Activist Linda Masarira in bar brawl, arrested

Linda Masarira

PROMINENT human rights activist Linda Masarira and two others have been arrested on allegations of assaulting a fellow imbiber with an empty beer bottle over an unknown misunderstanding.


Linda Masarira
Linda Masarira

Masarira (35) was charged together with Makomborero Haruzivishe (25) and Desmond Sharukai (28) and were granted $50 bail each when they appeared before provincial magistrate Eric Kadye yesterday.

The complainant in the matter is Austin Chihota.

It is the State case that on June 7 at a bar, Chihota had a misunderstanding with Masarira over an unknown issue who then threatened to assault him.

The State alleges Haruzivishe and Sharukai intervened and started assaulting Chihota with open hands and fists while also kicking him. Masarira then allegedly picked an empty beer bottle and hit Chihota on the head.

Chihota allegedly tried to run away, but the trio followed him into the bar corridor. It is alleged Chihota was saved by the bar manager, Owen Nleya, who shielded him before locking him into his office.

The State alleges Chihota sustained a cut on the head due to the assault.

Sharukai is also facing a separate assault charge after he allegedly pointed a pellet gun at Nleya in a bid to force him to release Chihota.

It is alleged Sharukai took the pellet gun from a cardboard box which was being held by Masarira and pointed it at Nleya’s forehead at the same time threatening to shoot him.

The State alleges Nleya phoned the police, who then arrived and arrested the trio.

Lovemore Siyamunda appeared for the State.


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