Miss Zim-USA reaches out to street kids

BEAUTY queen Thelmar Manyika, who was last month crowned Miss Zimbabwe-USA 2017 said she will soon roll out an ambitious project named Second Chances to ensure street kids and rehabilitated former child brides access education.


Thelmar Manyika
Thelmar Manyika

Manyika said society often ignored the plight of such children and they never get a second shot at life.

“I believe in education and I feel like that’s the way to go. But we are, however, forgetting other groups of people that matter too. I believe that they deserve another shot at life. Life cannot just end when you are still a child. If we want to break the cycle of poverty we have to deal with the root of the problem,” she said.

“I think that we might have had the cure for cancer or Aids if everyone else had an equal opportunity to get educated.”

Manyika said while she was enthralled by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent her country as a beauty queen, she was also passionate about becoming a voice of the voiceless.

“This is not just about waving, smiling and looking pretty. It goes beyond that. I have been given a platform to effect change, real change,” she said.

The beauty said she was confident that she would balance her studies and her duties and responsibilities as Miss Zimbabwe-USA.

Miss Zimbabwe-USA, which was held last month on the sidelines of ZimExpo, saw Manyika being crowned, together First Princess Jawada Hassan and Second Princess Precious Goto.

South African DJ-cum-businessman, DJ Sbu, wowed the cheering crowds with his music at the event.

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  1. u can efect real change by encouraging yo kin and countrymen in the states to come back and vote

    1. The current government is being propped up by people living in the country. Some people are still sympathetic to it. If everyone or if the majority vote otherwise, then this would result in the ushering of a new era..

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