Mthwakazi party appeals to SA over Gukurahundi

THE secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has started lobbying South Africa President Jacob Zuma’s government to push for the Gukurahundi atrocities to be included on Sadc’s agenda for the victims to get justice.



MRP foreign affairs secretary Ackim Gasela Mhlanga said they chose South Africa because it had the muscle to cause the regional bloc to table the issue on the agenda of its next summit.

In a letter dated June 17 and addressed to South Africa’s Home Affairs ministry, Mhlanga said they were now convinced that President Robert Mugabe’s government was not keen on resolving the issue, hence the appeal to Sadc.

“We propose that your two influential governments of South Africa and Botswana, and the rest of Sadc help us as the people of Matabeleland get justice for the Gukurahundi atrocities. Help us get our freedom back, help us get self-determination. Put pressure on the Zimbabwean government to return the country to rule of law,” he wrote.

Mhlanga also pleaded with the South African government to instruct immigration authorities to allow Zimbabweans to travel back home with their belongings once they are arrested in that country for staying illegally.

“Finally, at least allow our people that you would have arrested to come back with whatever moveable assets they would have acquired and there has to be a way for them to be able to recover their property and money in banks after deportations or deaths considering as well their families back home,” he added.

The MRP is pushing for a separate Matabeleland State as the answer to the region’s underdevelopment and marginalisation characterised by, among others, the continued closure of industries.

According to the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice, the crackdown orchestrated by the North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade left about 20 000 civilians dead in Matabeleland and Midlands in a conflict that still threatens the country’s stability nearly three decades later.

Mugabe has described the 1980s mass killings as a moment of madness, while his deputy Phelekezela Mphoko has dismissed the massacres as a Western myth to cause regional instability.


  1. Secessionist my foot. And the Newsday is guilty for offering a platform to peddle such tribal nonsense. I have observed this overtime, that this paper is a mouthpiece for divisive tribal politics. Perhaps Mugabe was right, after all. He ought to have gone the full mile in the ’80s, riding the country of such divisive, unwanted vermin.

  2. Kikikiki what will South Africa do ? The dessidents deserved what they got and nothing else. Let them start another nonsense and see what will happen again. kikiki ?

    1. Giya Mthwakazi

      You will regret your words one day and that is a fact.Do you mean to say civilians are dissidents ? No wonder you stink of suffering you and your like minded kinsmen but continue to bootlick your self proclaimed god.Get a life you idiot.

      1. handsome timile

        Opasi laba bayasidelela shit

    2. why are you afraid let the truth be known. who were dissidents. who was sponsoring them. why the army known for its supremacy fail to deal with just a few dissidents which were even known by their names fail to arrest even one dissident. yet they managed to fight the matsanga who were much equipped than dissidents. You shona people most of you are really and genuine tribalist. what is tribalist about finding facts about such history. You have benefited a lot from this tribalism hence you want to maintain the status

  3. handsome timile

    Tinei and kangaira ..its either you are terminally dull,excruciatingly ignorant that you can submit such views on an important story by the shows that in Zimbabwe there are other people who still carry a supremacy ideology,and its not surprising because they are the children of,partakers and co_conspirators of the people that masacred almost 20000 innocent civilians, butcherd pregnant women by knifing their stomachs,raped children and threw people alive in old mines .tinei and kangaira are not only ignorant of true history but great motivators to most of us who to really seek and question our sense of belonging in this once beautiful country of ours.mthwakazi kakhule,mthwakazi kakhule,mthwakazi kakhule .phansi ngabopasi..phansi ngabopasi

    1. haiwawo tibvirei stupid idiots being used by Westerners.You want it addressed how else.Contunue to look back and die poor.You want a village like Botswana to address us.They themselves kill your stray cattle and you never say a word.Stupid racist.

  4. handsome timile

    Lol Mbudzi there is no bigger joke than you in Zimbabwe at this moment.the village that you are talking about has never killed more than 20000 of its own people,they manage to pay all their civil servants on time___actually they have a currency in their own country which u don’t have….as for being poor ….are you rich yourself? Are you even xnt differentiate between tribalism and racism..westerners were white and they killed blacks..,how about black people killing thousands of their own kinsman.Seek knowledge and you will gain wisdom then you can then expose yourself in public for a kkkk

  5. may you also tell us how you will pay back for the livestock and women you raided from the mashonaland during mzilikazi and lobengula times. ——-and the killings too

  6. Tawonga havana

    Its quite suprising how some of us think,think of it if it was your family that w masacred and butchered by these mugabe hooligans,would you have smiled and voted for it, be human fo a second and pray fo fair judgement. It dznt matter the enthnicities or race lets stop unnecesarry killing n illtreatment of our fellow brothers and sisters

  7. Comrade Muswe weMvuu

    I thought the whole idea of the 19th and 20th century uprisings was to do away with the legacy/ies of settlers. Right? Now unfortunately the bundling together of different tribes that later became known as Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and finally Zimbabwe is just one of those legacies. So what is wrong when a tribe currently making up Zimbabwe decide to revert to the status it once had and enjoyed prey colonisation era?

  8. Newsday has a policy of broadcasting plurality, so for those who are castigating newsday for following on Mthwakazi, we love what newsday is doing, no one has monopoly over what has to constitute news or otherwise, for those who feel offended on newsday day to day working should part with the truth i have said or die maginimous fools!

  9. Ndebele Spokesman

    only hope for us as Ndebele we are tired of being marginalised and looked down upon

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