SA-based Tajamuka protesters target Mnangagwa

SCORES of anti-government protesters under the banner of Tajamuka/Sesijikile have threatened to storm a South African hotel today and disrupt a Zimbabwe-South Africa business conference to be officiated by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


The protesters besieged Radisson Blue Hotel in Sandton yesterday demanding cancellation of the conference, claiming Mnangagwa wanted to use it to fundraise for the ruling Zanu PF party’s 2018 election campaign.

Mnangagwa is leading a high-powered delegation comprising of Cabinet ministers and captains of industry at the conference, running under the theme: Ease of Doing Business in Zimbabwe.

The protesters’ spokesperson, Mbongeni Nyathi, said they were demonstrating against government’s attempts to gloss over the political and economic crisis back home.

“As Tajamuka/Sesijikile in South Africa, we managed to engage with Radisson Blue Hotel in Sandton concerning Zim-SA Forum hosting a conference in their hotel which will see VP Mnangangwa and a delegation of ministers having a dinner gala themed: Ease of Doing Business in Zimbabwe at an exorbitant price to the Diaspora, while there is a no ease, but hardship in running business in Zimbabwe,” Nyathi said.

“All we want is for the hotel to refuse to host the event at all as it is an insult to the citizens to pay between R1 200 and R50 000 just for a dinner gala with a notorious and brutal delegate of this nature from Zanu PF. As a government, they failed to account for $15 billion and with no shame Zim-SA Forum hosts such an event in a foreign land.

“Come Friday [today] and they converge, we shall be there. They refuse a Diaspora ballot box and yet they want us to come and pay our hard-earned cash to a regime which beats our parents, brothers and sisters to vote for them.”


  1. muno jamukira aniko ikoko?

  2. Their grievance is that it is too expensive to attend …LOL Kusarobwa uku… if its a pay for conference then boycott it or campaign for a boycott

  3. tendai chaminuka

    You Tajamuka and Zanu pf are the same.You are simply isolating us from the International community by your alarming and very false campaigns whilst zanu pf is on the other hand dishing out its ills of doing business policies

  4. ndipo pamunorasika hamuone kumberi when someone is trying get investors we Zimbabweans want to sabotage the programme and you expect to workup one day Zimbabwe yanaka. personally l donot think tajamuka have anything to do with the easy of doing bussiness programme but ndedzimwe mhubu dzirikurwadziwa nezvirikuitwa na va Mnangagwa zvinoita kuti nyika yedu ibudirire. mucharwadziwa kusvika kare.

    1. vanoda kurobwa chaizvo vakajamuka kudaro

      1. ndiani unenharo

        mawarire wakazoudzwà kuti gara pasi utiziii nama nigger aya okuti joinisa Zanu mhiri ikoko

  5. We dont support that at all. A person who humiliates his father is stupid. Why would someone insult his VP, President or even Morgan Tsvangirai in a foreign land. Huyai kuno titukane tiri mumba medu. Munofunga kuti mukashora nyika yenyu before those foreigners you look wiser than the rest of us. Let me tell you, you are fools imi vana Tajamuka.

  6. Nomatter hw foolish they are i wl nt tell a foreigner tht my gvt or president is bad esp in a foreign country.Shame to u tajamuka by da way how dd ya local demo ferred

  7. People please don’t pick out statements out of context, read it in full. Meanwhile, 15,000 villagers just occupied a farm in Tandi, near Rusape, to protest an evicted white farmer so they can bring in Zanu Youth chairperson. How do you attract foreign investment when you are busy still evicting others. Remember no one is going to bring in billions of FDI if you cant first utilize your natural resources. We have too much confisticated land lying idle. Let’s start with that first and demonstrate we can before we go begging.

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