Moyo scoffs at ‘Command Ugly-Culture’

HIGHER Education minister Jonathan Moyo has once again rubbished government’s Command Agriculture programme, which he labelled as “Command Ugly-Culture”, claiming Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa had hijacked and corrupted it.


Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

“VP Mnangagwa’s Command Ugly-Culture, disguised as Command Agriculture, is a corruption of a noble objective and is, thus, totally unacceptable!” Moyo said in a tweet at the weekend.

“The noble objectives of Command Agriculture, first enunciated by Dr Grace Mugabe, have been corrupted by VP Mnangagwa into an Ugly-Culture!”

This was after President Robert Mugabe, for the second time on Friday, disclosed that the Command Agriculture scheme was the brain child of his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“It was First Lady (Grace)’s idea and she approached Vice-President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa and they decided to help our farmers, grouping them around water sources like dams. We then christened it Command Agriculture,” Mugabe told cheering supporters at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare on Friday.

“It is our programme and we came together on this. It has been enhanced by the abundant rains. We provided our farmers with seed, fertilizer and equipment. It has saved us. Now we have a bumper harvest.”

But Moyo, whose disdain for the programme that he associates with Mnangagwa is a matter of public record, once again derided the scheme, claiming it had been “hijacked” .

Moyo, who in 2004 reportedly organised the infamous Dinyane Secondary School’s Tsholotsho Declaration meant to catapult Mnangagwa to the Vice-Presidency ahead of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, has turned around to be the Vice-President’s greatest adversary in the ongoing Zanu PF succession fights.

The Tsholotsho Declaration refers to a clandestine meeting organised by Moyo’s then faction loyal to Mnangagwa in 2004 to plot Zanu PF’s succession.

Under the scheme, Mnangagwa would assume the Vice-Presidency and eventually the leadership of Zanu PF and the country.

The meeting was held ahead of a key Zanu PF congress in 2004.

Moyo is now seen as the brains behind a faction of the ruling party known as G40, which is bitterly opposed to Mnangagwa’s bid to take over from Mugabe, who turns 94 next February.

Two weeks ago, Moyo told a public discussion forum in Harare that Mnangagwa and his acolytes wanted to push a command system of governance down the throats of Zimbabweans.

He has previously characterised the Command Agriculture programme as a communist type of policy aimed at militarising society.

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  1. The Professor seems to be in the wrong party. Whenever he tweets or opens his mouth the opposition applauds and ululates for the good job he is doing for them. Who ever he is unable to manipulate becomes a target of his frustration and bitterness.

    1. He is doing that to consuse the already confused opposition so that they lose focus of the main goal and spend time on this useless war.

  2. So what Moyo is calling a corrupt and ugly idea is from Amai after all. Pakaipa

  3. I have a question for two institutions, the government and the ruling party. Are there no disciplinary structures for some rogue ministers or is it some are untouchable?

  4. Wezhira wezhara

    If Jonathan Moyo was a woman, the name Marujata would fit him very well. He is just like a woman who goes up an anthill to make spurious allegations against a husband who finds her no longer relevant to his life. In short, he is a whore,”hure” rePolitics and by siding with him, Mugabe has dug a pit into which he will definitely fall come 2018. He brings succession politics in Government programmes because he thinks if Munangagwa succeeds Mugabe, he will be arrested as he is a known criminal only enjoying Mugabe’s protection at the moment. To borrow from his own words, I say, “Handeyi tione”.

  5. Is he even a proffessor ?

  6. Moyo thats democracy speak up against this corrupt people

  7. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this childishness from Prof Jonso. That this nonsense is coming from a Cabinet Minister, a Zanu pf Politburo Member and a whole Professor magnifies the profound tragedy the country finds itself in. Just to state the obvious,the economy is in dire straits, millions of young people find themselves out of work and in desperate need of salvation, families are surviving on one or no meal a day. This is time for serious people to step forward and be counted. Not this mumbo jumbo from an attention seeking nutty Prof.
    I’m a farmer, I participated in the command agriculture programme and I planted 25 ha of SC637 maize variety. We have commenced harvesting and we are averaging 9 tons per ha, our highest ever yield per ha. I have just completed planting 40 ha of wheat. This is a practical programme where the farmer is provided all the key inputs, i.e seed, fuel, fetilisers and herbicides on a full cost recovery basis. The farmer has to chip in with working capital among other things. If as Prof Jonso says the programme is a brain child of the first lady, but was implemented under the Stewardship of Vice President Mnangagwa, what on earth is the problem with that. Is that not the essence of team work? To say Command agriculture is noble when the first lady is involved but becomes ugly when the VP is involved is, for lack of a better word downright silly and myopic. While there will be varying accounts regarding the success of command Agriculture there is no denying the fact that the country is poised for a bumper harvest. This will mitigate the dire food situation in the country. Command agriculture is a cabinet programme. Cabinet operates on the principle of collective responsibility. This means that Prof Jonso is bound by this programme for good or for worse. If he is so unhappy about command agriculture, a key cabinet programme, why not do the honourable thing and resign . He can then criticise all he wants from the comfort of hisTsholotsho North Constituency.

    1. Muzavazi, you could not have put it better. I also want to vouch for the success of the Command Agriculture Programme i did 65 ha of maize and am expecting a yield of 7 tonnes per ha. I got all the support of the inputs, Fertilisers, fuel, etc except some herbicides which i had to pay for and wages and equipment servicing and hire where necessary. While the system was not 100% i would like to think that this season will be better organized.
      Jonathan Moyo is off tangent now, even the opposition has not condemned the Command Agriculture in the manner that Moyo has taken.
      I for one and many other Farmers that i know (Whites included) will participate in this noble programme for as long as it runs. Farmers and the nation had been reduced to beggers and at the mercy of lenders but when Command kicked in, we are now proud and stand tall amongst our peers in other industries such as Mining, Manufacturing, etc.
      As a nation we will be able to feed ourselves and export the surplus and get the economy kicking. So Jonathan Moyo, what is your real gripe?
      Why is the party and Government watching this Moyo attacking the Command Programme being hammered at every turn for such a noble initiative?

    2. My father was given 25kg of Seedco 637. That’s all

  8. It’s obvious that Moyo is working on behalf of Mugabe himself, for how long & where else would a cabinet minister have the authority to attack a VP day & night without any dire consequences? Mugabe is a wily fox for sure

  9. Manhivi@Tokwe-Mukorsi

    Well said @ P Musavazi !! Viewed in its own right, outside the petty & parochial personal/political differences, Command Agric Programme is a noble intervention worth the support of every right thinking Zimababwean. The honourable Prof appears too consummed by his distaste for the man spearheading the programme that he is ready to throw away the baby with the bathwaters.

  10. all government programs are a disguised way of siphoning government resources by these zanu politicians….. if we are report on who benefited what you will be shocked to discover more that 80% of the benefits are channeled towards less than 20% of all the beneficiaries…..saka zvasiyanei ne nguva ya Smith?

  11. The artificial divisions in ZANU PF are nothing but a ploy to confuse us. They are trying to make us feel the party is weak and there is in-fighting. A big no. For God’s sake. It is a gimmick. If indeed Jonso was opposing anything planned from above they would have silenced him a long time ago.Oppossition parties and the independent press must never buy this. It is a waste of time publicising all this. It is the old Soviet type of intelligence you see.Never buy it. It is too cheap to be considered an event.We all know ZANU PF they would have dealt with him.How could he play around with the VP and it remains silent from the corridors of power? Manyepo ayo. Just think twice hama.Inonzi ZANU iyi.All this is done with the blessings of the CIO and the Army. They know the agenda quite well. So watch out my friends.

  12. I find it absurd as mentioned above for a seasoned and learned cabinet minister to attack the VP who is senior to him like that.As ordinary citizens we know that all government projects have cabinet approval to which the prof appended his signature of consent.Now then attacking like this shows that personal vendettas are at play here.This bungling and mudslinging will only but derail our civic and social gains as a nation.

  13. But whats going on with this Zanu Pf part it appears as if angove manjakenjake no respect for Elderly people how can Junior Minister become so unrespectful to his Senior , handiti Cde Dambudzo Munangagwa is the second in command from His Excellence, The first Secretary, Commander in Chief who said the Command Agriculture is the part’s project which was started by amai Dr Grace.This guy J Moyo, chakaipa chii pateam work . Selfish anoda kunzi ndiye mugoni nyika yose haaa

  14. Zimbabweans are not fools and Mugabe can not fool all the people all the time. All what Prof is doing is through the blessings of Mugabe. Zvakamboita kupi kuti baba vangarege mwana mudiki kutukirira mukoma anoita zvinhu zvomumusha zvinobatsira iyewo mudiki wacho, then baba vonyarara zvavo, ukuwo he says this programe was started nomudzimai wangu, aaaa ko kuti zvakaitwa nemhuri ye zanu pf, why not mentioning that. ZANU PF ngaibate mashoko aya. Mugabe is behind all the nonsense taking place in zanu pf. Most provinces do not have substative leadership. They are led by coopted members. Why are elections not taking place? Mugabe as the leader, what is he thinking about it. How can he lead a party without substative leadership. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? Prof was told to stop discussing party issues in the social media, but he keeps doing it wiothout sensorship. Mnangagwa wacho has never saidd a word, asi Mugabe anorega achitukwa aripo, achizviona. Whether Mugabe hates Mnangagwa or not zanu pf supporters have already spoken, Mnangagwa ndiye wavanoda. Mnangagwa is no nonsense man and this country needs that kind of a person. There is rife corruption in the country and nothing is done about it. Mugabe once saidd Mbeki – former south adfrica president told him about corruption, chii chakaitika hapana. Zvikazonzi masimirebgwa, chii chakaitika, hapana, nhasi uno, Jonso, chii chakaitika, hapana. Mnagagwa ndiye adiwa navanhu. if he managedd to put together a formidable security agency in Africa, chii chingamutadzisa to give orders to ministers to put their houses in order. And, if SEkeramayi akanyengerwa, hameno zvake. Zimbabweans aree watching, and hapana chisangaperi. As per Jonso word, handei tione. Mwari nemidzimu yenyika ino, nevakafira nyika ino varikuzviona kuti ndiyani angayambusa Zimbabwe.

  15. Mugabe c main weakness has bn corruption.Jonso siyai akadaro one day the baboon wll miss the branch.Kuva kana kusava yamai mugabe Command yacho yaiitwa nani,js jeolous.NGWENA is nt Joice

  16. zanu pf strategy.wait and see

  17. Like him or hate him, I think the professor is intelligent

  18. kkkkkkkkkk munoputsw misoro with these s called proffessors. Remember zanu said they have hundreds of strategies of winning the elections. Let wait and see if coalition will work in this scenario. opposition leaders beware of Moto he is undoubtedly working against you for the development of the party. This is the 21st century and technology instead of the electoral reforms will win the elections.

  19. Like the land redistribution, this command thing was based on partisanship, nepotism etc etc so its success can only have been felt but that that small clique like the guys who are herein lauding it. Aluta continua

  20. command ugly-culture — zimbabwe has become an ugly culture under the command of mugabe

  21. Prof Jonso belongs to Lacoste not G40. Ku G40 he needs tje necessary protection. Wait and see.

  22. one thing for sure, whether delivered by ED Mnangagwa or whosoever, mine z well tried guys, results might not be 100%, but I salute you, akapiwa seed akajara zvisinei nezita reakaapa ,had some thing to harvest that little if not more? Ko imi Prof Makaiteyi? What did u bring us home? We last heard of dishing out ama Net One Lines in TSHOLOCHO and you went dead, come on John ,its you who joined Zanu PF,U CAN AS WELL QUIT AS SOON AS YESTERDAY WAS A WAS!!! For a dog can not bite the hand that feeds it, pliz shut up!!! To me ,a job half done ,z better than nothing ,that z the job z almost half finished,at least we can safely count on something. Am only saying kti one caged bird z worth 10 times more than those thousands flying in the sky.

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