AMHVoices: Letter to my slain daddy

The late Morgan Chishamba

Dear Dad

I am Raymond Chishamba, son of Morgan Chishamba, who was murdered during the 2008 presidential election re-run.

June 19 marked nine years after he was murdered and I have written the letter below in memory of my father. He may never read it, but still I have addressed it to him.

Daddy, it’s Raymond. I was looking for your address, but couldn’t find it. I have heard that you are in a beautiful place. If that is the case, I know most probably you might fail to recognise me for I have grown taller and I even spot a beard now.

It’s so unfortunate that you left or you were forced to leave without seeing me grow this far.

A lot has happened from the day you left, daddy. It’s been nine years now, some good, some bad, but on the good I have been making you proud. I continued in the path of school that you said I should continue in and I have been successful.

I’m graduating this year. I am now an engineer, daddy. I know you wanted me to be a doctor, but things change in life, daddy, here I am.

I did something more important, daddy, I gave my life to Christ and this has changed my life completely.

My view of the world has totally changed. I have discovered that the world is so ruthless, daddy, it’s full of people who have no compassion for widows, orphans, the fatherless, the sick and the suffering.

I believe you are in a better place now. I hope you found peace there. I hope all the wounds and damages they did to your physical body were healed in the glorified body. I hope you are happy.

I believe the people who took your life did not know the hole that they created in our lives – your family – that will never be covered.
It took me years to understand that I would not hear the sound of your hooting at the gate coming back home.

It’s painful that I kept on dreaming about you, but waking up to only see your face hanging on a picture frame on the wall.

Daddy, you were not sick or having any form of physical weakness, but in one night they killed you as if they were slaughtering an animal. What crime had you committed? Tears can’t stop coming out of my eyes.

Did they know that you were a father, a grandfather, a husband, an uncle, a brother, a Zimbabwean citizen with the right to live?

Did they know that they were killing a breadwinner?

Did they know that when you called saying Ndakusvika

kuMbudzi (I am nearly at the Mbudzi roundabout) someone was waiting for you at home, and she had already prepared your supper.

Did they listen to you cry Asi murikuda kundiurairei? (Why do you want to kill me?)

If you had committed a crime, why didn’t they take you through the justice delivery processes?

Murderers and criminals hiding behind mob justice! But it’s okay, daddy, we celebrate your life!

You are brave.

You are a fighter.

You are a hero.

You are a superstar.

Above all, you are a father.

I love you so much and this is the faith that I hold unto: One day I will see you and how great and awesome it shall be to meet you in Glory.

And one day unknown to anyone justice shall take its course. For a seed falls to the ground to die and come back to life!

Your Son,

Raymond Chishamba


  1. Keep your faith up, one day all crime done in the name of politics will tried. My words wont bring him back, neither any retribution. I am simply a Zimbabwean in solidarity with a fellow country man. hope your family will find closure and the culprits brought to book to answer for their misdeeds.

  2. They is time for everything, Gods time is the best, ZVICHAPERA ZVESE IZVI. One day is one day, watch the space

  3. A thousand years is like one day and one day is like a thousand years to the ALMIGHTY GOD. My heart bleeds for those who are spiritually impoverished because when they are killing and spilling innocent blood in the name of a mortal and miserable leader, they are only killing themselves. The spiritually illuminated know this as a fact of life that karma is real and sooner rather than latter, they will be reaping just rewards. Our God is ever watching and no sin goes unpunished. So to the young man who wrote this letter, i am glad that you have received Christ in your life and pray that you let go of the pain. Everything happens for a reason and terrible things such as the murder of your dad is serving a greater purpose both for you and the perpetrators in ways that you will never comprehend. I write this as someone who also lost his dad during the final year of the liberation struggle in the late 70’s due to sellouts who envied my dads prominence in business and support for our guerillas. He was murdered in cold blood and that was it a life just snuffed by mortals who do not know the origins of life. Time has all our answers and i can guarantee you that.

  4. So painfull. But remember kuti hapana anogara panyika tose tichafa and vachaona mutongo wacho kudenga

  5. These are the tales of Zanu Pf brutality, murders just for the sake of power. After they kill the bread winner they go to their homes leaving the widows and ophans to live on their own.

  6. many many people are suffering like this young man.why the father was killed its the very thing many sons and daughters died for. right to choose and vote a party of your choice, if we all knew zimbabwe will be a better place to live.

  7. What a touching eulogy for your dad Raymond! Am really touched. Nevertheless be comforted knowing that the foundations of God’s throne are justice and peace. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword, no doubt about that! Much mercy, grace and peace be unto you Raymond.

  8. Am touched by your story brother, they do this all in the name of politics because their pleasure is on this earth and not in heaven. They are corrupt people who think of themselves when are in higher positions while the majority is suffering. Since l started to work l have never enjoyed life and you will agree with me that since you graduated things are not working out.However we have to be happy because our Heavenly father loves us all and let us vote them out.

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