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Sakunda to increase agric funding


LOCAL fuel dealer, Sakunda Energy, says it is targeting to increase its funding for maize production under the Command Agriculture scheme to cover at least three million hectares next season.


The company spent nearly $190 million on the programme this year, where it funded over one million tonnes of maize produce.

Speaking at the Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) 2016/2017 maize buying arrangement meeting in Harare on Friday, Sakunda Holdings chief executive officer, Kuda Tagwirei, said arrangements were already in place for the 2018 command agriculture programme.

“Sakunda has used $190 million this agriculture season, with $160 million going towards command agriculture and $30 million for the presidential scheme,” Tagwirei said.

“This year, we are targeting to produce 1,1 million tonnes of maize. We have learnt that if farmers are assisted they will produce and we are now looking forward to the next season.”

He said next season they are targeting to produce 3 million tonnes of maize with 350 000 hectares earmarked for command agriculture, while 1,8 million families will benefit under the presidential scheme.

“We are going to produce over 3 million tonnes of maize from various areas, apart from command agriculture, so there will be huge pressure for buying,” Tagwirei said.

Tagwirei said $13 million will be channelled towards irrigation equipment and $5 million for rehabilitation.

He encouraged other private players to work with the government for the development of the nation.

“We have already financed 50 000 hectares under the winter wheat programme and it is going on well,” Tagwirei said.

He said 90 000 hectares have been set aside for irrigation and 200 000 for non-irrigation and 100 000 hectares for the tillage programme.

Tagwirei said by next season they will make available 12 maize dryers which will support 120 tonnes of maize per hour.

Deputy chief secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) Justin Mupamhanga, said the OPC was taking measures to facilitate ease of doing business.

Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara said millers have committed to take 800 000 tonnes of grain, as part of the association’s arrangement with government under command agriculture.

“This development will also protect the industry from cheap imports. Command agriculture has turned the fortunes of the country without any foreign institution and what we have is indigenous companies coming up to support agriculture,” Musarara said.

He said the 800 000 tonnes of maize was sufficient to cover mealie meal and stock feed.

Musarara said the issue of quality was at the centre stage to ensure that investors received quality produce.

Grains and oil Seeds Traders’ Association of Zimbabwe official, Graeme Murdoch said commercial farmers have so far delivered 200 000 tonnes of maize to the Grain Marketing Board and 120 000 were expected to be delivered by the beginning of October.

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  1. Why is Sakunda putting in so much money? Where are they getting that money from? And wats in it for them? There is no free lunch !! Is the story in the Standard Newspaper true?

    • Good observation Tom. To hint you Tom this company won the tender to supply the nation with energy using diesel generators at Dema. Ask Chinamasa how much they are paying per KWhr you will be shocked. Ask them who owns shares in those companies that won the tenders to do to that you will be shocked. Ini Ziii

  2. if they have so much money why then their workers doesn’t look ell treated ,zve Zim soo kaaa

  3. Are these figures real? What did Sakunda buy for $190 million in one season?$190 million on maize production looking at how the prize of maize is so low per tonne sounds unreal to me!

  4. i find it sad that anything good happening in this country is viewed negatively. command agri might have its challenges but we cannot deny that it had a good measure of success

  5. retailing of fuel can not give you that much extra money or profits to be dishing out like confettii at a party! If it did, the likes of BP and Shell would not have outed Zimbabwe! This is diamond money being cleaned! Fullstop.

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