Opposition plots to derail Mugabe rally

POLITICAL tension is reportedly mounting ahead of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF youth rally in Mutare on Friday, with opposition parties distributing anti-Mugabe flyers and mobilising residents to snub the event.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

This comes amid threats by ruling party youths to shut down all businesses in Mutare, commandeer school buses to carry Zanu PF supporters and frogmarch people to Sakubva Stadium for the rally.

National Constitutional Assembly Manicaland provincial spokesperson David Mukunda said opposition parties were working around the clock urging residents to ignore Mugabe’s rally.

“We are printing flyers encouraging people not to attend the rally, especially in Mutare, but I know they are going to be bussed,” he said.

MDC-T provincial spokesperson Trevor Saruwaka urged Mutare residents to resist Zanu PF attempts to frogmarch them to the rally.

“My message to the people of Mutare and Manicaland is that it’s high time we showed our true colours and not allow ourselves to be abused anymore,” he said.

“Continue with activities to fend for your families, instead of attending the ceremony signifying the death of our country.

“Do not attend that meeting if you do not feel you like it.”

Zimbabwe People First interim spokesperson Patrick Chitaka said: “Mugabe is free to come to Mutare anytime he wants, but we are against a situation where people will be herded to the stadium like cattle.

“They (Zanu PF youths) are trying to shore up their numbers. Zanu PF will never change its behaviour.”

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said it was unconstitutional for Zanu PF to coerce people to attend its campaign rallies.

“Zanu PF has force-marched Zimbabweans into poverty and extreme suffering and we must get to a point where we say enough is enough,” he said.

Retired Anglican bishop and United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers’ Trust director Sebastian Bakare said it was unethical for the ruling party to force people to attend Mugabe’s rally.

“It seems Zanu PF is taking people for granted. Why can’t they host such meetings on Saturdays and Sundays when people are not going to work?” he said.

“It’s unethical for Zanu PF to order that shops should close. Our economy is going down and they want our shops to close. Almost 80% of Mutare’s population is unemployed and stopping those few people from going to work to support their families is very sad. This should be stopped.”

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga urged ruling party supporters to remain calm and resist opposition attempts to allegedly trigger violence before and on the day of the rally.

“Since their leader has already accepted defeat, they know Zanu PF will be difficult to defeat. We urge our members to remain calm and shun violence,” he said.

“We want a soft landing for our President. The opposition parties are trying to provoke us so that we retaliate, but we are going to leave the job to the police.

“They are trying to come up with funny initiatives and we are not going to fall into the trap.

“We do not have violence on our itinerary or calendar, but we have got massive mobilising activities on our calendar. Our table is full. We are carrying on with our activities.”

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  1. We welcome these rallies with open arms, the old man must be made to sweat & work as hard as possible for re-election instead of sleeping all day in his mansion & expect to ‘win’ elections by magic.

  2. Opposition we must fight back on this situation, how can ZANU PF force people to attend their rally?, it’s it’s unconstitutional and police must arest those who will do that.

  3. josefa chinotimba

    And Chipanga let me remind you this,incase you have forgotten,MDC T Party is very mature and has got no violence tendencies such as your zanu pf.

    You have no support in Manicaland and the soft landing you are talking of,of your president is to cow people to the venue so that he will believe he has got ‘support’,shame on you.

  4. Mbavha ikaba ikabudirira inoramba ichidzoka kusvika yabatwa. thats exactly what Zanu PF is doing. Zanu PF will continue to use force to bring people to its rallies, to bring people to heroes acre, and to get votes come election time for as long as the people being forced to do so remain timid and willing, and can’t fight back. so don’t blame Zanu PF for this, blame the generality of Zimbabweans. Kutya, kutya, kutya!

  5. Zanu yaora

  6. Opposition in disarray? Strategic bankruptcy? Surely what is to be gained by the opposition,save for serious reprisals,from such an ill-thought out strategy? You prevent people from attending the rally, and what would you expect when MDT,NPP etc hold rallies in the future?

  7. True, Zimbos are timid people. Out of the whole world, cowards are found in Zim. Pure cowards such that, even the first Lady dzimwe nguva pamwe anomboti nhai Baba, vanhu venyu vanokuteererai asi humbwende here kana kuti kupusa???

  8. What logic is there in forcing people to attend youp political rallies (and by extension to vote for you) whereas you boast of numerical majority? Political coercion has no room in this day and age. Let your performance define your popularity.

  9. Nhamo haisati yanyatsokukangayi vana veZimbabwe,ikanyatsokusvuurai muchaziva kuti hakuendwe kuzvimisangano izvozvo,ikozvino muchiri kuyema henyu haiwa muchiri right.

  10. Nhai ma Zimbabweans muchamukawo riinhi mukupusa uku.motadza nekungogara mumba menyu ne mhuri just one day iroro racho.The most uneducated nation!!!!

  11. Let me warn you if zanu pf attempt to force people to attend its rally , this is not going to happen enough is enough. Why do they not force people to go and mine diamonds at Marange diamond. For good things , they go alone and for bad things they force people.I am tired of being abused by zanu pf and its time for reactions. Those who still support zanu pf , the time has come for zanu pf to give the power to PRESIDENT TSVANGIRAI. All zanu pf supporters please think twice before you act because things are changing where will you go tomorrow. Dont cry when we pounce on you.

  12. Ini ndoshaiwa kuti munhu anoenda ku rally yaMugabe ane 93 years who has been a president for 37 years anee achitsvagei ini? Chii chingaitwa naMugabe kana ahwina election besides, looting, killing pepople and draining the economy by those endless trips to singapore, haaa ma Zimbabweans ngwaraiwo ngwaraiwo kani Mtukudzi kaimba wani. I urge all Mutare residents to ignore the so called rally led by a frail, clueles old 93 year old dozing president

  13. Kupusa uko dai takngwara Zanu Yakabva kare

  14. dont attend this funny rally

  15. Old man its time up. Such old people go to see youth. What for?

  16. Too bad all schools and colleges have been instructed to close . Public holiday for mutare on Friday.

  17. Its time the people of Zimbabwe show reason. Where is the food on our tables?. Since 1980 surely we have been frog-marched to poverty daily. When will ZANU PF think about us as people with needs to be met by a government that cares. Howmany times will we attend rallies that dont bring anything to us. No food, no medicenes, no doctors, no hospitals, no houses, no clothes, no roads, no education, no electricity nothing but rallies, lies, deception, slogans, theft, corruption, gossips and cluelessness. These are surely rallies to hell.

  18. zanu pf is the worst part/party kkkk i have ever seen in political history of zim; use of force is their motto i don’t know why? that’s bullshit! …..A piece of advice you should pull the crowd not push the crowd kkk

  19. It seems now the opposition is getting cleverer as we move towards 2018 . We have seen zanu rallies fully packed by forced opposition supporters Now the opposition is saying its supporters must stay home on friday to avoid being frog marched to the useless rally and that is a big up to the opposition . We know he Mugabe has a hired crowd that follows him around just to hoodwink us . so he will better address the rented crowd not the Manyikas from Mutare aah toko mhani

  20. Count down to October 17. yeah 126 days left. Mwari pindirai.

  21. The devil is still at work as far as Zim politics is concerned. Only God shall see us thru. Vanhu vanotisikira nhamo are the same people who are forcing us to support them, haaa Mwari inzwai kuchema kwedu

  22. kkkkkkkkk kutomukira kunonzwa the zimboz hitler in the name of mugabe hapana apa kuda kungonodya ma state resources chete nothing more hazvishamise kuzonzwa kuti akwira ndege after the rally sekuru mugabe akati anomboshandawo here heeeee comaand agriculture ndoinenge ichingotaurwa chete zimbabwe yaparara nekuda kwe zanu

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