Anti-corruption stance costs Hlalo MDC-T top post

FORMER MDC-T Senator Matson Hlalo claims that he was fired from the opposition party because of his tough stance against corruption.


Matson Hlalo
Matson Hlalo

Hlalo, who has joined the Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party, as a national executive member told Southern Eye at the weekend that the MDC-T was not comfortable with his anti-corruption drive, hence, the decision to fire him.

“My dismissal from MDC-T was to usher in corruption in Bulawayo because we were not going to allow corruption to be filtered in, having had vast experience in running the affairs of the city for 14 years, then it now became a council where anybody could be a councillor,” he said.

“When we joined the council, you would not be allowed to be a councillor without any property. You had to have property for you to be a councillor. But the crop we got in 2013, ushered in youths some of them still living in their parents’ houses. They are now councillors, so corruption was inevitable to creep in and that is what I find difficult that they will continue to have such people to represent the people and people will not allow such people to lead them.”

Hlalo was fired from the MDC-T in February last year after he approached the High Court contesting the appointment of Gift Banda as the party’s Bulawayo provincial chairperson.

He said the MDC-T’s support base was shrinking, as the electorate was angry over the high levels of corruption among its officials.

“I am sure there is a lot, remember in 2000 the voting numbers were high, but now the numbers have faltered because people are not fools, if they see that people who come to ask for their support are not worth their vote they will not vote for them,” Hlalo said.

“We now want to go back to the people and tell them that it is now going to be a different ball game in which we call upon all to join us. I refused to continue being a Senator through challenging corruption and patronage in Bulawayo. So people know that when I come to represent them I mean service to them I am not after getting money.”

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  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    True,during your time as a councillor corruption in the City of Kings was a taboo. Zanu pf tried to find fault with the local authority and suspend it but find non of that sort and failed.

  2. politics of the brave dictates that those with the nerve to face political thuggery qualify for any post …i witnessed it in some small town where i reside…the normal is what Hlalo demands and we are far from it…unfortunately so!

  3. I do not agree with Matson when he says one has to own a property to be a councillor. NO!! He did well as councillor for his area and has my support and those of mzilikazi and surrounds.

  4. you dont know how to play politics boy

  5. Wezhira wezhara

    Waenda mugomba iwe Hlalo. Biti is failing to come out of that pit but definitely come 2018, you will be his stepping stone out that pit as he will be rushing to join Tsvangirayi

  6. that’s not the way of buying our minds MR Sir. that.s what all politicians say when they want u to vote for them. if u are clever enough, find other strategies.

  7. Is Hlalo trying to say youthful persons should not hold councilor posts in Zimbabwe? in Bulawayo? and who says so? How did the persons become councilors if they were not voted in by the electorate. I think you are the one who is corrupt Hlalo, check your notes.

  8. Mr Sir, (Hlalo) you are now bringing all these becoz you were fired. Also the issue of seeing young generation as failures and corrupt might be a misconception , corruption count no age, the only think we should do is have a mixture of all age so as to share ideas than to depend on the old age syndrome

  9. Our opposition is one delaying our freedom because they are always at each other’s throats and this is all about eating not fixing anything.It is only in Zimbabwe that you see oposition fighting opposition whilst the ruling party is messing up the country.

  10. This guy is as thick as the come. He says MDC-T support base was shrinking, and l’m sure he aslo mean that PDP support base was swelling? The reason why he joined PDP…….

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