MDC-T cries foul over new Zec requirements

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led opposition MDC-T party has cried foul over the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s new requirements for prospective voters to provide proof of residence before their names are captured on the new voters’ roll.


Tsvangirai’s party, in a statement yesterday, said the new conditions were likely to disenfranchise and leave out hundreds of thousands of his supporters who are not property owners.

“A democratic, free and fair election entails that all eligible voters, without exception, are not deliberately and/or unnecessarily disenfranchised through a cumbersome and difficult process of registering as voters,” the MDC-T said.

“As such, Zec should immediately recall the draft statutory instrument that will make it mandatory for all prospective voters to produce proof of residence. It is a fact that the majority of urban dwellers are lodgers and tenants who will not easily have access to proof of residence such as utility bills.”

This came as the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) called on Zec to reinstate special voting ahead of the watershed 2018 general elections to avoid disenfranchising thousands of police officers, soldiers and health professionals who would be stationed outside their wards on the polling dates.

Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau last Friday was quoted as suggesting that police officers and staff from the commission deployed on elections day outside their polling station would not be able to vote owing to changes in the electoral laws.

Makarau, however, said special voting presented her team with a nightmare in logistical challenges and that it was good it was scrapped.

Zesn said this would disenfranchise voters in violation of the Constitution and should, therefore, be annulled.

“Zesn has continually called for the reinstatement of the special vote in order to ensure that no eligible voters are disenfranchised from exercising their right to vote as provided for in Section 67 subsection (3)(a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” Zesn submitted.


  1. why should zec have faith in a document produced by another authority other than the government.The Id should be adequate for this exercise.If the Chief refuses to give me this document it means i cant register.

  2. Makarau is also on record for saying diasporans need to come home and register.How then will this be possible for those who dont own any properties locally.In 1999 i registered without this proof of residence what is different now.I think this requirement is designed to give presiding officers who are party functionaries powers to decide who votes since they will be having discretionary powers to decide what constitutes a genuine prood of residence.

  3. I have severally warned that the opposition should not be lost in the BVR Kits’ row and leave all other avenues of electoral justice open. BVR does automatically translate to a free and fair election. Beware of a compromised electoral commission.

  4. BVR registration will have one’s identities appearing at ONLY one ward. So what’s the fuss about my proof of residents. Spare us please

    1. kana urimutemo, we want something that can be used to all the voters. ko varikumusha vachauya nei? mutemo hausarudzi

  5. kana urimutemo, we want something that can be used to all the voters. ko varikumusha vachauya nei? mutemo hausarudzi

  6. This is not an opposition thing but a national issue concerning justice and fairness. To all intents and purposes purposes as citizens we are all tax payers (directly and indirectly) . When it comes to taxation the taxman never asks for proof of residence. #No taxation without representation. Why have we become less democratic than we experienced in 1980? How many of us would have voted if this proof of residence requirement had been in place? Ko kumusha what form of proof of residence is acceptable?

    NO! Povo yaramba!

  7. ZANU does not care if all civil servants were not going to vote. In 2013 teachers who were engaged as polling officers were deliberately deployed outside their voting zones.They know it is a fact very few civill servants will vote for zanu. So this a small issue but the root of eloctoral fraud. The opposition must unite and make noise about it.Thus nearly half a million votes for the opposition.

  8. Meant to say ‘This is not a small issue”

  9. mudhara manga

    A rule is only fair if it applies to everyone!!!

  10. I can smell a chaotic electoral process in the making. A big chunk of urban dwellers are tenants who have no proof of residence, surely are they going to lose their right to vote because of a piece of paper that shows where they stay? What about those in farms and rural areas? Are we going to see a situation where the Sabhuku and Chief will cow people into towing the line for a preferred political party? That will not be just and fair.But the biggest culprit in my view is our Parliament…what is it doing to sort out this mess? Basa kutaura nezveIsrael and Palestine leaving out important issues like the electoral process.

  11. Dear Rita Makarau

    Nhai Madam hamunzwirewo vanhu tsistsi, just for this time only. Your demands for registration are only meant to disenfranchise the voting population especially in the urban areas. Why have you become so heartless?. This restrictive provision for registration should simply be removed.

  12. Its clear that ZEC support one party and thats Zanu. I think the best is for opposition parties to refuse to participate. ELECTIONS DO NOT WORK IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, NEVER!

  13. If proof of residence is required countrywide then a lot of people will not be able to register.
    It looks like Zanu Pf wants as few people as possible to register. Its ward based and so let everyone with an ID register in their preferred ward.

  14. Nyika yamaichemera…..chikuruku chega chega

  15. An Identity card contains all details of citizens and their nationality. After registration, the thumbprint is enough to expose the same during the election day and no rocket science is needed to ascertain this. Any other stumbling block sounds deliberate , meant to buy time and to keep other major electoral factors at bay. Not even the acquisition of the much publicised kits that Tsvangirai hastily approved to me, sounds genuine. Novertheless, time will tell.

  16. What proof of residence will be required for those in rural areas? This is a deliberate attempt to increase the lifespan of a dying horse (and all its riders).

  17. Haaa zve proof of residence ndezvenyu izvo mbuya Rita Makarau, taneta ne ZANU PF isu nhamo tanzwa and you want to perpetrate Mugabe’s rule further, manje this time hakuna zvakadaro tajamuka, munhu wose ane id chero birthcertificate ngaavhote Mugabe abve muoffice, kana kuri kufa tazvipira manje kufira Zimbabwe iyi tichirwisana neudzvanyiriri hwe dhara Mugabe, handei tione

  18. Kumusha they use tsamba dzekwa counsillor. Mdc must start printing tsamba idzodzo for their electorate in urban areas at the same time making noise about the unfairness. Kurongerana.

  19. Mr Tsvangirai, i think its high time you should sacrifize. If push comes to shove tell the whole nation that enough is enough. Kusiri kufa ndekupi??? You are a politician, Mr Tsvangirai, be man enough and think of plan B—- lives will be lost but its worth it.

  20. ZANU PF showed the whole world in 2008 that they will not leave power via elections. This is all just an expensive waste of time as the winner is already known. We need to find other means to boot them out.

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