Stunner draws life lessons from community service


LOCAL rapper Stunner’s experience while doing community service at Greendale District offices in Harare, after he was convicted of negligent driving, provided him with new insight into life, inspiring his latest single, Zviri Pamoyo.



Zviri Pamoyo, which is accompanied by a video that carried visuals from the time he was doing unpaid work, is culled from his forthcoming album, Stray Bullet, set to be launched later this year.

“The song is part of the new album. I was just talking about basic life and experiences I got from my community service days. The people I worked with during those days work very hard for the little they get, and a dollar means a lot to them and when they get that, it doesn’t do much,” he said.

“In another way, the song is artistic. I was also singing about myself [and] how I keep working and then some people come in to destroy what I worked hard to build. I encourage people to keep pressing and working hard.”

Stunner has been labelled a gold digger, with former girlfriend, Olinda Chapel, accusing the rapper of having free access to a good life in which he drove her cars and enjoyed the benefits of her money only to stab her in the back by dating other girls.

The soiled linen of their relationship was allowed to hang in public as the couple hit out at each other on social media.

Stunner, who is not a licensed driver, last year lost control of his Toyota Lexus and veered off the road before ramming into four parked cars. The cars were extensively damaged and, as a result of the accident, a fifth car hit a pedestrian who suffered a fractured pelvis. This led to his arrest and conviction.

The rapper has been holding shows as part of promoting the forthcoming project. A fortnight ago, he sampled some of the new songs off the album in Bulawayo when he performed alongside Tocky Vibes at Club 263.

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