Chief Justice appointment Bill causes stir in Parly

ZANU PF yesterday used its majority in the National Assembly to railroad the passage of the controversial Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No 1) Bill, despite spirited attempts by the opposition to stop the process.


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Members of the opposition trashed the Bill to do with appointment of the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and Judge President of the High Court, as well as judges of the Labour Court as soon as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) brought it for Committee Stage where the proposed legislation was scrutinised.

On the short title of the Bill, Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (no. 1) Bill, MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese pleaded with Mnangagwa to respect the opinions of Zimbabweans who vehemently rejected the Bill, saying there is no justification for the National Assembly to be passing the Bill.

Harare West MP Jessie Majome added: “It was clear during the public hearings that the Zimbabwean public do not want the amendments to the Constitution.”

Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa said the short title to the Bill and amendment to the Constitution by Mnangagwa is “usurping the will of the people and suppressing the confidence of people to be governed in a way that aligns itself to the will of the people”.

Chamisa said Mnangagwa must not cause Parliament to violate the Constitution by amending it against the will of the people who spoke eloquently when they were consulted and rejected the amendments. ads Ads

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi who led the public hearings said opposition MPs were raising irrelevant issues, claiming they were lying to the people by claiming that a Constitution must not be amended.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa (independent) said Mnangagwa represented the views of the people.

“I saw Gonese literally going on his knees begging Mnangagwa not to amend the law. We are not in this House to beg, we are here to uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe which has no clause that says you must beg. We do not want to waste time when you do not have the numbers,” Mliswa said.

As arguments on the short title of the Bill ensued Mnangagwa then stood up and bluntly told the opposition MPs that they do not have the numbers to reject his Bill.

“The will of the people in this chamber is represented by the ruling party Zanu PF because it has the majority and MDC-T is a minority, but they also represent the will of that minority,” Mnangagwa said.

The VP said he will not continue to re-state the reasons why it was important to pass the Bill as he had done so last week.

When chairperson of the committee (chairing committee stage) Rueben Marumahoko called for MPs to acclaim if they wanted the short title to be passed the opposition was beaten by virtue of numbers.

Chamisa then demanded a secret ballot so that MPs express their views freely on whether they want to pass the Bill, adding the House might be surprised that some Zanu PF MPs do not support the Bill, but Marumahoko quashed Chamisa’s assertions saying his decision was final.

Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga also warned that history will judge the Eighth Parliament by the laws they passed.

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  1. the state hs 3 arms bt technically the president is the head of both the executive n the judiary since judiciary is one of the three it means Garwe is ryt.After all parliamentary debates leads to the game of numbers if thrz a deadlock.

  2. What was the point in public hearings then

  3. Ask the drunkards in parliament who knew it wl come back fr debate in the house,after all was it a 100 % no in public hearings,i dnt think so ,again which is the same scenario in parly and subsiquently VOTING aaaaaaah manumber aye adzoka.the whole system is confusing to say the least

  4. Silent observer

    But why why why rush to amend the new constitution which is less than 7 years old when there are several hundreds of items that need to be aligned with it? Where is this energy coming from? Any hidden agenda?

  5. Janana wa Bikaz

    Thats how dictators behave,they can squash the will of the people at will by giving themselves absolute powers and their idiotic party representatives masquerading as MPs are nothing but rubber stampers of ruthless laws advanced by their mafia bosses in the hope of prolonging their political carriers and the looting of state resources with impunity,damn the rest of the poor population.In my view Mnangagwa can actually be a worse dictator that than Bob.He is so ruthless and whenever he is cornered and cannot give satisfactory answers he resorts to threats.He has an unsophisticated mind which when it runs out of answers,it employs voilent tactics.

  6. Wezhira wezhara

    Will of the People? Which people? Zanu PF as it stands represents the people because it has the majority in Parliament and in any case sure can we have a situation where subordinates appoint their boss? Munangagwa is a good leader kwete zvenyu zvechi G40. Ko Malaba zvaaka appointwa saka nyaya iripapi zvamaiti Munangagwa arikuda Chiweshe. That is smear campaign just like Kasukuwere is trying to do. Mukuru mukuru hanga haigari bvunde nhaimiweee.

    1. Zanu PF’s majority was through rigging elections, burning people’s huts in the “reserves” and “keeps” and threatening voters with all sorts of evils etc Even a grade 2 drop out knows this. ED can never be a good leader when all the idiots that voice support for him are left to stand on their own. Makadyisweiko?

  7. Nyatsimba Mutota

    ndivana mbwa ava, they dont respect, they dont care about the wishes of the majority. Smith white regime in black. Tichazorora tavaradzika pachikomo vose vanhu ava, tobva tachinja zita rechikomo toti vadzvanyiriri acre.

  8. Nyatsimba Mutota

    hey pple listen to Hugh Masekela song CHANGE

  9. Making cönstitutional ammendments when the current Acts of Law are not yet aligned to the New Constitution! I am shocked. Again Ngwena & Marumahoko do not want a secret ballot for/against this ammendment coz they are afraid of a humiliating defeat.

  10. Kkkkkk….will of the people…which people is Gonese and company talking about when he knows that the party with a majority in Parliament represents the majority? Whats the purpose of a majority in parliament if you cannot use it? Those Zanu pf Mps were elected to represent the people who voted for them and they are the majority. Thats how representative democracy works. Mliswa is right. MDC was long back urged to participate in by elections so as to mantain their numbers but the party thought otherwise…here are the fruits of such a misguided move. If you dont have numbers in parliament you always lose even if you may have a valid point.By the way the argument that its too early to change the Constitution is only moral and has no legal basis in the instant case.Is there any legal bar in the Constitution that says the current amendment cannot be made?.

  11. Morgan Tswangs and his Mdc caused the recall of Biti and his team and never contested the bye elections!!They would still be short on the numbers but the gap would have been much less and things may be different! He Morgan and his Mdc is to Blame for this and other unnecessary amendments which may come up! Thats why he (Morgan) will never become president of this country. He has self destruct button!

  12. Ruvengo nekutandana kwamaiita muchitadza kugadzirisa zvainetsa mumusha menyu sevana vanyamunhu hezvo zvokudzokerai.Dai vana Biti vaya vachiri muparamende vachivhota kurutivi rwenyu zvimwe paigona kuva nemutsauko.Chamakadya chomuka,zvamakatanga kudyanana chingwarirai kupedzana!

  13. Bottom line is Zanu PF is allergic to anything democratic. Jonathan Moyo said it best “They will not legistate themselves out of power” meaning they realize they are unpopular so they will keep bringing legislation tipped heavily in their favor. What’s wrong with public hearing for judges? He expects to the next President and wants to appoint his own stooges.

    1. Sadly G40 also voted in favor of this undemocratic imposition of the will of Lacoste on the people of Zimbabwe. Just wonder if there really is any conflict to talk about in ZANU PF?

  14. its all nonsensical. (Mashaya zvekutaura here? Taurayi nyaya kwadzo). There are important issues like “How best we can reverse the purpose of colonization in order to industrialize , buy back our exported jobs and develop the economy. But we spend time and energy “bickering” mudslinging and throwing stones at each other . Work up people stop being “can:t dos”

  15. during public hearings Zanu Pf supporters even said no to constitutional amendments so whose will are they claiming to represent ?

  16. why amend a new constitution when severals laws havent been aligned to it yet? all this noise should have been about alignment of laws it would have made sense but hey no wonder why the economy is bunjee jumping

  17. In this case it means they can alter any party of the constitution as they please since they have the majority in parly. I ask what then was the purpose of using funds, that could have been used for other development projects, in financing public hearings that will never be considered. The people who voted for those in parliament have their opinions that are independent from the choices they made during the elections. its not that if we vote people into parliament we have totally declared that whatever decision they make in parliament we are represented and in agreement. What if we vote for 100 mps today and tomorrow they scrap off human rights laws, does it mean in so doing they are just and representing us who voted for them?

  18. ZANU matoto finish & klaar!!!

  19. Ndikunzwei muchiti kune G40. Its just a mind game, where were they when a bill suppressing the will of the people is being pushed through by king Lacoste?

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