Tsvangirai swats Mujuru jibe

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday chose to ignore statements by National People’s Party (NPP) leaders, who blasted his leadership style ahead of their coalition negotiations, expressing optimism the electoral pact will be successful.


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

While addressing party supporters in Gutu on Thursday, NPP leaders, including its president, Joice Mujuru, vice-president Samuel Sipepa Nkomo and chairman Dzikamai Mavhaire described Tsvangirai as a failure.

They disputed claims by Tsvangirai’s supporters that he alone should lead the coalition. Asked to comment on the negative perception that Mujuru and crew have of the MDC-T leader, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said they remain committed to the deal, avoiding responding directly to the disparaging remarks.

“We remain amenable to working with other parties. The national council adopted principles and fundamentals of embracing the idea of working with others,” he said.

Tamborinyoka said further to his party’s resolution, Tsvangirai consulted people and was directed to engage other parties for a possible coalition.

“We don’t want to be drawn into discussing what is happening in other parties. We have an MoU (memorandum of understanding) and to the best of our knowledge it stands,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu weighed in, describing themselves as mature politicians.

“We are mature politicians. We are determined to reconstruct and rebuild Zimbabwe,” he said.

“What will we gain from exchanging public brickbats with fellow opposition politicians? We don’t want to lose focus.

“We know our trajectory and we are not going to be distracted by purposeless and mistimed insults and jibes.”

Gutu said coalition negotiations were not for rallies, where grandstanding might be the order of the day.

“Negotiations are not carried out in pubic or at rallies. The MDC remains focused and very clear on the issue of coalitions,” he said.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai is personally seized with this matter, we remain committed and confident that there will be a strong coalition to face Zanu PF in next year’s elections. Speeches at political rallies can be very excitable and emotionally charged but you shouldn’t read too much into public grandstanding and posturing.”

Tsvangirai signed memoranda of understanding with Mujuru and Welshman Ncube of MDC to pave way for formal negotiations towards setting up a coalition.

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  1. Unfortunately everyone wañts to be president! The ZANU way of leadership is so infectious that people won’t see a different style of leadership. Copy cats.

  2. Mwana Wamambo

    mature indeed

  3. Janana wa Bikaz

    I have always said it that. MDC T should just go it alone without the involvement of this so called coalition.The only thing that MDC T wanted is nothing more than electoral reforms.Period!Zanu pf stoogies will never change.They just want to be close to you so that they distract you by any means possible.The coalition thing is just a smokescreen.They want to destroy the opposition from close range.

  4. Tsvangirai does not need the smaller parties. They need him and are using him. His MDC should go it alone.

  5. I think these Mujuru people are agents of Mugabe, they want to distract the MDC from important things and focus on silly things. Imagine that they broke up with the people first and they now calling Tsvangirai names, believe me this Mujuru woman is not a good leader. I advise the MDC to dumb them and instead call back Welshman, Biti and Mangoma and be the strong MDC we all knew.
    What is so special about those ZANU PF Agents. Mujuru has no focus.

  6. people like Samuel sipepa nkomo knows that they do not have places in the envisaged coalition and are bound to scuttle it. Mujuru on the other hand being bereft of ideas will, like goats in the George Orwell’s animal farm, bleat songs composed by nkomo and mavhaire

  7. we can go alone we dont need this clueless mujuru and her cabal, we have won elections before on our own and we can do it again today on our own, MUJURU GO HANG

  8. NPP is not a political party but a group of ZANU-PF sympathisers masquerading as opposition party. MDC-T should just go it alone and not even waste its time time on NPP,

  9. Tawanda Shumba

    Tsvangi does not learn its clear as the day that he will have problem with this so called coalition. I start to doubt his abilities. He does not need these people, if they were to win they will dislodge before forming a Government, These Mujurus, Ncubes etc don’t have supporters they should join MDC if they want to be accommodated.

  10. Chinua Achulu

    First and foremost Tsvangirai did win the elections before he was cheated by the same party that Mujuru was part of so who needs who here. if they have a problem they should go it alone and see or measure their strength. in any case did Tsvangirai and the executive do an investigation into the authenticity of the Mujuru party as far as I am concerned these people are still zanupf and we should not trust them

  11. It is a documented fact that politics is a game of numbers and every vote counts but NPP cadres must for once spare us their shenanigans. Coming from a party with constricted democratic space, they have to learn to cope with the dynamics of opposition politics, lest they pack. We cannot allow them to hold visionary parties to ransom over nonenties. This time round the opposition is determined to do the common things uncommonly well. Coalition, if any, will be a preserve for the willing, selfless and no strings attached partners. Since their disgraced dismissal from Zanu PF and recent fallout with their Zim PF archrivals, NPP cadres have been hovering in the political wilderness seeking where to land. The opposition should no longer marktime on the coalition issue whereas electoral reforms remain an elephant in the room. Mujuru’s novices should either shape up or ship out. Its no longer business as usual; forward ever, backward never.

  12. No wonder why these guys split from Zim PF they want positions i wonder why tsvangirai want to join hands with this cabnal of stupid pple thts why im advising my friends tht lets go for Nkosana Moyo ……./….. Independent candidate Viva Nkosana Viva Moyooooooooooooooooo i respect this man

  13. if they are adressing pple digging a fellow coalition leader then it defies the logic of working with them mujuru neteam yake havaite

  14. MDC-T does not really need this coalition. It only needs a strategy to penetrate the rural areas so that all those who want to vote for it do so freely and unfettered without fear of reprisals. It is becoming more difficult to tell those genuinely opposed to Zanu PF as disillusionment takes its toll on some of these so-called opposition parties. One would think the focus would be to work and strengthen gains already made rather than personal glory at rallies. In my opinion, the original MDC guys seem to be the only sincere ones here, the rest are suspect (as their actions reveal).

    Like one contributor pointed out, some of these parties are made up of very cruel individuals looking for a soft landing on the back of people whose suffering they have authored and nurtured for close to 4 decades. How many supporters do they actually have? What is their vision for the urban & rural voters? What have they done on the ground to validate their sincerity in opposition politics? Most likely zero.

    Those people who have consistently voted for the MDCs since 2000 know exactly what they want. It is to rid the country of the destructive Zanu PF mentality still lurking around even in some of these pseudo opposition parties. For the record, MDC’s background is labour politics, supported by human rights organisations and VOLUNTARY participation. Like it or not, in an unfettered, free, fair election Morgan Tsvangirai will trounce Robert Mugabe hands-down. He has done it before. This is fact. Many pretenders don’t want this inconvenient fact.

  15. A good comment. Its not time to utter words that destroy unit. Zimbabwe needs collective unity that sends Mugabe to a resting place then anything else later.
    Mujuru must be aware of people who come to destroy her party. She is well organised and can work with others. Now they are people who want her to be isoleted for Mugabe to win.
    Down with those who want to see Zimbabweans suffering

  16. tangi

    we are sick and tired of this pretenders,MDC-T please leave these Zanu PF agents,they just
    want to destroy our party from within,

  17. interesting how NPP behaves like ZANU pf when they are suppoosedly in opposition. they are behaving like a bunch of paid agents clearly bend on scuttling the recently signed MOU. This Sipepa guy is indeed a multi coloured chameleon that changes with its surroundings. What does he hope to achieve by attacking fellow opposition parties. Somebody is pulling the strings for these guys and I don’t see this leopard changing its sports.

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