Minister takes Mugabe head on

President R.G.Mugabe

WAR Veterans minister Tshinga Dube has taken the bull by the horns and challenged President Robert Mugabe to urgently anoint or groom his successor to end the factional fights within Zanu PF and prevent possible chaos.


War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube
War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube

Speaking to NewsDay shortly after donating football kits to clubs at Stanley Square in Bulawayo on Saturday, Dube said it was inevitable that at the age of 93, Mugabe would step aside someday, hence, the need for him to groom a successor.

Dube said the war veterans demanding Mugabe to name his successor should not be labelled as “sell outs” because they were concerned at the likelihood of chaos, which could see an “Idi Amin (late former Uganda dictator) or (former Central African Republic leader Jean-Bedel) Bokassa taking over”.

“Sometimes the war veterans are not understood. They are people who sacrificed their lives to have this freedom, which we are very proud of, but sometimes, people do not understand them,” he said.

“For instance, when they said they are now looking at the future leadership, some people think they mean to say they are being disloyal to our President. No, not at all.

“We respect our President. He has done so much for this country. He has brought land to the poor, to the people, who never had land, he has brought education to our nation, but they are talking of the future.

“There is nothing wrong with talking about the succession. Succession is not a crime to talk about. This happens in every country. All what the war veterans are saying is that he must groom the next leaders so that whatever happens to him, or when he retires there is somebody we know.”

Bokassa, labelled as one of Africa’s brutal dictators, was ousted in 1979, having ruled the Central African Republic with an iron fist from 1966.
Amin, also reported as a dictator, was nicknamed the Butcher of Uganda and served as a military ruler of that country from 1971 to 1979, brutally crushing his rivals to remain in power.

Debate over Mugabe’s successor is regarded as taboo in Zanu PF, although some war veterans have broken ranks with tradition and named Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as their preferred candidate.

Dube said Mugabe’s delay in naming a successor was turning away potential investors at a time the country was in dire need of fresh capital to turn around the economy.

“Otherwise, it becomes very difficult for even investors to put their money when they don’t know whether there is going to be another Bokassa or Idi Amin coming in. They want to know who will be the next person (President), so that when they put their money, they know it is safe,” he said.

“War veterans are saying we are very happy with our President. We want him to win the next elections, but eventually, he will decide to retire, when, we don’t know? That is what the war veterans are saying. When they choose some of these people, it’s not because they are tired of our President, they are only misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be the next President.”

His remarks came as some top Zanu PF officials, including Cabinet ministers and First Lady Grace Mugabe, have oddly claimed that the veteran politician will continue ruling Zimbabwe even from his graveyard.

Mugabe, who has already been endorsed as the ruling party’s candidate for next year’s presidential elections, has shown scant interest in naming his successor, a development which has given birth to two distinct factions in his party, both angling to sponsor a candidate to succeed him.

A group of war veterans led by former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has thrown their weight behind Mnangagwa, with the party’s Young Turks seemingly settling for Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo recently claimed that all party members were free to declare their ambitions, warning that this should be done in line within party procedures.


    • He is right but Mugabe cannot say he is grooming his wife to take over, can he? All hell will break loose. For now he wants to give the appearance that Sekeramayi will take over but this is a smokescreen.

  1. You have said it very well Mr Dube. This nonagenarian is now incapacitated to be a leader. Civil servants retire at 65, but this frail, clueless old dictator is vowing to go ahead as the president of Zimbabwe. I think the problem lies with the young wife who wants to take over or has already taken over in her quest to create a monarchy. Let me remind ZANU PF that there is no country which has never experienced a revolution. ZANU PF has played its party and it has proved to be very bad in as far as governance issues are concerned. This is evidenced by pathetic state of our roads, rampant corruption, poor state of hospitals. Mr Dube you are a hero, for realising Malema’s call that you ZANU PF guys you are cowards. Right about this time Mugabe’s services are no longer required, we want people who are young, visionaries like Strive Masiiwa, who can take Zimbabwe to another level. Once again , i salute you for taking that bold step.

  2. i had a problem with people saying the president must appoint a successor. zanupf has a hierarchy and that hierarchy is a succession mechanism. what more do the veterans want.Do they want the president to say jonathan is the next president?. what i understand is that when someone is deputy automatically that person is next in line

  3. i have never seen a country without future planning. this is first time to learn since i was looks like there is no future zimbabwe. meaning no life in zimbabwe after mugabe.guys lets be serious. this is a country not a personal business. where exactly do you (mugabe)want to take us to? enough guys.we want new blood.we have kids.future plans.what do we expect from a 93 yr old?in and out of hospital.

  4. Cde Dube has set the ball rolling to those who cherish good leadership style, to be brave enough to stick by their word and policy .

  5. The likelihood of creating a heavy handed leader is very high considering what Mugabe is doing to the party. Any leader who will come after any eventuality, even if it were myself, would have to work on crushing rebels from the other camp. Be it Munangagwa, obviously people like Jonathan Moyo, Kasukewere and Zhuwao will try to be rebellious and definitely he will crush them. The same applies with any other options like Grace. She will face resistance from people like myself and will aim also to crush us. This definitely will lead to a civil war and the country will be ungovernable. I cannot take any instruction from Grace as a matter of fact because she is very junior regardless of the fact that Oppah Muchinguri gave her a leadership position on a silver platter. She is not mature politically, kungopopota and all men will be castrated by this woman if people allow her to taste power. Ngaambo enjoyer izvozvi but if she does not make amends, life for her will be very difficult after Mugabe. Icho

  6. A good number of voters are tired of Zanu PF, its “leadership” style (if any) and its terrible tactics during the run up to elections. They brought freedom, from where? land from where, whose land? education – yes every govt must educate citizens who in turn pay for it – where’s the magic there?

  7. If you are a Vice President and you don’t aspire to be a President one day you are a useless fool. Thus why many people are supporting VP Mnangagwa ‘Ngwena’ to succeed President Mugabe one day.

  8. The president has to appoint a successor , minister you are right. if we are to have more ministers and mp with this attitude things will be much better. But before he appoints a successor he should tell chihuri and his traffic cops (theives) to leave the motorists alone,

  9. The people of Zim should choose a successor. We are accusing the president of running the country like a personal business yet we want him to appoint a successor? We are contradicting ourselves. The constitution is very clear on what happens in the event that the president leaves through incapacitation, or otherwise. If we respect the constitution there will be no chaos.

  10. Not good enough Cde Tshinga. You should have actually said it without beating about the bush. That its time to retire is no hidden secret. Why you were stammering to say it only Zanu knows.

  11. Nothing wrong with succession planning but cannot see this being done in the Zanu PF context. What Mugabe should have done though is to have VP who can be allowed to dream to be the next leader.

  12. Thank you Minister. You are One of the few people I know who are never driven by self-interest

  13. You are right Tshinga Dube, but you are wrong when you said the incumbent gave land to the povo. He is not the owner of the land and remember, he came from his mother’s womb with nothing and he shall go six feet down with nothing. Remember, we are all mortals and we never brought anything on this planet.
    Remember that, when the nonagenarian kick the bucket, that will be the end of Zanu. I bet my last bond coin.
    We used to see clean cities, clean h20, jobs everywhere etc during the 80s and since a black man can not run a nation, the once beautiful nation is now a messy.

  14. You are right Tshinga Dube, but you are wrong when you said the incumbent gave land to the povo. He is not the owner of the land and remember, he came from his mother’s womb with nothing and he shall go six feet down with nothing. Remember, we are all mortals and we never brought anything on this planet.
    Remember that, when the nonagenarian kick the bucket, that will be the end of Zanu. I bet my last bond coin.
    We used to see clean citites , clean h20, jobs everywhere etc during the 80s and since a black man can not run a nation, the once beautiful nation is now a messy.

  15. well said minister , but grooming one to be future president no, but successor as part leader is good for the part becoz if you talk of grooming someone as future President zvinokonzeresa, what if he decide to groom either grace/chatunga as a Presidential successor nyika inoendepi?

  16. We need more of this debate and those willing should throw in the towel without fear. Tshinga as a military man l respect you for saying out views without fear. Lets have all factions campaign freely not making it taboo to show one’s interest in leadership.

  17. At least ataridza hurume hwake thnk u cde kwete mbwende vana kasukuwere vanongoti let mugabe deliver hz mandate chiii chacho marutsi ega ega

  18. I challenge these War Vets, to look at what is happening ,Independent of this country seem to have been brought by one person in the name of Mugabe. You hear of war vets when there is need of their services, Women and Youth are the better committees being recognized in the part.I have heard both Mps and some people saying,” vaMugabe chete ndivo vakunza Independence”, is it not a mockery to those who died fighting for the freedom of this Country as well as the surviving War Vets?

  19. Well said Cde Chinga. Dr Myles Munroe said ” The Greatest act of LEADERSHIP is what happens in your ABSENT, IF EVERYTHING you have done died with you, you are a Failure. True Leadership is measured by what happens when you dies. He went on to say ”true LEADERS don’t invest in Buildings, Jesus never build any buildings, they invest in people because success without a successor is FAILURE, so your LEGACY should not be in Buildings, Programms and Projects your Legacy must in PEOPLE. So the greatest act of a leader is Mentoring. who are you mentoring to take your place, as TRUE LEADER MAKES THEMSELVES UNNECESSARY.

  20. keep on saying this publicly and you become a man of the people. Hopefully we will not hear an “i was misquouted”

  21. What is this nonsense about the president appointing a successor? Zimbabwe is supposed to be a democratic republic not a monarchy!! Suppose he appoints he appoints his wife or child would that be acceptable?

  22. It seems this man truly participated in the war of Liberation. Ndatenda hangu comrade Tshinga. Never mind being dropped at the next cabinet reshuffle.

  23. kkkkk you people must be blind cant you see that the president knows that the next president will be Morgan Tsvangirayi hence no need to appoint a successor????????

  24. If the War Vets and Tshinga Dube want a successor I would like to inform them that there will be national elections next year and they can select and put forward their candidate to contest for the post of the president of the country. If they do not want a successor for the president of the county but for ZANU PF party the next election for ZANU PF president is due in 2019 so they should select their candidate and campaign for that candidate. Otherwise they should focus on the welfare of war vets and stop misinforming people that it is President Mugabe who choses his successor (whether at party or government level) and not the eligible voters at the relevant level.

  25. Tomorrow this Tshinga will be appealing for forgiveness from Bob,he should have said it straight that Mugabe is old and he shuld retire,as simple as that.Even a grade five pupil knows that Malume is old hence he shuld rest,for the benefit of the country and the nxt generation

  26. Tshinga Dube certainly is going to b fired.This is the same way Mutsvangwa & Jabulani hav met their fates.

  27. vanhu vakataura karekare kuti vanoda mnangagwa, not zvimwe zvirikuitwa. Mnangagwa ndiye and you will see kuti munhu wese anoti tasa, straigjht mbava mumajeri, ma combi drivers doing the right thing and government workers doing what they know best. all this rubbish would be over na Ngwena, ndiko thieves and corrupt dont want him. he went to war to liberate zimbabweans from all walks of evil and he shall.

  28. The problem is the party constitution. The President can not appoint a successor it is the Congress which appoints candidates just like what is happening in SA. but the current system in ZANU is that the people who are supposed to nominate a successor are afraid

  29. President RG Mugabe have alredy said and will always say it and i know for a fact that he means it he never meansed his words that “…the next Zanu PF leader will be chosen by the people at congress like we always do ndiro gwara remusangano.” unless if the people does not want to follow the line drawn by the party then thats when he can choose and groom a successor,so we will wait for the congress in 2019.

  30. Succession ndozvo but iiii not anyone from the present and future ranks of zpf please. And Hurukuro, not from the current opposition ranks. Not even the impetuous, tactless and scandal prone Tsvangirayi. Kwete Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo, Makoni et al. Kwete the coward Nkosana Moyo! Zimbabwe needs a new breed of opposition politics. Not the recklessness and flippance seen in political neophytes like Mawarire and many others whose main aim seems to be the attraction of cheap attention and funding from western regime change mercenaries.

  31. Well done Dube!!! Now its time to teach your own home boy Jonathan Moyo who is ALWAYS harping about successionists as if succession is a crime. And the small boy from Mt Darwin South and side kick Joao. We need people like you Dube. Keep it up and tell RGM to his face next time you meet him at Munhumutapa building there.

  32. Muri kutongwa ne ma bwidi that’s why you will never develop. Next leader should be your own national. Wake up and smell the coffee. How can you fight a war of liberation only to surrender your heritage to strangers?

  33. It is good that ZANU PF as a party names a successor to the old man. But however, from the minister’s statement it seems it is his view that a Mugabe successor in his party is automatically his successor as the head of state and government of this country. Why would investors be concerned with a a successor of a political party? I doubt so unless otherwise

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