Fierce clashes loom at Mugabe rally

FIERCE intra-party clashes are expected at President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF youth rally in Marondera tomorrow, amid reports that rival factions are plotting to tear each other down in front of their party leader.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

According to reports, party youths affiliated to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste are planning to boo and denounce the ruling party’s political commissar, Savour Kasukuwere — perceived to be a member of the G40 faction.

The Mnangagwa camp is believed to have printed placards to humiliate Kasukuwere and further push for his ouster.

Party sources said those aligned to Kasukuwere were planning to counter the demonstration.

Although Mashonaland East provincial youth chairperson, Kelvin Mutsvairo said he was unaware of the plots and counterplots, party insiders said some youth within the province were already working with the support of others from outside.

“I don’t know of anything like that. We will have to investigate the matter to find out if anyone here is part of plotting such things,” he said.

Zanu PF youth secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga declined to comment, as he referred all questions to party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo.

Moyo said he had no information on the alleged plots, but warned that errant party members would face stern disciplinary action.

“I don’t have such detail to be honest, my brother. But let it be known, anyone who tries to be funny or tries to tarnish the image of the party and of the President, will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

“I am sure the youth league, as hosts, have put up mechanisms to deal with unruly behaviour.”

Insiders said police and other State security agents have been deployed to defuse the potential clash.

“What is happening is that there are people who are determined to embarrass Kasukuwere during the rally,” a source said.

“They are planning to boo him and demonstrate against him in front of the President. They are accusing him of forming parallel structures to oust the President and, hence, they want to embarrass him.”

Others said war veterans, particularly in Mashonaland Central province, have also mobilised their colleagues to co-ordinate the anti-Kasukuwere demonstration.

Those fighting in Kasukuwere’s corner said they would be on the lookout for potential trouble causers, so that they preempt the plot.

“If they want to cause trouble, then we will take them head-on,” another source said.

“The fortunate thing is that we have heard of their plots and, as such, we will be there to avoid spoiling the day.
“The President is coming to meet the youths and launch our voter campaign.

“We have no time to foment further chaos in the party, because if we are not careful, the elections will come when we are still fighting (sic).

“Our plan is to stop them in their tracks if they try to be mischievous.”

Party members fear violence could erupt, as happened in Bulawayo a few weeks ago at a provincial co-ordinating committee meeting.

Several Zanu PF gatherings, have since last year, been marred by violence.

Police in Bindura last month had to fire tear smoke to disperse rowdy Zanu PF supporters during public hearings on what triggered the Kasukuwere ouster campaigns .

Meanwhile, a delegation led by Chipanga yesterday toured Rudhaka Stadium to check on the venue’s readiness ahead of Mugabe’s rally.

The delegation comprised of Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Youth Affairs minister Patrick Zhuwao, Provincial Affairs minister Ambrose Mutinhiri and Mashonaland East provincial chairperson, Bernard Makokove, among others.

“We came here to monitor the situation on the ground such as the pitching of the tents and other things,” Chipanga said.

“As far as the preparations are concerned, we are at 90%, as you can see everything is in place.

“On mobilisation, we have done much and we are just waiting for the day to come. We hope that by the end of day tomorrow (today) all will be in place.”

Mutinhiri said the province had mobilised more than 200 buses and lorries to ferry people from different parts of the province to the rally.

An estimated 100 000 party supporters are expected to attend the rally.


  1. When the end is nigh they fight amongst themselves

    1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Baba Jukwa misled the opposition by lying that ZANU PF was collapsing, just before the 2013 elections. Many in the opposition seem to believe the internal dynamics in ZANUP F are fatal. ZANU PF remains solid, to win in 2018 elections despite manageable dynamics.

  2. kkkkkkkk, signs of the end

  3. Can Khaya Moyo explain how on earth one can “tarnish” the image of a president who has publicly proclaimed that “we have degrees in violence”?…of a party that has rigged elections?…..of a party so intractably mired in violent and abhorrent behaviour whenever its election time? HOW??


  5. Let mindless and cruel thugs kill each others ,we don’t have any problems with that as long as their hands full with blood are off from those who opposes them.


  7. Tarzen Bongozozo

    Allegations and counter allegations about Kasukuwere saga are being dealt with at a very high level of the Party. People should learn to give the Party leadership room to deal with such issues. It is unfortunate that there are some members of the party top leadership who have already taken sides but they are the same people who should deal with the Kasukuwere issue when it is brought to them for arbitration.
    People should not take the ZANU PF constitution into their own hands, by trying to push for the ouster of Kasukuwere through violent means.
    It is a well known democratic and political fact that a minority is subordinate to majority as well as it is also known that 9 Provinces out of ten have already sent a loud and clear message to the top leadership of the ZANU PF Party, that him Kasukuwere is no longer liked by the people to hold the important position of a political Commissar.
    Now that we know the position of the majority of the Provinces, it means its no longer a G40 nor a Team locust affair, but a Party affair and party programs must not suffer because of kasukuwere.
    I think we need to start thinking of an new organised PC of sober habits to steer the Party to 2018. This person can be Cde. Simon Khaya Moyo because he is mature, humble and respectful to all organs and affiliates of the Party. Lets have more names than to west people’s time talking about Kasukuwere. The Party is bigger than an individual .

    1. Yes I second Khaya Moyo

  8. Spot on Tarzen Bongozozo

  9. Isu tinoziva kuti ma posts akaita se national political commissar anopiwa vanhu vakuru vari mature uye vane history mu zanu PF, especially munhu anee ari mu war vet akaita sa Mutsvangwa, kwete kutora pwere yakaita sa Katsutsukuviri, iri kutoita first degree pa UZ, last time ku poster ma photos kuti ndanyora exam rehu undergrad? It only shows how minor, childish and unfit Kasukuvere is to hold that post, zvino party yafa, 9 ma provinces havamudi zvino acha mobiliser vanhu sei, asi nerimwewo divi Kasukuvere tokutenda caz wazourayua ZAnu now kuti bhogo bhogo chaiko

  10. Kurwa kwagara ndekwemadofo. Tauriranai zvipere. Maiti ropa, mweya neshungu dzevanhu vese vamaiponda zvinorova nhai. Chamakadya chopfuka zvino. Muchanyatsokiyana zvenyu

  11. iyoh they are still ppl who go to zanu pf rallies ? these ppl must kill each futsek zanus papets

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