Jah Prayzah charms mourners

HIGHFLYING musician Jah Prayzah was forced to do a short impromptu performance during the funeral of Inter Africa director Leonard Mukumba’s father’s funeral in Chikwena Village, Makoni South, after he was mobbed by suddenly ecstatic mourners on Tuesday.


Jah Prayzah
Jah Prayzah

The musician and his band members who were in the company of Dangamvura/Chikanga legislator Esau Mupfumi had gone to pay their last respects to the deceased, Leonard Mukumba Snr, who died aged 83, but the former ended up as the centre of attraction.

Villagers temporarily shelved proceedings as they gave the award-winning artiste an opportunity to entertain them and he belted out Mdara Vachauya.

The villagers continued to clamour for more until Mukumba intervened to ensure that the burial proceedings could go on smoothly.

The grieving businessman assured the villagers that he would invite Jah Prayzah to perform during the memorial service scheduled to be held after two weeks.

‘’This is a funeral. l know you wanted him to perform, but he is coming next time when we are going to do a memorial service for my father. But thank you for coming to be with us during this sad moment for my family,” he said.

Jah Prayzah and Mupfumi expressed their condolences to the family for its loss.

“I feel sorry for what happened. l know in God we are going to find solace,” the musician said.

Mupfumi said the death was a sad moment: “This is a sad moment for one of our members in the transport sector. We are very sorry for what happened.”

The funeral was also attended by members of the Zimbabwe Transport Organisation led by their chairperson, Samson Nhanhanga, who came in their numbers to commiserate with the grieving family.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene also attended the burial.



  1. Tsve zvekuchema munhu….. Shame!

  2. rico-Kunyadamuchema zvinengei haasikumuka regai vanhu vaimbirwe vari vapenyu #musoja

  3. Kuti achamuka here iwe RICO. Rega vanhu vafare.

  4. mdara achauya,.. parufu…..?

  5. Ndiyo Indiscipline iyoyo Jah Prayzah chii

    1. Saw what you did there.kkkkkkk. Jah Prayzah haasi chinhu….. ndiMdara

  6. Muchaona Mapera

    I attended Prince Tendai’s funeral some years back and Tuku was also there. Some mourners wanted him to sing and he consulted with his manager who was also in attendance and the answer was NO! Professionalism and Respect!

    1. Thats true. Should a musician just sing for the sake of singing? In fact, their songs have different themes eg love ,chimurenga, religoin etc. That alone means that one song is ideal at this particular event whike the other is not…Or you dont need to sing at all. Mdhara vachauya yet we are mourning a father of a family? No!!.

  7. There was nothing wrong with him performing at the funeral. Zvekuti Tuku refused to sing at Prince Tendai’s funeral some years back, has nothing to do with Jah Prayza’s singing at Mukumba’s funeral presently. What was wrong

  8. Who invited Jah Prayzah to the funeral in the first place? Why was he invited to the funeral of the transporter knowing fully well that he is in the entertainment industry? To mourn with mourners or to entertain mourners? These are questions we should be asking ourselves before laying the blame on anyone period.

  9. For sure, regai vanhu vafare. Even at a funeral, people are allowed and can be happy.

  10. Yaa iko kumusha parufu panotoitwa zve jee wani vanasahwira nevaroora vachiteedzera zvaiitwa nemufi. Its in our culture because we will also be celebrating the fond memories and the works of the deceased. Hapana chakaipa apa.

  11. I don’t see anything wrong. Leonard Mukumba’s father was 83. Surely, there was every reason to celebrate his life on this earth.

  12. When a person dies we should mourn for a short period and focus on celebrating his/her life. To be chosen to come to Earth is a cause for celebration. To live life to that age is cause for celebration. That’s why you have Celebration Ministries, New Life Temple, and some churches that emphasize on thanking God for the miracle of Life. Yes life is a miracle. Waking up every day is a miracle.Mourning a loss is inevitable but our loss is a gain for heaven. We shall all eventually return to the creator so why keep mourning? I don’t think a short version of the song by such an Artist is lack of respect considering the pathetic jiti-ngoma rude songs that drunk “mourners” sing the night before burial. Yimba zvako iwe Jah.

  13. Please kana munhu afa haaendi kudenga ba Bhaibheri haridaro.ndatenda

  14. ndosaka tichiridza ngoma nekutamba nekudhakwa parufu whats wrong with that?

  15. But its BAD, we should respect the dead by putting on lugubrious faces and not to laugh. Its only that, foreign culture is now ruling the roost.

  16. Cecil Madziwa

    Jah praiser weZANU PF. It is distressing to note that he behaves like them too

  17. ah we can not respect dead person bcz haachina mugowe panyika, wasara ngawafare, even the pastors wl allowed to make at altacle at a funeral.

  18. Nothing wrong with that hy…

  19. kana pa dhewa vanhu vakafara wani nhy.

  20. Kkkkk Hapana chiro

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