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Calls for Chinx’s hero status grow louder


FOUNDER and chairperson of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima), Joseph Nyadzayo said the late revolutionary musician Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira has left a big void in the music industry that the youngsters should fill instantly.


The late Cde Chinx Chingaira
The late Cde Chinx Chingaira

The Vanhu Vose VemuAfrica hitmaker died at a private hospital in Harare on Friday after a long battle with cancer.
He was 61 and is survived by two wives Patricia and Ntombizodwa — and 10 children.

Speaking to NewsDay at Chinx’s funeral wake in Sentosa, Mabelreign, in the capital where mourners are gathered, Nyadzayo said Chinx has left a proud record of patriotism for his country.

“The day has come which is unfortunate that our dear comrade has passed on, but on looking back I think we are parting with him in a kind of pleasant remembrance. We feel we are parting with him well. We recognised that he has simply delivered, as a human being, being patriotic, I think he has delivered well to his country and to us his countrymen,” Nyadzayo said.

“In the music industry, I feel there is a void which the youngsters should rush to fill. He (Chinx) has left such a big void that I hope several of our youngsters will fill. We definitely need conscious artistes in the mould of Cde Chinx, the youngsters should surely rush and fill the void. If we don’t have it filled, music will become just hedonistic for the pleasure of it and I don’t think we can waste such a powerful tool.”

Nyadzayo said music also played a crucial role towards the attainment of the country’s independence.

“If we look at pre-independent contribution, post-independence and the length of the period, to ask for more, I think will be ungrateful on our part. This is a comrade who has done us proud and we are here to celebrate his achievements which are so unique and I doubt if ever there is going to be anybody who will surpass him. He was there at the right time, we are not going to have a second liberation struggle and his 37 years contribution is a great achievement,” he said.

“Talking to some of the combatants, they will tell you that without songs I am sure most could have lost their minds, they didn’t know when liberation was coming, and they could not find food and clothes so they would sing imagining a Zimbabwe that was not yet with them.”

Nyadzayo said he was happy that Chinx had managed to stay in the new house he donated to him when he won the Chairman’s Award for his immense contribution to the liberation struggle.

“When the rumours of his death broke out some months back I thought God had laughed at me, but God took over and everything went perfectly. I feel I was favoured by God, when I finished the house and when we were going to have the handover ceremony I remember I called upon all Zimbabweans to pray that he be discharged so that I would at least walk through the gate with him,” he said.

“To my surprise he was discharged, not out of our probing, but simply discharged by the doctors and as a result the handover happened and he attended the event. Further to that he lived one and half months in the house, what more can I ask.”

Voices across the spectrum continue to sing for Chinx to be declared a national hero.

The Zanu PF Harare province is also reported to have taken the lead in recommending that Chinx be declared a national hero.

Thomas Mapfumo’s publicist, Blessing Vava, said the music fraternity has lost a giant, true patriot and a revolutionary musician whose music inspired the black majority.

“On behalf of Dr Thomas Mapfumo and Chimurenga Music Company we send our heartfelt condolences to the Chingaira family and the entire nation on the sad loss of Cde Chinx. We salute and honour the selfless sacrifice he made during the war of liberation, using his music to inspire the guerrilla fighters in Mozambique,” he said.

“His was not the gun, but his powerful lyrics oiled the struggle and motivation. We do hope that he will get the honour he deserves as a true national hero of our time. May his soul rest in peace.”

African Roots music exponent and sculptor Bryn Taurai Mteki, popularly known as Sekuru Tau on the showbiz circuit, said Cde Chinx should be buried at the national shrine for his contribution to the arts industry.

“We should at least now show the world that the National Heroes’ Acre is not for politicians, but heroes from across the body. Let’s celebrate the life of our heroes, Cde Chinx is not forgettable, is a true music hero, all the music we sing today came from their generation,” he said.

Afro-jazz sensation, Edith WeUtonga Katiji, said Cde Chinx’s music inspired many musicians and she feels he deserves a national hero status.

“Cde Chinx is a perfect example of the importance of music to a society or nation. It is my wish that one day musicians in Zimbabwe will be granted what is due to them. The struggle continues, may his soul rest in peace.”

Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah) chairperson, Takemore Mazuruse, said Cde Chinx’s passing on is a big loss to the arts fraternity and the nation at large.

“Cde Chinx’s place in the local arts sector is sacrosanct and his contribution to nation building legendary. His music will however continue to inspire generations to come and as Zibah we encourage Zimbabweans to work hard for such rich legacies,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya-Moyo, yesterday said the ruling party was yet to receive a formal request on Chinx’s heroes’ status.

“The issue of hero’s status is communicated through the secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo,” he said.
Contacted for comment, Chombo said he was yet to receive the request.

“I am out of Harare at the moment, I have not yet seen the request, I am going to Harare today (yesterday) and will see from there,” he said.

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  1. Give me flowers while I am still alive. Why bring them when I am no more and shower praises on me when I have already lost feelings?

  2. l salute comrade chinx in everything he did for this country, during and after chimurenga war. I don’t think it’s only me who admire this man with his work. This man is a HERO in big letters. If people like him are not considered hero status, then we need someone to define the word once again.

  3. Tribute indeed to our national hero Cde Chinx Chingaira! Mr Ignatius Chombo do not insult our intelligence with your rubbish please! Unoda request yei iwe hauzive here kuti Cde igamba and a national hero for that matter???? Just listen to your little self again! “I am out of Harare at the moment, I have not yet seen the request, I am going to Harare today (yesterday) and will see from there,”

  4. The people’s hero ; young and old. Your music will live on for many yrs to come. You fought a brave battle. Go well Cde Chinxs. May your dearest soul rest in peace.

  5. Pane vakawanda wakaendeswa paHeroes ACRE who don’t deserve to bne there.Cde Chinx must be threre.

  6. A true zimbabwe hero Chinx is one of them. Music has a lot in a human life. David expressed all through a music

  7. Go well our hero. You were indeed a living national hero and now you are a departed hero. We will always remember you Comrade. We will continue to cherish your good deeds. RIP Our national Hero.

  8. Iyo iyo hondo yakura ndodiniko, haaa Cde Chinx ngavapiwe heroes status, may his sole rest in peace, i still remember watching vanhu vose vemuno mu africa naamai vanhu pa black and white television, the video had some nice ict skills as well, imitating cde Chinx dancing on the african map, RIP Cde, we salute you

  9. I suppose Chimbetu also deserved a similar status though he was declared a provincial hero. He played a vital role in the war times. i guess the goblin will be lobbied in a smooth fashion so as to declare Chinx a hero. i want if he ever identified himself in the ZANU structures post independence to ‘deserve ‘ the honour

  10. If Border Gezi was given hero status why not Chinx we have seen him on TV when he was in Mozambique there is no doubt about him.

  11. Cde.chinx true national hero.nobody can take that away from him.rest in peace our gamba remagamba.

  12. Why was Solomon Skuza not made a national hero despite that he sang for comrades in the camps in exile so they would not feel home sick .? When he came back home he created his own music genre which grew big and has since become a Zimbabwean flagship Chinx supported evil by his hondo yeminda songs which so many pple loss their lives in farms .

  13. What I don’t understand is how Chinx and Hunzvi can be national heroes ahead of Rev Ndabaningi Sithole or James Chikerema

  14. ndiniwo samanyika ini ndabviro rwadziwa hangu kungoti rufu mutongo wamwari hapana hapo chekuita ndinoti ngazorore murugare

  15. May cde Chinx Chingaira’s soul rest in eternal peace. to the Chingaira family, i say accept my heartfelt sympathy for our loss. may all get the strength to cope with the bereavement. i pray for his soul to rest in peace.

  16. He Deserves a National Heroes status we all bear witness of his loyalty to the country during war and till his death. I used to share with him a joke whenever we spoke on watts app Rodger he would respond Positive

  17. Rest in peace. Zambia also mourns with the nation of Zimbabwe. For the loss of a friend and a father. Cde chinx. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE

  18. rest in peace Cde its not about were he is buried that matter what he did to us is beyond our gratification but GOD’s.Kudenga kuna Mwari.

  19. What a loss for the nation of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean Music. A true hero of Zimbabwe, son of the soil. I don’t think we need to debate on his status as a hero, that is a given. Rest in peace Cde Chinx, you served your country well. You shall never be forgotten.

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