King Lion horror crash: 29 identified

TWENTY-NINE of the 43 victims who died on the spot on Wednesday in the Nyamakate bus disaster have been identified and the process of collecting the bodies has started.


The death toll rose to 45 after two other victims of the disaster succumbed to injuries on the way to hospital.
President Robert Mugabe has since declared the accident a state of disaster.

Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital matron Mavis Dube confirmed that 29 of victims had been identified, but professed ignorance on the whereabouts of the two other passengers on the King Lion bus who reportedly died on the way to hospital.

“So far, 29 bodies have been positively identified and the process of collecting them from the mortuary started with the government’s help,” she said. “As for the other two bodies you are asking about, you can talk to the police. We can only account for the bodies we received.”

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who visited Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital to assess the situation, said the victims would be buried with the government’s assistance of $200 for each one.

Some relatives of the deceased said they were failing to find money and other personal possessions of their relatives, many of whom were in the cross-border business.

Locals have called on the government to revoke King Lion’s bus operator’s permit until all their buses have been inspected and declared mechanically fit to avoid further loss of human lives.

The Lusaka-bound King Lion bus veered off the road and rammed into a tree along the Harare-Chirundu Highway on Wednesday night, killing 43 people on the spot, while 24 were injured.

Survivors said the bus, which had 76 passengers on board instead of the maximum of 69, was speeding, adding the driver could have slept on the wheel when the accident happened.

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  1. 200 dolars is too little as a form of help from the state.i hope the bus company will cheap in with more

  2. but the public need to know who is King Lion director. some say king lion is mhunga .is it true?

  3. inoura king lion ….last time also killed more zimbos in zambia …on another incident king lion kill the chronicle chief editor in 2014 along beatrice road

  4. since this was a cross-border bus, i would be interested in knowing how many of the dead were women traders? maybe we can then get the female activist groups to chip in to see that these traders are protect from this exposure.

  5. so sad…may their souls rest in peace

  6. Um sad the king lion ate them

  7. Whilst the loss of life is tragic,we have not heard about cash recovered at the scene since most of the victims were cross border traders and others who were going to clear cars at chirundu border post

    1. ahhh most of them will be stolen….. Imagine, who steals from a dead body!

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