Mugabe orders police to reduce roadblocks

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe (pictured), two weeks ago, reportedly ordered the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to reduce the number of roadblocks, saying they were becoming an inconvenience to motorists and the travelling public.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Home Affairs deputy minister Obedingwa Mguni made the revelations in Parliament yesterday.

“Two weeks ago, President Mugabe chaired a meeting that resolved that roadblocks must be reduced,” Mguni said.

“Therefore, we made a plan to reduce them, but we said it is not easy to balance quality service versus compliance because we need not loosen our security when giving services.”

This comes a week after Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo to urgently engage his Tourism counterpart, Walter Mzembi to consider scaling down on roadblocks following complaints from tourists.

Mguni said the police now needed gadgets to assist them check for defective vehicles, speeding drivers and other traffic offences so that motorists are not delayed at roadblocks.

This comes as the ZRP has accused some of its former members of tarnishing its image by setting up illegal roadblocks and fleecing unsuspecting motorists of their money.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told a Press briefing in the capital that some disgruntled expelled members of the ZRP were masquerading as officers and setting up illegal roadblocks and at times using spikes to fleece motorists.

“We are, however, investigating the exact nature, composition and scope of this criminal group,” she said.

“We are fully aware of the machinations of some of the unscrupulous elements, who have formed a fifth column that masquerades as police.

“Very soon, we will be able to establish whose agenda they are driving and, in particular, the brains behind their illicit operations.”

So far, the ZRP said, four bogus officers had been arrested and one had already been convicted while three others were yet to appear before the courts.

Charamba said motorists should always ask for police officers’ identity cards at roadblocks whenever in doubt and even inquire from the nearest police station the authenticity of any roadblock they would suspect to be illegal.

“In this regard, we seek to remain responsive and proactive particularly in today’s criminal world that has become exceedingly complex and requires the employment of diverse proactive measures of crime prevention,” she said.

In Parliament, Warren Park legislator, Elias Mudzuri said the police must comply with a High Court order, which compels them to issue tickets to motorists without ready cash for spot fines.

“We have opposed it (challenged the ruling) because we want a system that does not intrude on our security. If anything ruled in court compromises on our security, we have a right to oppose it,” Mguni said.

“Registration of vehicles in Zimbabwe needs to be computerised because most people are stopped at roadblocks only for the police to find they have no drivers’ licences, are driving vehicles which are not theirs, and if they do not immediately pay a spot fine, it is difficult to trace them.”

Mguni said the ZRP had deployed 500 swipe machines throughout the country to facilitate payment of spot fines at roadblocks.


  1. Welcome move, now to get rid of the mushrooming of roadblocks everywhere the police should just publish where each roadblock is stationed in all roads so that motorists dont stop at any other roadblock.

    1. Security is compromised if Checkpoints are predetermined. They should just reduce them. If anything, these are just Cash-collection mechanisms. For whose benefit, we dont know as a nation, but just a few

      1. which security if I may ask. zimbabwe not at war I suppose

      2. sure what security threat is there ? the cars are not even searched . only the drivers are fleeced of their cash. in the same breath , tell us, police, who are the officers who attended the bus accident that killed 45 people and where is the victims’ money they were carrying. we need the truth , we are tired of this corrupt police force.

    2. They are failing to catch the rogue Zimbabwe Revenue Police because the genuine Zimbabwe Revenue Police have a daily target and they are always static to avoid loss of revenue by moving around. Zimbabwe is not at war but the Zimbabwe Revenue Police is one of the remaining cash cows for the stinking ZanuPF thugs because most industries have closed shop.There is no viable revenue generating industry since Zimbabwe is a nation of vendors who have no fixed operational address.

  2. Zimbabawe Revenue Police-ZRP

  3. But why is that police are always pressing on fining. What has happened to the aspect of informing the public in genuine cases where they may be ignorant. Yes it is said ignorance is no defense but I dont think its what it really means when our officers interpret this aspect of law

    1. constance makombese

      well said give advise if need be

  4. Constitutional freedom of movement is guaranteed. There is no state of emergency in Zim but the number of roadblocks point to the opposite.charamba s magnification of rogue police problem is dishonest. Police roadblocks are within a two kilometre distance of each other so where are the illegal ones? Typical ZANU blame games.

    1. 500metres in Mutare at Red Cross headquarters and Sakubva Musika traffic circle. Zimbabwe Revenue police rogues.I wish if the madman was driving from Harare to Sakubva tomorrow for his so called youths rally-he could see for himself the number of roadblocks from his Harare mansion to Sakubva Stadium.

  5. All roadblocks should be sign posted. I was driving to Sandringham from Norton and two police officers suddenly sprung from the bush. I was not sure whether to stop or to disobey. However I stopped and told them that their roadblock should be sign posted otherwise they risk being run down. How can the public tell a genuine roadblock from a fake one? Why are signs to warn drivers police ahead not being used? Even if I ask the policeman to show me his ID how can I tell a genuine one from a fake one?
    What can i do if I have no spot fine, no bank debit card to swipe with? Does one have to have money to drive one*s own car. If so they should tell the motorists how much money each motorist should have before getting on the road daily.

  6. ZImbos are educated fools. You have to wait for the President to do the right things for you all the time. Command Agriculture, command livestock, comand fishery command wheat farming, COMMAND POLICE road block Reduction? Whats Next? Command Everything. Where does he get time to think about Polocies?

    1. U right bigbrain ! Zimboz , especially the majority in mashonaland are cowards ! u can take their wives away from their beds as long as you are wearing the right t/shirt ! i have witnessed 16 men being abused by a teenager , high on drugs but wearing a certain party t/shirt ! he was literally urinating on their feet and they were not moving an inch ! i rescued them by slapping the teenager 3 times and kicking him in the bottoms. he vomited and then ran like a cat whose tail was on fire! i now understand how a few zulus in mzilikazi’s time took away all our beatiful damsels and cattle while our grandpapas ran into the hills without our beautiful grandmamas! Before you scream “tribalism!” iam zezuru to the pith! and i am no coward ! Police on the Bindura road know me !

  7. CentralScrutinizer

    It’s not as if the police do not have the manpower to actually investigate crime – instead of wasting people’s time at endless roadblocks. Put those police to work where they can have some dignity and achieve something other than alienating the public and hampering the tourism industry. And this BS about the need to “balance quality service versus compliance”- how about SERVING the people. The same ones that pay your salary – twice!!!! Once via taxes and again via needless fines. My belief is that the police are there to remind us daily that we live in a de facto military state. Apart, of course, from their illegal fund raising activities. This is what happens when the entire system is corrupt from the top to the bottom.

    1. Afish rots starting from the head going to the tail. It starts with Bob himself.

  8. Command folly. Command nation.Command command.

    How about command common sense!!

  9. These thugs, police officers have become a nightmare. they’re everywhere including at shopping malls. a typical example is chitungwiza shopping mall where one constable chipare is a nuisance to innocent shoppers

    1. You joking right, you tell me in Chitungwiza, there are now “roadblocks” for pedestrians, especially those visiting the shopping malls! God help us!

  10. What is the use of a roadblock in the first place? If anyone of the law enforcement (the so called ZPR) can understand that the better, because each and every day there are roadblocks and we cant even enjoy to drive in our home towns or be out on vacations because if we can do that our joy ride can be short lived by these illegal roadblocks. So what we do now is drive when its worth it or if there’s an emergency other than we have to stay indoors or use public transport because if we can do like what other democratic countries do we will forever regret buying our cars. So my personal plea to our government is to put an end to all these roadblocks and use the power of technology to catch speeding drivers and reckless drivers.

  11. No guarantee that the police IDs are genuine. The police are trying to create a problem that does not exist.

  12. Zimbabwe is a free country with peace as the president always claim, so why is it everyday we see a lot of police details on our roads, are they up to for something or what?

  13. What is wrong with this deputy minister?Spot fines are just an illegal fundraising scheme,issuing tickets to locally registered vehicles need not be determined by whether the driver owns the vehicle or not.What is needed is to flag the vehicle and link that up with ZINARA so that any car with outstanding fines will not be able to renew licencing just as other SADC countries do.What is so difficult in doing that?The real reason you are opposing the ruling is because spot fines are funding ZRP activities outside budget/treasury allocation therefore cannot be subjected to parliamentary scrutiny/oversight.You guys really think citizens are naive and stupid that we can’t see through your lies and deceit.STOP IT!STOP IT!

  14. Nsimbikayigobi

    What is the use of a roadblock in the first place? If anyone of the law enforcement (the so called ZPR) can understand that the better, because each and every day there are roadblocks and we cant even enjoy to drive in our home towns or be out on vacations because if we can do that our joy ride can be short lived by these illegal roadblocks. So what we do now is drive when its worth it or if there’s an emergency other than we have to stay indoors or use public transport because if we can do like what other democratic countries do we will forever regret buying our cars. So my personal plea to our government is to put an end to all these roadblocks and use the power of technology to catch speeding drivers and reckless drivers.

  15. Wezhira wezhara

    Most traffic Policemen and women are ignorant of the laws they enforce. They do not have the Road Traffic Act and regulations on hand and in most cases they make ignorant citizens pay fines for dubious offences. I remember on social media seeing a Z69(j)- (Admission of Guilt form) with a $10.00 fine for torn seats. That was said to be in contravention of section 60 or 61. However, looking at that section which talks about seats, it penalizes a motorist for driving a vehicle whose driver’s seat cannot be adjusted. Do not pay fine without being shown the legislation. Kare when fines were being taken to court for banking, Magistrates would decline to accept such dubious fines but nenyaya yeRetention by police, mari yongotorwa mahara for no offence. Chihuri, make sure your traffic officers buy these Acts and regulations or you do it for them because mari yamunoba its too much.

  16. Why should the police be given swipe machine for spot fines? They should just issue a fine ticket and then one would swipe if he wants to pay or go to court if one wants to contest the decision. I understand the fine collected by police is forwarded to the ministry of justice so the the swipe machines should be stationed at magistrate courts. And by involving two different ministries, there are checks and balances and corruption is reduced. NO TO SPOT FINES THEY FUEL CORRUPTION.

  17. Charity for us to know they are genuine or fake what should we look at some of your officers are so menacing you would think having no fire extinguishers is like wamutukira amai vake.

  18. Do Zim ministers enjoy the freedom to make pertinent ministerial decisions without ‘order from above’? If it is a ‘hands on’ style of governance, then we ought to blame the game, not the players. A modern day minister should have no political ambitions and with the liberty and mental ability to make all-round decisions without political interjection. A hands off style the wat to go!

  19. Zimbabwe is a country of cowards. Plenty of educated fools. THATS WHY THE POLICE OFFICERS EITHER GENUINE OR FAKE DO WHATEVER THEY WANT.

  20. Zimbabwe Roadblock Police

  21. Who told the nonagenarian that there are plenty of road blocks? We know very well that most politicians are out of touch with reality. Most of them travel comfortably in their mercedes benzs and how the hell do they know that many road blocks are mounted???

  22. charles charingeno

    Chihuri is not going to listen to this instruction from H.E.P.R.G.M. He is personally getting money from the roadblocks called Commissioner’s Fees. Musoro ndiwo wakora, tangai nekumusoro President. We all know that ZRP are now on the road to raise money, not to ensure compliance with law. A lot of things are going wrong in the ministries. If I may ask one issue: Do we really want our country to be a country of suicide bombs? But slowly Dokora is driving our country towards that route by taking the Islams too close to him and making them control us simply because they have money. Money will not bring us peace please. They can go away with their money and leave us with our peace. So ZRP please leave us to move freely with peace in an independent and free Zimbabwe. How do you explain this presence of the Police:- for example on Harare-Masvingo Highway. (1) ZRP at Colcom (2) ZRP before Food Court just next to their houses. (3) After Traffic Lights at ZBC (4) After Houghton Park (5) in the Mbudzi Round About (6) Just after Mbudzi Round About now on the way to Tollgate. (7) After toll gate/Marirangwe Turnoff (8) VID paMutangaz. Before we even have covered 40km we have 8 roadblocks!!! Honestly we are slaves on the road. Even Nguva yaSmith hakuna kumboita maroadblock akadai! Maroadblock ndiwo atova matraffic signs and signals!!!

  23. My favourite musician Hosea Chipanga said it in his song that, ‘nyika kana yava mamvemve police inowanikwa pa road kutsvagiswa bribe asi nyika yanaka police inotsvagiswa mhosva.
    Thats why i like both Hosea Chipanga and Thomas Mapfumo, they dont fear.

  24. the roadblocks are just too many. We are not in a war for crying out loud the police should redefine their contribution to this country and think outside the box rather than merely reducing themselves to being road marshals

  25. People don’t be fooled buy this evil regime , ZRP is as bad as the current government , they don’t care about the citizens , Mugabe or Charity are party and parcel of the rotten fish and evil , they say fish starts to rot from the head. Its simple do catch these malcontent and bogus police thieves , there must be no spot fine and the spot fine books must have a seal , like what City of Harare shop licences to avoid duplication but because Mugabe , Chombo and Charity are beneficiary of the system they don’t want to introduce a system to stop the rot . Its also easy to link the car reg with Zinara so that whenever you renew your licence you pay the fine be4 getting a renewal . We are seek and tired of these road blocks , it has been long why is Mugabe say it now , musanyengedzwe naCharity . Lets wake up and see the reality . I was at Colcom last week , there were more that 8 officers , tell you what they each had his or her car parked were they had a road block and everyone had a ticket book , only to discover with my friend who I was chatting with that the cars which were parked by our side belong to the police manning the road block as they were collecting their cars one by one , Mapuris ndiwo matsotsi atiuryira tourism and we have lost faith in them.

  26. Its dog eat dog , its only ordinary citizens that feel the heat and hard heat by those roadblock. Garo ziva kuti tanangana ne election zvakaipa zvinoedzwa kugadziriswa so as to lure votes, do mean all these past year vange vasingaone zvose izvo.

  27. remove the roadblocks coz its a count down # October 17. yeah 124 days to go.

  28. The truth is that police have been unleashed by our corrupt gvt to loot from the citizens of Zimbabwe. The gvt does not have money to fund its corrupt activities. Money collected from the roadblocks does not go to our Treasury but to the Police bosses and Zanu PF. Why is the President not directing that the money collected by ZRP should go to treasury ?

    Charamba and company must not pretend , they know what is happening. We all know what is happening. The national traffic police is now doing cat and mouse games with Kombis in Mbare instead of patrolling our national highways. How many lives should be lost on our potholed highways when National traffic police is busy chasing kombis in Epworth. This gvt must be ashamed of itself.

    Why is Police allegedly given targets to collect from motorists each day. That is why they end up issuing traffic fine tickets when there is no offence committed. For each Kombi to do business the driver must pay some money weather guilty or not guilty. Daylight robbery !!!!

  29. It does not matter even if they deploy 10 000 swipe machines-as long as i do not have the money in my account , its the same as having no cash. This fellow is short on brains as he is in body!!

  30. Why reduce? Why not do away completely with the pesky road blocks? What are they for? Before Zanu and Zapu skirmishes with the Rhodesian government there were no road blocks at all. It’s now a paranoid black regime which continues to mount unnecessary road blocks to make extra money for the lazy police force on the pretext of maintaining peace or checking unroadworthy vehicles when the roads are full of potholes which the regime is unable to fix.

  31. vava ku chicken inn ku masvingo kwavava kusunga vanotengesa imomo ma tourist osara ofaźve nezhara vanotengesa vapomhegwa mhosva yokuudza ma cid adhekwe kuti apinde mu line sevamwe, hanzi watituka no customer service isu hati reporti Kuna manager wako watosungwa. uku cctv inongotora. Better vadzokere ku road block vanhu vangafa nezhara.Hàzvizodi pa chicken inn pamwe na barman zvingaita but still mopedźeranaka namanager ipapo zvekubasa kwemunhu wakadhakwa zvinei neline

  32. Roadblocks will only reduce if the Ian Smith system of issuing tickets and paying at the police station is adopted. If this fraud of forcing, detaining and impounding continues then nothing will change. With the arrogance of the police asking for ID is considered criminal, there is no law and freedom in this country thus why Robert and his wife don’t live in it.

  33. No civilized country in the world has as many roadblocks as Zimbabwe. Is the country at war or under siege? Is the country unsafe? What is the purpose? The road blocks are a major put-off to tourists.

  34. Ngwarai Hlakhanipha

    Asi pane HAMA ya Shefuuuuuuuuuu kani yaka batwabatwa pama ZRP TollGates, kkkkkk

  35. I did not know that Zimbabwe is such a good country for some people especially the police who wake up early morning just to collect money and go back home daily. If that money was paid to the state there will be no cash crisis in the country. Government would actually increase civil servants’ salaries. Only the thieves at roadblocks are benefiting.

  36. nevermind the tourists isu ma locals are we not equally important why do u want to take action because tourists have complained….. we the locals have been crying out since and someone from far is the one who is heard… hamuna basa nesu wel see hedu pama elections

  37. Gara Obedingwa ndiye wokumboti its not a crime to defecate in the bush. Poor Zim.

  38. Mai vanonzi Charamba avo vanonyepa. We are not fools! How did she know about these “ex-members” mounting illegal road blocks. Were there ant arrests made? Murikutuma mapurisa kuti vakutsvagirei mari from the suffering public paroad!! The nation know about nyaya yematargets! Our police relatives talk about these things. KuVID the same!! Matargets should be met or else no salary they are told. Mbavha!!

  39. Jongwe Rachembera

    These roadblocks have very little to do with “safety”, it became a revenue generation activity and a corruption racket by many in the zrp traffic dept.

  40. dr stop it stop this crap about spot fines. swipe machines for what? what if the offender needs seven days to raise the fine or even wishes to have a day in court.

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