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Zim man stabbed to death in Cape Town


A ZIMBABWEAN man, Solomon Nkomo, was stabbed to death in Cape Town, South Africa.


Nkomo was walking to a friend’s house last Saturday when he was attacked in a suspected case of robbery.

“He had just left a friend and was going to make arrangements to stand in for someone at his work when he met his death,” Harrison Nkomo, a family spokesperson and uncle of the deceased told Southern Eye.

The workmate whom Nkomo was going to visit was speaking to the deceased on his mobile phone, saying he was two minutes away.

But two minutes turned to be days and when the workmate checked for him at his house, he found the late Nkomo had not even returned to his home.

“It is when police help was sought for that Nkomo was later found as an identified body in a police mortuary,” Harrison Nkomo said.

His body had deep stab wounds but his phone and other personal items were missing.

The late Nkomo is one of the millions of Zimbabwean youths, who left the economically run down country to look for employment in South Africa.

Many others are dotted around the world and as far afield as Canada, Australia and New Zealand to find employment.

“It is sad that many youths like him have met their deaths in such sad ways after trying to live honestly, the government’s mismanagement is responsible for this,” a man who heard about the death, said.

Several other Zimbabweans have died trying to cross the Limpopo or fallen victim to violent crime in the foreign country.

Harrison Nkomo said the late Solomon’s body will leave Cape Town today and funeral dates will be announced later.

Nkomo will be buried at Farm number 1 Mungezi Purchase Area in Bikita.

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