Obama was initiated by Bush. But if there’s money for Trump to make from Zim then we can hope better cause he’s looking for money for his people. He sure isn’t about to give anyone anything. Mari hayibudi pana Donald

  22. dhewa is still young in politics

  23. Which way Zimbabwe Zimbabwe which way? For so many years after independence you still find it so hard to stand which way Zimbabwe Zimbabwe which way?

  24. heavenly Father……


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