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AMHVoices: Your vote counts, just like Chiwenga’s


As an organisation, Corruptionforce has been quiet this year as we sit in the background and watch the developments happening in 2017 in Zimbabwe. Our networks, which are now global and feed us information on a daily basis, confirm that Zanu PF has failed big time.


Of specific interest to Corruptionforce are the utterances of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga. The general is clearly a confused man who must study the new Zimbabwe Constitution properly and, more importantly, understand it.

He must not forget that he was just one small cog in the revolutionary wheel. How many Zimbabweans gave shelter and sacrificed their lives and gave food to those who did the fighting? Every family, whether in Matabeleland, Mashonaland or Midlands etc, who assisted those who did the fighting has just as much say as Chiwenga. They played their part and now, through the Constitution, have the same vote as Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, President Robert Mugabe and Chiwenga.

It would be interesting to discover if you compared the action that Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa saw and the action that Chiwenga saw during the Chimurenga. We would see who is who in the zoo then.

But let us not focus too much on the past as doing so would just expose the massive failure of Zanu PF. Zanu PF, through its successive politburos, has delivered Zimbabwe into the situation we find ourselves today. They, through the party mechanisms, have nominated Mugabe at every election stage through the last 37 years. Where has this got us? Zimbabwe is now the poorest country in Africa. What kind of achievement is this?

However, let us be less critical and point out the one success that Mugabe can take to his grave. Among his many failings such as corruption, lies, deceit, brutality and conspiracy to murder, he has one success. That success has been in education and that in itself is worth noting. As a teacher in his early days, Mugabe has educated Zimbabweans, so much that we can boast that we have the best quality of human capital in Southern Africa.

But what use is this education if your leaders and ministers are corrupt, brutal, unethical and lack integrity? It is these same people who have seriously mortgaged our future and left younger generations to work and pay back the debts that the Zanu PF hierarchy has left us.

My friends, we need to fully understand the Trafigura deal that has recently been announced. At what interest rate has Zimbabwe had to borrow the money? How much more debt is Zanu PF going to get us into? This deal was about buying time, not resolving problems.

Do you think Mugabe’s children is going to have to work to pay back the debt that their father has got us into? Are they going to have to work on the fields, go down into mines, catch minibuses every day? Think about it and think about it when you vote at the next elections.
Your vote is the same as Mugabe, Mnangagwa or Chiwenga’s.

When the time comes and you go to vote, think about the mess that Zanu PF has got us into. Think about the debts that your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to work for to pay back. Think about how Mugabe has managed to accumulate all his wealth on a government salary. Think about the looting and corruption and the failure to pay your wages and pension funds so that the chosen few can live it up and enjoy.

When you have thought about all these things, then when you cast your vote at the next election you would have voted wisely.

Corruptionforce supports zero corruption, the rule of law and the implementation of the new Zimbabwe Constitution.

Remember the one-man-one-farm policy? We fully understand those who would want to hunt down the stolen monies from Zimbabwe and the people involved. Just like the Jews hunted down the Nazis, Zimbabweans can hunt down corrupt and murderous Zanu PF cronies.

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