Mugabe lashes out at Chinese

President Robert Mugabe represents the despair endured by the youth

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has lashed out at his “all-weather friends” — the Chinese — for allegedly using him to hoodwink the people of Manicaland province into believing they would benefit from proceeds of Chiadzwa’s Marange diamonds.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Mutare on Friday, Mugabe admitted he was made to “wave dummy cheques” by Chinese diamond miners who pledged $10 million to develop communities affected by mining activities.

“You have grievances as people of Manicaland and we are aware of that. We know that you had expected money to be deposited in the Community Share Ownership Scheme like what happened in Zvimba (Mugabe’s home area), but it never came. The Chinese used us and that is why we kicked them out,” Mugabe said.

Two Chinese firms — Anjin and Jinan — were among five diamond miners licensed to extract the mineral from Chiadzwa before government withdrew their operating licences last year following reports of massive leakages and smuggling of the gems out of the country.

The Chinese firms operating in the Marange area promised to plough back over $10 million towards the Community Share Ownership Scheme, but reportedly reneged on their pledge.

“Even me, an old man, I feel used. They made me walk around waving dummy cheques, yet they never fulfilled the promise they gave. We then had a misunderstanding with the Chinese and we kicked them out along with the South Africans and the Lebanese. They lied to me, but we will not forget the people of Manicaland,” Mugabe said.

First Lady Grace Mugabe is currently locked in a bitter legal battle with a Lebanese gem dealer after a $1,4 million ring deal went awry.

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who served as Indigenisation minister at the time of the share ownership schemes, was implicated in the scam.

Government last year took over all diamond mining activities and established the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC).

Mugabe said court challenges by the Chinese had slowed down government’s plans.

“They went to court, but lost. This has slowed us down, but I can assure you that once we are mining and selling our diamonds, we will fulfil the promise made, not by government, but by the Chinese,” the President said.

Mugabe, for years, has harped on the so-called “Look East Policy”, mainly aimed at wooing Chinese companies to prop up his beleaguered regime with little success.

In the past two years, the Zanu PF leader has signed a litany of memoranda of understanding with a number of Chinese companies — dubbed the mega deals — but little has come in the form of operationalisation, amid reports that the Chinese were waiting in the wings to do business with Mugabe’s successor.

The Chinese were reportedly holding out for Mugabe to hand-over power to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader and former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvagwa last year admitted meeting the Chinese, in which discussions over Mugabe’s age were raised.

“In the course of discussing investments in Zimbabwe, the Chinese asked about political risk given the President’s age. They (Chinese) drew parallels to a retirement age father applying for a mortgage loan. The bank manager will ask for the working age son to co-sign so as to address life risk. The State House in Harare received that report and laced it with a nefarious twist to President Mugabe,” Mutsvangwa said last year.


  1. Kana Madaro President isu vana tinofara.But one more thing that would make me a happy Son of the soil is housing scheme.I wish Government could facilitate something like that for us.Tinoda dzimba een 4 roomed corehouses tichibhadhara mari shoma pamwedzi pamwedzi.Housing farcility would give us a true sense of belonging.

  2. What else can he say when he knows part of the diamond money was used to complete the blue roof. Furirwai vana samanyika mumuvhotere futi. Mugabe does dubious things and always finds someone to blame.

  3. Time to take responsibility Bob. The govt was told to put controls around diamond mining but Bob refused because he wanted to benefit from the leakages. Now the leak was greater than anticipated and Bob now cries foul. You robbed the whole country of a chance to move away from poverty Bob.

  4. Why should he start to blaming the Chinese now when he has been told on numerous occasion that his eastern friends are only here to milk the country dry?As usual he has ignored that free advice and preffered to to put logs in his ears.He is not sincere in accusing the Chinese of selling him a dummy cheque,but he is only trying to appease ana Samanyika ahead of the 2018 elections.Don’t listen to him,He has been lying like this for the past 37 years and look where we are now as a country.Discard the old dictator to the dustbins of history.Rather vote for any other party as long as it is not zanu pf.Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the old dictator is intoxicated with nothing else but power.Forget about all his usual rhetoric of making people’s lives better.A 94 year old grandpa promising to make my future and that of my children bright?My foot!

    • You are correct this old madala still thinks he can cheat people of Zimbabwe.
      He is a great liar and all Zimbabweans must know that he is once again vote buying.
      Where are the 2 million jobs he promised last time.
      Wake up Zimbabwean for this man is a great liar.

  5. This is a self confession of just how hopelessly useless Mugabe has become to Zim, this is all in addition to the 15billion that went missing under his nose, this is very painful to bear

  6. You messed up big time. Your ministers and other service chiefs looted a lot of diamonds. Lets not blame the Chinese only. You gave them the green light to mine the diamonds and so, for those yrs you were not even informed about the Chinese’s looting spree?
    Its a SHAME. We, the poor have lost hope, we are only worried about our progeny and posterity.

    • Dude his ministers !!! himself looted why Zim still not see thru this old senile man, he is either blaming white people now chinese, who else is left besides him.

  7. God have mercy upon us the poor. We have no powers to fight the greedy. We have lost hope. Imagine, all those wasted yrs. Oh Lord, is it your will? Look now Lord, the politicians are taking advantage of our weakness and cowardness.

  8. Ndiani akadaidza maCHINISE acho @ the first place.This guys they dont develop anything they just come and loot and go HOME.Kana Blair toilet chaivo havavake.

  9. Hapna hapana Robert tokuziva shamwari, if you are crooked it only shows that your governance structure is weak and you donn deserve to be in office. The Chinese are clever, they identified the loophole which is a weakness in your governance structure and manipulated you. This is your own fault and you are the sole person to blame.Zvakafanana nekuvata mumba usina kukiya wobirwa then you blame the thieves, kana kushandisa computer ine outdated antivirus programme then you blame viruses after your system crashes, or kurova yekedero usina condom then you blame AIDS, taneta newe Mugabe, blaming sanctions, Chinese e.t.c. You are too old to hold office, thats why you are always conned. Juss like the unlearned Lobengula was tricked in selling out Zimbabwe, we donn blame the whites because they were smarter than Lobengula. Mugabe your leadership skills and governance skills are so weak, in this time and age of advanced technology we donn need a manager who is 94 years, who can hardly walk nor see. We want noble men who are vigilant, leaned and who posses sound gonvernance policies that guard against the looting of our precious resources. IBVAI CHIBVAI GUSHUNGO HAMUCHAZVIGONI MAREMBA PLUS NJERE HAMUCHINA NDOSAKA MAAKUNGOBIRWA BECAUSE HAMUCHAONE, NYIKA YAAKUFA NEKUTI MAAKUNGOBIRWA MASIKATI MACHENA PAMWE MAKAVATA, Mugabe’s poor management skills and incompetences are evidenced by the poor state of our roads, clinics, schools, everything is just dilapidated and old resembling how disorganized the nonagenarian is.

  10. Our security services were once touted as among the best is the world. So I don’t understand why it took so long for the government to realize that the Chinese are crooks.

  11. Now the Chinese are bad? This is mugabe playing the nation for fools as usual. Mugabes pvt army was in charge and knew the chinese built a runway where planes would fly diamonds directly out of the country . $15billion of diamond revenue went missing. This is sly mugabe finding scape goats for his mismanagement of the country. Elections are around the corner, there are no more white farmers to target so he is now blaming the Chinese.

  12. mugabe just go please we tired of you. i miss my Rhodisia. i was born in Rhodisia not zimbabwe, hurumende inotsipika njere dzezvizvarwa.

  13. This is what people of Zimbabwe must know.
    Mugabe is a crook and liar .
    He knew that his Chinese masters were stealing Diamonds with him but now that elections an close by he wants to lie to Zimbabweans.
    We have known you to be e liar Mugabe go.

  14. This Country Gona Be Peacefully When All Those Peaple Which Faught For Freedom Dies Cause They Just Think For Their Own Benefits,,,cause They Hav All Powers To Say They Gave Us Freedom,

  15. Since 1980, sekuru you have failed us as Zimbabweans, you and your people are enjoying whilest the majority are suffering, is it the Chinise who stole 15 billion dollars, blame yourself not the Chinese.

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