DeMbare get 3 points, Bosso fined

HIGHLANDERS have paid dearly for the unruly behaviour of their fans after their abandoned Castle Lager Premiership match against Dynamos on May 14 at Barbourfields Stadium was expectedly awarded to the Harare giants on a 3-0 scoreline yesterday.


Highlanders  Football Club has been fined by the Premier Soccer League for their supporters’ unruly behaviour
Highlanders Football Club has been fined by the Premier Soccer League for their supporters’ unruly behaviour

In addition, the Bulawayo giants have been fined $4 000, and would also pay the cost for the hearing.

The fine shall be paid by July 31, 2017.

This was revealed by the Premier Soccer League (PSL) yesterday following the meeting of their disciplinary committee, which sat two weeks ago and found Highlanders guilty of causing the abandonment of the match, in contravention of order 31 of the PSL rules and regulations.

“The judgment for the abandoned Premier Soccer League match between Highlanders FC and Dynamos FC has been released. The Premier Soccer League disciplinary committee found Highlanders guilty of causing the abandonment of the match. The match has been awarded to Dynamos FC on a 3-0 scoreline. Further, Highlanders FC were fined $4 000, which fine together with the costs of the hearing shall be paid by July 31, 2017,” the PSL said in a statement.

The development sees Dynamos moving to sixth position on the log standings, level on points with Highlanders, who dropped to eighth due to an inferior goal difference.

Highlanders have, however, said they will be challenging the verdict, with the club’s chief executive officer, Nhlanhla Dube yesterday telling NewsDay Sport that they were ready to approach the Zifa appeals committee to seek redress over what he termed an unfair judgment.

“We have seen the judgment and we think that it is very unfair to the extreme. Our position as a club is that we are definitely going to be launching an appeal with the Zifa appeals committee,” Dube said.

The match ended prematurely after only 40 minutes after Dynamos striker Christian Ntouba had cancelled a Rahman Kutsanzira goal to level the scoreline at 1-1 just five minutes before the break.

Highlanders fans housed at the eastern stand, popularly known as Empankweni, were not amused with second assistant referee, Thomas Kusosa, who they said should have flagged Ntouba’s goal for offside.

They started pelting Kusosa, who had to seek refuge in the centre circle before the crowd went further and invaded the pitch, amidst futile intervention by the police and Highlanders officials.

The match officials then retreated to the dressing rooms after a stoppage that went on for close to 40 minutes before referee Munyaradzi Majoni eventually called off the game.

Highlanders are sitting on another case in which they have been summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee after their fans also allegedly caused the abandonment of a league match against FC Platinum at Mandava Stadium on May 28.

FC Platinum had equalised in optional time through a penalty by goalkeeper Petros Mhari. The Highlanders supporters were unhappy with the decision to award the penalty and started throwing missiles into the pitch in protest, and the police reacted by discharging teargas into the pitch. Matchday referee Brighton Chimene was forced to call off the match with one minute of added-on time left.



  1. psl what a babaric judgement. a judgement aimed at raising dynamos from the deads. you are killing our football. what abt poor officiating ?have you done something? thus u musinga refree ku caf or worldwide. learn to seperate sports from politics Chiyawangwa. repent and be a sportsman.

    1. Barbaric because its a judgement on Highlanders hooliganism?

    2. shaolin kung fu master

      baba makadhakwa

    3. dai vatobvisirwa more points ve highlanders vakuenderera
      Chiyangwa to repent on what zvirikuitwa ne highlanders is it good sportsmanship

  2. Hairendasi supporterts mix sports with racial politics and must be punished to stop that. No wonder their symbol is same as ZAPU and the slogan ‘IBosso lengani’ must be also banned because the force to win by making noise.

  3. Thanks bosso supporters for donating 3 points to de mbare and we hope you do the same in the reverse fixture in Harare. Let them continue with their behaviour and bosso will slip into the relegation zone, thanks to their hoolgans.

  4. In 1993 during the world cup qualifier between Egypt and Zimbabwe there was crowd trouble by the Egyptian fans with some missiles hitting Zimbabwean coach Reinhard Farbich in the head. Fifa disciplinary committee nullified the result and ordered a replay in a neutral venue which then took place in France. NOW, with this one where a mere 40 minutes had just been played maybe we are to hear a better judgement.

    1. Rude Chikabala

      we are enjoying you parading your ignorance and insanity and we wont waste a tiny rat’s arse arguing with you. The judgement remains, points have been awarded to the civilized team, a fine is till required from the hooligan dissidents. Meanwhile we cant wait for the FC Platinum judgment

    2. The Egypt match was not abandoned, unlike the match was abandoned, these two are very different scenarios

    3. shaolin kung fu master

      you guys ought to learn the hard way period.

    4. The game was not abandoned my friend. It actually finished and FIFA took it that Egypt won unfairly, now this one was stopped by Bosso and abandoned. Anywhere in the world the team with the offending supporters is punished by giving the game to the opponents. Bosso fans must stop to be refs full stop.

  5. moeli kelebile

    very nonsensical indeed, how about Kusosa who contributed to this. imbila zantabanye.

  6. Maybe now the boycott is just the thing they want so as to hear the Bosso side of the story. If they are intelligent they will listen to reason. Ayihlome!!!!!

    1. Boycott ???? what boycott.U cause violence and threaten to boycott ?
      Go ahead.

  7. The biggest psychiatric hospital is in Bulawayo, what can you expect, reasoning, you will be doing that with who, let them enjoy the pain of being docked three points though I doubt they will ever learn anything.

  8. dynamos had nothing to do with the verdict,they were victims of why blame them

  9. This PSL is very weak. They should have had a stadium ban instead and let them know that any further repeat in the next two years they will have six points deducted. The league must send a strong signal to prevent this from tarnishing the game.

  10. its not a secret that u cant risk taking your kid to bf to watch a bosso match when they are most likely to loss. What kind of team is that. Remember the bosso vs motor action match. They enjoy holiganism. Three points is not enough, they shud have taken three points from bosso.

  11. Alitshaywe lize libhotshe

    With this biased verdict, sizoliphinda njalo. thank you

    1. Wat verdict did u expect, meaning u are promoting holiganism.

  12. Muongorori paHarare

    To my Bosso siblings in Sport

    For starters, let me clarify that I feel for you guys, and i wish the match could have continued and we could have given you guys a thrashing.

    I am just disappointed that some of you are quick to claim unfair treatment and tribalism. This line of thinking is unfortunate because it goes against the very spirit of sport, so i will just leave it outright. politics, religion, tribalism, racism – all should be neutralised and people united by Sport.

    Anyway, just a quick one….. who is the victim here? you crossed the line when you started throwing things into the pitch. No matter how wrong the Refs may be, there is always a way to protest, now our Vuvuzela blaring brothers from the second capital believe in noise. No!!! U report bad Officiating to ZIFA, then the Committees review the game, circumstances and decisions. Thats the way its done. now U guys are part of the problem, and you go to pelt the same ZIFA that you expect to hear your case.

    You always lose these hearings because you have a long history of violence, and whenever you have a disagreement with anyone, you are usually branded guilty even before the fact are laid out – just like a COMBI driver is wrong and guilty by default, and the Police work on his case starting from very guilty and he has to prove his case.

    try being good supporters and dont use violenece for at least 10 matches and you will see your reputation improving.

    yours in sport

    Dembare Supporter

    1. chana chatete

      I am not a bosso or dembare supporter I just got interested in the verdict…? can someone be punished for history or the verdicts should be given on a case by case scenario…? I m not justifying or supporting violence in soccer, but in this scenario seriously, how many games had violence in Zim but nowhere did i hear a deduction of points or such an exorbitant fine of $4000 and also hearing costs by a PSL crew who know that not many gate takings can rake up such an amount, which is also gobbled up by police, psl, min of sports, kanzuru, etc

  13. highlanders will never win league in Zimbabwe as long as those ZANU Mafias are in control. shona people view Ndebele people as infirior tribe who can’t compete agaisnt them. the sabotaging of highlanders through political and sport is from long back. Dynamos did not start now winning dubiously against highlanders. in some games genuine highlanders score have been denied. Highlanders must simple pull out of that tribalist and corrupt league.

  14. @Dembare supporter, thank you my friend for being mature and impartial to the obvious facts. I hope it will go a long way in characterbuilding especially to some of the people like Rude Chikabala. BOSSOLONA SUPPORTER

    1. You have nailed it, they must just stop causing violence each time they feel they are losing the game.
      Y Highlanders all the time ?

      1. who is the chairman of psl?

      2. it`s so surprising that when its involving Highlanders drums sounds louder than a fire alarm, not long back Dynamos supporters sent police details flying back to Mbare Police Station with dogs leading leading police officers after they had been beaten by Caps Utd

  15. I believe kt Highlanders FC Executive is very weak. Dynamos said “No to Hardly Ndazi” in 2013 and Hardly Ndazi haven’t officiated a Dynamos match since then. Norman Matemera & Thomas Kusosa robbed Bosso on many occasions but you see the same refs officiating Bosso matches. Wake up Bosso executive & get rid of these Dynamos refs. Otherwise you will continue being robbed in the same way

  16. 3-0 there is no such a scoreline pure nonsenns

  17. The people who are lating us down is the Highlanders management. How many times have been the team cheated agaisnt Dynamos. what action have that taken to stop it. This issue of saying referees decision is finally was not meant for uncivilized countries like Zimbabwe but really professional leagues. Just pull off that league and let them play. How can you compete with someone who always consider you inferior than him. Who makes every situation to be conducive in his favour. You score a clear goal he says it’s not a goal. he scores a open and clear offside and he says referees decision is finally follow proper procedures to raise your complains. which procedures where he is also gives the judgement.

  18. Some people forget easily when Dynamos supporters turned Mbare into a war zone burning a zupco bus in the process bcoz Caps had beaten them .and were not happy with the referee decision they was no severe punishment vented on Dynamos . On the other hand for as long we have not so clever people running our football in the country we will always lag behind . Highlanders supporters are not insane and they know football game rules and on the day in question something caused them to behave badly and that is where trouble shooting must start from Docking points is not the answer here but bad officiating and next time human lives will be lost if the so called football officials remain dull and not fixing really problem bad officiating . .

  19. I thought Highlanders had scored one before the abandonment?

  20. Politics is for politicians .I think the hooligans should vent their frustrations thru their political party and stop using Highlanders as their mouthpiece.Everyone has a personal and political message to convey, including those at DYNAMOS .Put simply the stadium is not the right channel.

    1. Don’t act holier than thou, your team was order to play in an empty stadium last year for riotous behavior of its fans. Thanks to ZIFA being run by dynamos supporters, the matter has been swept under the carpet, for a whole year, via an appeal.

      1. For the record, Highlanders was also ordered to play in an empty stadium, and appealed against the decision, like Dynamos. Both appeals are yet to see judgement.

  21. I now eagerly await the Bosso appeal, with or without merit. Dembare where ordered to play in an empty stadium last year following riotous behavior by their fans. After their appeal, the matter has not been heard since. Now I wonder whether the ZIFA appeals committee will deal with Bosso appeal first or the Dembare appeal first? How easy the unethical behavior by our football authorities has put them in a fix. They have tried to sweep the Dembare act of misconduct under the carpet.

    One interesting thing in all this is how most people are silent on the conduct of the police. It seems just like their traffic counterparts, they are at match venues just for the money and not to police the crowd. How do you explain that in all the crowd trouble incidents, remember Caps, Dynamos and Highlanders have all had their fans behaving badly at some point, we have never read of some soccer fans being dragged before a magistrate to answer charges of disorderly conduct. The only charges of disorderly conduct we have seen are those that are politically related. Imagine the impact it would have if a soccer fan were to spend a month behind bars for that, the mentality of hooligans will definitely change.

  22. obert sibanda

    it`s so surprising that when its involving Highlanders drums sounds louder than a fire alarm, not long back Dynamos supporters sent police details flying back to Mbare Police Station with dogs leading leading police officers after they had been beaten by Caps Utd

  23. The fairest thing would be to order a replay bcoz the match was ended in the first half of the game . Awarding a win to Dynamos would be fair if the game ended with few minutes to full time and both teams locked on a draw . As it is now this is display of shallow thinking of those who came out with this type of judgement and it is likely going to worsen things Highlanders must appeal .

  24. Dindilizwe Khumalo


  25. @Obert Sibanda niceone my brother I thought I would have erred by reminding them of that recent history.

  26. gabarinocheka

    Players go into the stadium to play;referees to officiate and fans to watch the proceedings.Very clear division of labour and arrogation of responsibilities.Anybody who strays into another’s territory deserves nothing but the most sever of punishments.Soccer is supposed to be a sport to be enjoyed by all who love it,but regrettably,matches involving Bosso have virtual become war zones.Lt Gen Sibanda should be very envious that his potential recruitment/ catchment area has been invaded by Bosso. Time officialdom flexes its muscles:stadium bans for hooligans;arrests and prosecutions;hefty fines/suspensions for responsible clubs.We are sick and tired of this Bosso nonsense.In fact a Bosso boycott as suggested by one bufoon could be a blessing for Zim soccer.


  28. fighting and footbll are diferent lets play why will meet the law.

  29. jon mudembare

    guys leave our team DYNAMOS alone

  30. KKKK hey pretenders Dynamos fans when my team Caps thrashed you you went bizek and destroyed properties in Mbare .Do not say Bosso fans are violent you are even worse tivhirei apa . Your team is always favoured mhani . It is not very far very soon you are going to cause problems we know you .

  31. Considering the history of events surrounding Dynamos and Highlanders, and the biased officiating both in matches and the board rooms, it would be worth considering for Highlanders not to play against Dynamos at all. That will mean at the beginning of every season Dynamos would start with a six point advantage, which would greatly please the authorities. In cup games, if Highlanders are drown against Dynamos, let Dynamos go through. Highlanders would never be demoted even then and the sick authorities will marvel at their favourite side winning all the championships. We, the Highlanders members, would then mobilise resources for our club in a way thats never been seen in Zimbabwe and every top player would end up playing for Highlanders as it would be the highest paying club. Be bold enough Highlanders and let them have their stupid way.

  32. Charles Hwende

    Highlanders yanga yajaira,hapana rival yavasina kurova,I believe the judgement was long overdue . Imagine Man U, Arsenal ,Real Madrid,Barcelona,Chelsea fans all start to behave like Bosso fans.Defeats and unfair treaetment from refs are part of football

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