‘Succeeding Mugabe is daydreaming’

MUTARE — Outspoken Zanu PF-linked cleric Obadiah Musindo has said all those positioning themselves to succeed President Robert Mugabe are daydreamers and wasting their time, as Mugabe’s successor will be anointed
by God.


Obadiah Musindo
Obadiah Musindo

In an interview with NewsDay Weekender on Wednesday, Musindo said it was unbecoming of some people who were going to traditional leaders and prophets seeking ways to succeed Mugabe.

“Some people are holding secret meetings and appointing themselves as presidents and forming a Cabinet, but one thing they are forgetting is that it is God the Almighty who chose Robert Gabriel Mugabe to become the President of Zimbabwe against the wishes of many people,” he said.

“Mugabe was ordained by God. He was anointed by God before the foundation of the world. There is nothing that will happen in as far as presidential succession is concerned. Succession will only happen through God’s involvement.

“There are some people who went after Muammar Gaddafi, Sadam Hussein [all slain] and there are so many uprisings in other countries, but Mugabe survived because he is God’s anointment.”

Musindo said all those names that were being mentioned to succeed Mugabe would not take that position because God had already anointed Mugabe’s successor.

“The same God that anointed Mugabe has already anointed his successor. So let’s wait for God’s time. Those positioning themselves are suffering from political arrogance,” he added.

Musindo claimed no one in Zimbabwe could remove Mugabe from power.

“I have said it before that no one in this country is able to remove Mugabe from power unless he relinquishes the power by himself or is taken by natural means,” he said.

The outspoken cleric said MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru should forget that they would rule Zimbabwe.

“These two (Tsvangirai and Mujuru) are living a lie. They are lying to themselves and they are just whiling up time. Mai Mujuru knows it. Tsvangirai and Mai Mujuru know inside their hearts that they will not take over from Mugabe. These two are just doing this so that they are just seen as doing something and have monetary gains from the Western countries that sponsor them, but the truth is they will not rule this country. It is God that will anoint Mugabe’s successor,” he said.

“Tsvangirai had the money donated by the British and Americans, but he never became President because he was not anointed by God. America and Britain do not have the powers to appoint a President for Zimbabwe.”

He warned Zanu PF faction leaders that they would be punished by God.

“Those leading the factions must be very careful of what they are planning. They are wasting their time and money in trying to position themselves in succeeding Mugabe. They will be disappointed when they realise that they are not the ones that will succeed Mugabe,” the cleric said.

Musindo said God knew genuine war veterans who sacrificed their blood and life for the liberation of this country.

“God is watching. People must understand that there is something spiritual about the blood that gave us the liberation. God does not allow anyone who did not sacrifice for this country to succeed Mugabe. God will respect all those that sacrificed for this country because it is a great honour before God,” he explained.

Musindo said some Zanu PF members were now afraid to work for the party because they were now being accused of being aligned to a certain faction.

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  1. So God has told Msindo he annointed Mugabe to lead this country?Such an elderly man lying for his supper.If God had trully annoited Mugabe as you are saying surely he could have blessed this country as well.With a large number of citizens surviving outside the country its clearly evident what a big fat lier you are.

  2. End times signs! These desperate, destitute fishers of gold will do everything within their disposal using the name of God to eke out a living. Shame on you for misleading citizens desperately yearning for transformative leadership.

  3. Arikuguta uyo nemastands.

  4. mugabe was voted by our parents in 1980 and emerged the winner which God you talking about if you got nothing to say jst shut your f*ckn mouth and see how are we going to dethrone Mugabe in the next coming election

  5. surely how can your esteemed paper go out to seek such an irrelevant man to get such an interview

  6. kwasara makore mashomana kuti JESU Auye.these thugs must repent,kudenga hakuna bullying.

  7. Onini yako iwe Msindo. Usatinyaudze neruzha rwako!

  8. msindo you are correct God annoited Saul and later chose David ready the bible well. a question for you is “does God want his people to be tormented?

  9. l can see Musindo fidgeting to correct his statement to Mugabe’s successor very soon.

  10. Is sacrificing for the country means participating in the liberation struggle…so you have already used your earthly wisdom to set the criterion for succession, and that’s where you have lost it Man of God. Mugabe’s successor may or may not be a war veteran, but someone certainly anointed God.

  11. Kanzwirei tsitsi kamudhara ako Musindo, kanoshanya, hanzi ndigonzi ndataurawo…shame.
    Usanyepere mwari, une musindo se zita rako.

  12. Nhai vaMusindo chiiko nhai.Kungodawo kuita musindo sezita renyu here? Mwari vapindira papi ipapa. VaMugabe havana kuiswa naMwari kwete vakapinda nechimurenga baba.
    This is not prophesy but mere utterances to please those in power. What a shame. Today’s church leaders are just pathetic to say the least.They simply cannot keep quiet or challenge those oppressing poor people. Tatambura nhai veduwe. Everybody is now a prophet Sorry Zimbabwe

  13. mazeru mandirahwe

    Musindo “cleric” i feel pity for his congregants who have to put up with this hogwash every Sunday

  14. Janana wa Bikaz

    God annointed Mugabe to punish His own people?my foot!Stupidity cannot get worse than this.Mugabe’s time was up years back,but like a dictator he is he is using brute force to thwart all voices of reason.Dictators have been in existence since time immemorial.Talk of the biblical Pharoah.For a full grown man to lie and hero worship a mortal being and pretend to be a cleric is very disturbing.Musindo you are a disgrace to human kind.Stooping so low to a point of believing that God can annoint a dictator to ravage His own people?We all know that you have benefitted illegally in one way or the other from the dictator,but you have taken bootlicking to another level.

  15. This rapist masquerading as a church pastor is the one who is daydreaming. He must choose one field, either to continue as a fake pastor or to become a full time politician.
    He is saying these foolish words to get favours from the incumbent. People are using all tricks to get positions in govt. Some call Mugabe cremora(fake milk), some call him Jesus, some call him God, the reason being to keep their positions in govt.

  16. Wotoshaya kuti kudyiswa here kana kuti chii? Ah?!

  17. NewsDAY, you are a problem. Why wasting your resources going as far as Mutare to interview such a dullard???

  18. at times these mugabe lickers they go beyond normality this guy is in his own world that he and mugabe are only god loved people what a great stupidness and madness from a so called man of evil

  19. musindo ,musindo woga,people have suffered enough under this man,marriages and families torn apart,people have disappeared, orphans and widows have been left all crying to God as to when God will avenge for their lost ones

  20. Colonialism was much better than the current situation…

  21. Adolf Hilter was anointed by God to cause the death of over 100 million people in World War 2, was he?

  22. Every bad leader has his team of supporters and well wishers, even the one who ordered the death of Jesus Christ.

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