‘Mugabe is an angel’

ZANU PF youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga yesterday equated President Robert Mugabe to an angel while claiming the 93-year-old leader will be part of those vetting righteous people who will go to heaven.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe also chastised Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere for misappropriating urban land meant for Zanu PF youths, saying the process was “highly flawed” as it could be easily abused by land barons and corrupt officials.

In an unprecedented grovelling and bootlicking address amounting to serious blasphemy, Chipanga told thousands of Zanu PF supporters at a meeting at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, that Mugabe’s late mother, Mbuya Bona, was inspired by God to name the veteran leader as Gabriel.

“Truly speaking, in heaven there is God and here on earth there is an angel called Robert Gabriel Mugabe. You are representing God here on earth,” Chipanga said as Mugabe, his wife Grace and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa nodded in disbelief. Other top Zanu PF officials ululated.

Chipanga said people should not think that he was dramatising by equating Mugabe to an angel.

“But he is an angel. Who doesn’t know that God’s angels are called Gabriel?” Chipanga rhetorically asked the bemused crowd.

“I promise you, people, that when we go to heaven don’t be surprised to see Robert Gabriel Mugabe standing beside God vetting people into heaven. Gushungo, you are an angel.

“Amai Mugabe, you are a wife of an angel so when people enter heaven and when it’s Zimbabwe’s turn, you will be seated there, with secretary for administration (Ignatius) Chombo having names, while you will be vetting those whom you know.”

The Zanu PF youth leader also claimed he would be playing a part in vetting Zimbabwean youths while Grace would be vetting women to enter into heaven on the basis of supporting Zanu PF.

Addressing the supporters, Mugabe criticised Kasukuwere for haphazardly distributing urban land for residential stands to Zanu PF youths, saying the process was “highly flawed” as it could be easily abused by land barons and corrupt officials.

Mugabe said youths could easily lose the land Kasukuwere wanted to allocate them, as there were vultures ready to pounce.

The President said it would be prudent to build structured apartments so that youths could reasonably benefit, rather than giving them land which could easily be taken away.

“In urban areas we have no enough space to give you for residential stands. We want to start a programme to build apartments which can accommodate a lot of people. I heard your leader (Chipanga) saying you were given land by Kasukuwere in the Manyame area. I am not satisfied with that because if we continue like that we will go nowhere,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe said youths were marrying and having children whose siblings would also want land. He said it would be impossible to give them the land if they were to go with the model of giving out residential stands.

He said Zanu PF officials canvassing to succeed him were power-hungry, while urging them to wait for the party’s elective congress in 2019.

Zanu PF is on the verge of implosion as rival factions plot against each other in a bid to position themselves to succeed 93-year-old Mugabe, who is refusing to retire to make way for fresh blood.

“This issue of factions where some leaders are conducting meetings at night while others are approaching witchdoctors, this is where I am saying Chipanga and your team, it’s you who are being approached for support,” Mugabe said.

“It’s you the youths who will be promised a lot of things in exchange for the support. We don’t want that. It’s bad for the party. It destroys the party. To the senior officials we say to you stop it, stop it, stop it. I am borrowing the phrase from Amai (Grace) Mugabe. It destroys us.”

Mugabe said he was aware of the shenanigans of those canvassing to succeed him.

He said principled and straightforward leaders would be rewarded at the next congress.

“We do not want to continue fighting for positions before the time (congress) has arrived. Do not count chicks before they are hatched. Musavhiya mhuka yamusati mabata, kurodza mapanga kuti ini ndichazotora bandauko, ini ndichazotora chidya, no we want peace. Let’s wait for the time. It’s certainly coming,” Mugabe said.

He said many people were surprised with the success recorded last year at the youth league-organised one-million-man march.

Mugabe, who frequently visits Singapore for medical check-ups, also said many people, including his detractors, were puzzled by his level of fitness.

“The one-million-man march was a surprise to the whole nation. It also surprised even those in Sadc and the whites that the person we thought is finished, this is what he is. I put my hands in my pocket and said yes this is what I still am,” he said.

Mugabe said many people say a lot of things about him just because of his advanced age, insisting he was still fit to perform his job like a youth.

Mugabe also announced plans to expropriate 70 white-owned farms in Mashonaland East, which he alleged were previously being protected by former provincial governor Ray Kaukonde.

He said the government would subdivide the farms for the benefit of the youths.

Mugabe left the crowd in stitches when he revealed the promiscuous behaviour of his lieutenants in government. He said the majority of his Cabinet ministers had gone through embarrassing divorces more than once, while others had “small houses”.

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  1. “Truly speaking, in heaven there is God and here on earth there is an angel called Robert Gabriel Mugabe. You are representing God here on earth,”


    2. kudzai zvenyu President asi zvaMwari siyanai nazvoo….

  2. waste of time, Angel wekupi anouraya vanhu apa washaya nyaya Kudzanai Chipanga. Haunyari kana uchinamata mugabe kudaro, kwako kurikuda kuramba uripabasa here?,manje to hell with yo evil mugabe muchamama next year HOZA COALITION HOZA .

  3. Ko vari kupinda denga ikozvino vano vhetwa nani? Angels are spiritual beings and not mortal. Tamba nezvimwe Kudzanai Mwari havasekjwi munhu unokohwa chaakadyara. Your leader’s hands are full of human bllood and the reason why God is keeping him is that he should repent and confess his sins.

  4. josefa chinotimba

    Oh shame,this thing called Kudzai Chipanga i really feel sorry for you.Shame zvako.You can not equate God to the fossil Mugabe.Shame zvako.

    By the way do you go to church to praise the Lord?I wonder.You need to go back to school and complete your uncompleted ‘O’level education.Shame on you,idiot.

  5. Angels are not bloody thirst and perpetrators of human suffering. You will pay heavily, Kudzanai, for this blasphemy and idolising. You are reducing God Almighty to the level of gangsters and murderous brutes. Shame on you

  6. Kuti Chipanga achizvozvimiririra zvaakataura izvo hapana chakashata. Asi ndinomuvimbisa mwari vachamukira mazwi aya namazuva iwayo,pachamudapo kuzvidemba nekugedageda kwemeno nenguva iyo.Asi kana Mugabe arimwanakomana wedziya ngirozi dzaka chiva vanasikana vanhu kubatanidza nambuya bona Gen 6 zvimwe Chipanga unotaura mashoko aya pazvokwadi

  7. nyamajuru@wagona.com

    Mugabe is aware of the “long tail” of Chipanga. When the dust settles (in the aftermath of 2018 elections)….he will understand ZANU PF well.


  9. Angels don’t display their name & deeds. Zimbabweans are scared of this Angel who’s causing havoc in this beautiful country. Only one step can change their destiny, We should TAKE charge of own destiny. What are Zimbabweans waiting for ? Another Angel to come & save them. It’s their DESICION to beat the heat. One matchstick can burn the whole jungle, We’re 140000000. Get together by messaging each other on What’s up & fight for justice.


    no doubt he is an angel , AN ANGEL OF DARKNESS , he is part of the third of FALLEN ANGELS. RAVENOUS WOLVES

  11. True Mugabe is an angel of death.

  12. Mugabe is a murderer to start with, how he becomes an angel is beyond belief.

  13. Idol worshiping Usava navamwe vamwari kunze kwangu chete. On the judgement day there will be gnashing of teeth and trembling of all dictators. Phone Qhadaffi, Saddam and Idi Amini and ask them how they are faring in hell. Earthly things will remain on earth on the final day and its only your wicked soul which will be grilled up there. Beware to find Tandare and Chokuda waiting for you, holding a file containing all your wickedness.

  14. Haiwawo itai

  15. Setting the record Straight

    The Highest Level of Blasphemy, how can we stand by and watch you make fun of God inlike so manner, let your words consume you, you don’t know what Righteous indignation is???, you wouldn’t have said what you said, instead you should be asking for mercy my friend,

  16. The gathering was really waste of time and resources. Dragging all those hapless youths and old women and men from all corners of Mash east to tell them that Mugabe is angel-damn. Yep the devil has his angels-angels of darkness! the problem is that instead of focusing and expending energy on productive things, zanu pf and the youth saw it fit to gather thousands of people to tell them tales. It is unbelievable to see even the learned VPs nodding to the utterances-blasphemy! The Lord Almighty has an angel called Gabriel but not this Gabriel. So it means this footballer called Jesus is the son of God, is it? Obviously the answer is no, a big NO. Kudzie you just proved that you lack wisdom. from the way you were speaking it seems like you have your own heaven where you will be judging and vetting people; if it is like that it is very good because kudenga renyu iroro isu vamwe hatiuyiko you will just be iwewe, Dr amai, your Gabriel, Chombo then you vet each other. For you Kudzie l want you to look back at history and consider people like Gezi and Manyika, where are they, Shamhu where is he now. Zanu pf is like that, they use you and discard you; surely the time is coming tichakubvunza zvedu. It is a pity that you are going to waste state resources going around the country doing all that nonsense God have mercy.

    1. very true gheoo

  17. How can Mugabe be an “angel” when his thugs liquidated a young journalist, Dzamara? Lucifer is much more appropriate.

  18. Reminds of Late Elvis Preseley song ” you walk like an angel you talk like an Angel …You’re a devil in disguise

  19. Acts 12v21-24
    21On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. 22They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” 23 Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died. 24But the word of God continued to spread and flourish.

    Lets not play with God in our political excitement.



  21. kkkkk politics is a dirty game. lets see. tichaona kunowira tsvimbo ne dohwe

  22. Kudzanayi Chipanga’s utterances are more than revealing. In mentioning that Mugabe will have a role in heaven, and that even after his death, Politburo meetings will be held at the Heroes Acre, Chipanga demonstrates that he is in no doubt about President Mugabe’s impending mortality. Chipanga seems to have seen, heard and concluded that the President’s demise is sooner, hence he has to talk about him in heaven, him at the Heroes Acre. What do those two places show? How does the President get access to them, by death. This is significant therefore that Chipanga has demonstrated that the President;s death is no longer out of question. It is imminent. Hence he talks about Heroes Acre first and then heaven.

  23. This is madness from a young youth .Rubissh at its best.

  24. if Mugabe’s cruelty to fellow human beings is what is required for one to be admitted to heaven
    then some of us would have no hope of ever meeting our creator

  25. Blasphemy at its best. Jesus is coming again.

  26. Tawanda Shumba

    Hmmmmm I don’t know what to say. Is this desperation, what will happen when Bob is called up younder. Who are you going to anoint your next angel. Young man you need wisdom you lack it big time. High level of blasphemy, where are the parents and relatives of this misguided object. Batsirai munhu.

  27. Mpfanha wangu Kudzi inguva yako chimboita. Ngwarira kuti dzungu hakusi kungwara

  28. He is so stupid to call a mere mortal human being as an Angel. Even the Mugabe family view him as a nincompoop. He is not the only one who gave Mugabe names like God, Jesus, Cremora etc. Some Zanu ministers most of them are dead now and most were fired and suspended also gave Mugabe names. I believe, these loafers do it to remain employed as you know the jobs are scarce. They have to sing for their supper but deep in their hearts they really do not mean what they say. YOU HAVE TO BOOTLICK TO STAY EMPLOYED.
    If i were the incumbent, i would fire all the bootlickers becoz they pretend as if though they love Mugabe becoz they think when they are in SH!T Mugabe would help them.

  29. Even satan has his worshipers how do you call a person with 20 000 skulls under his belt an Angel ? I have no doubt they liitle fat thing was speaking under influence of sikokiyana .Mugabe is evil every one knows that

  30. so confused feaces are not bread

  31. Mandava Watchout

    vana shamu vaimbot robbie i cremora wan vakadzikamiswa mfana uyu is in for a rude awakening…watchout

  32. herod style for sure.

  33. kkkkkkkkk aya ndoma funies …may anoreva ma fallen angels ano vetta kupinda gehena kuti iwe zvitadzo zvako zvishoma haudiwe kuno kkkkkkkk

  34. this is blasphemy, chipanga hell is waiting for u and ur godies

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