Tsvangirai slams position seekers

MDC - T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday cautioned fellow opposition leaders involved in coalition talks against jostling for key positions in the proposed grand coalition, but focus on crafting policies aimed at resuscitating the country’s comatose economy in the post-President Robert Mugabe era.


MDC - T leader Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC – T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

In a statement, Tsvangirai described fellow opposition leaders already jostling for influential positions before conclusion of the coalition talks as “small-minded opportunists” bent on selling out the people’s struggle.

“For some of us, the debate around the next election should never be about positions, but about conditions! Who holds what position in the new administration is a petty debate being foisted on the nation by small
minds, opportunists and detractors of our people; the true sellouts of the people’s struggle.”

He threatened to clamp down on “unruly elements that seek to divide them” through fighting for leadership positions.

There has been heated debate among opposition parties over a suitable candidate to lead the coalition project with Tsvangirai and National People’s Party leader Joice Mjuru touted as possible contenders. Tsvangirai’s supporters have vowed to scuttle the coalition talks if he was not chosen as coalition leader with other parties accusing the MDC-T of jumping the gun.

Tsvangirai said alliance partners should focus on a transformative policy agenda so that they would not be found wanting when they dislodge the Zanu PF government in next year’s general elections.

“Once we have built this alliance — and we are well on course — we must agree on a credible policy agenda as a key signpost to the positive change we seek,” Tsvangirai said.

“We must not only have a pre-election pact about seats and other relatively petty matters, but we must agree on the fundamentals of the policy agenda that we will embark on after the next election. Given the comatose state of our industry, our dilapidated infrastructure and the country’s despicable and tenuous predicament, it has become imperative that we embark on a transformation and not a recovery agenda. Recovery is an understatement of what we need to do. We simply need to start afresh.”

Although both Zanu PF national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo and administration secretary Ignatius Chombo were unreachable for comment yesterday, the ruling party officials were on record trashing the opposition’s proposed coming-together “as a coalition of zeros”.

Tsvangirai urged the opposition to prepare for the upcoming voter registration exercise and work in unison that goes beyond political personalities.

The former Premier warned against making false electoral promises during the campaign period.

“Our (Zanu PF) colleagues failed to realise that political independence, while it was important, was insufficient.
It is always the stretch beyond liberation and political independence where the real work lies. The magnitude of the mammoth work beyond a people’s liberation must not be lost in the excitement of the fall of the strongman!

“In our case, it is not just about consigning Mugabe and Zanu PF to the dustbins of history. The real work begins the morning after and we have to be very clear from the outset what we will do.

“And because time is not on our side, we need to agree on that transformative agenda now so that after the next election, it is all about implementing an agreed programme of action.”

Tsvangirai said although it might appear as if they were moving at a snail’s pace, they were working behind the scenes to finalise the alliance.

He said even though there was a high likelihood that the ruling Zanu PF would invest scarce national resources into power retention, opposition parties should not be intimidated in anyway against their mandate.

Zanu PF has for long been accused of using violence to cow the electorate into submission ahead of elections.

“We must be ready for them, armed with no other weapon except our sheer unity and a collective resolve for change.
All we need is a formidable unity that spans from the top to the very grassroots of our nation,” he said.


  1. first cut is deepest.

  2. what i really do not get is tsvangirai going for an election without reforms and expecting a different result.am tired of this cycle,we go vote contest the result tonzi go demonstrate then wait for the next election same thing happens,tsvangirai I give up.voteranai mega kwedu kumba taneta nekuwona uchivhundukira election kuhuta as if everything correct is in place yet its jus another flawed process which u just expcting a dfrnt result.

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      Biometric voter registration is a major reform my brother. Hakuna acha voter twice and hakuna maGhost voters because fingerprint remunhu akafa richanetsa kuwana. Do not stay in doors. Remember a winner needs 50% plus one vote. Maybe you are the one vote who is deciding to stay at home and think Mugabe will be removed by others. Opposition parties should strive to set up radio stations that beam even in rural Binga and Rushinga so that they send their message to potential voters through the radio. Zanu PF is getting funding from Chinese donors so why can you circumvent the Political parties Act and get cash from the Diaspora through smuggling. Chivhayo is a useful criminal to Zanu PF because he smuggles briefcases of US dollars for them but imi you fail. Why? Security people at all entry points vane nzara just bribe them to bring in cash. $10 000.00 for every $5 million brought in illegally and you are financially capacitated.

  3. @itai , you sound like ………………….. , lets go and vote .

  4. The more Tsvangirai talks these days the more he sounds just like Robert Mugabe. Just change the regalia and party name to Zanu -PF and you will see that he is a Mugabe carbon copy. He refuses to accept that he has killed opposition politics by refusing to step down just as Mugabe refuses to accept that he is killing Zanu-pf by refusing to step down.

    1. What sounds like Mugabe in what he has said, have you read or you just commented after looking at the picture?

      1. I’ve been reading and listening to him for a long time. If you can’t see the similarities in his reasoning and actions with that of why Mugabe holds onto power then go ahead and vote for him. But he is just another dictator in the making.

  5. @mdhara-zvogwadza izvi kurasiswa nevekwako,expected a dfrnt move

  6. Admire siponda

    Tsvangirai and his partners should put electoral reforms first since this is the key area that will ensure credible results that represents the will of the people . elections without reforms means a rigged elections so its better go to courts or even try what they think is the best way to ensure reforms are put in place. The idea of an activist and lawyer Mahere to fight for electoral reforms is very important. lets unite and fight for reforms so that we deliver the best from our vote. if we get rigged we blame the leaders (Tsvangirai ,Biti,Joice Mujuru and others ) why? because you are there to lead us into getting the desired results and not leaders that lead us into being rigged. leaders put strategies that will make it difficult for zanu to rig the elections. if we fail , we blame u ,thus why you are there . As leaders we expect you to plan and implement strategies. we are the youths ,we need jobs ,we will vote but guarantee security our vote. LEADERS DONT ALWAYS SHOUT BUT THEY DO

  7. Save muri right, let’s unite and fight to win, zvema positions tozviona tahwina plz. chakakosha kubvisa ZANU naMugabe wayo

  8. Tsvangirai and his MDC [T] Tsvangirai, will never win any election in Zim. The coming together of all the so called political parties of which some are not even political parties is a sign that each one of them can not contest zanu pf. Who is going to lead the so called coalition? Panenyaya ipapa. Some say Mujuru but Zimbos, lets be serious, she has not called for a congress for her organisation to choose the substative leadership, so what it means is she is a self imposed leader, akasarudzwa nani kuti ave president we party yake, kupi, gore ripi. MDC vice presidents will tell her go hang. Apoka apo, yatanga hondo ye leadership. To make it even worse, the alliance of MDC and the Democratic Alliance of South Africa just shows MDC T is fully bankrolled by whites, for the DA is a party for whites. Surely in the 21st century kuda varungu? Mugabe akati hoyo Tsvangirai abatana navarungu ve SA mungati akaipa or anonyepa? Kubatana kwake zvichizorevei mupolitics or economy ye Zim? I smell a rat if not quislings. Ko, aaa come on guys kushaya 1 MDC executive anofarira kurima, kutorawo farm for free. Chavo kuda kutenga ivhu ravo? Thats the catch. You get a farm we dont support you. Hameno those fools that cant read politics to the core. MDC T, kupi in Zim, NEVER!

  9. hmmm you must shut up if you dont have anything to say.tsvangirai haana kuramba kubva.vose vaida zvigaro handiti vakanotanga tumapato twavo tusina vanotevera.why do you want to disturb our leader

    1. He has been leading you for more than 20 years now and were has that gotten you. MDC is supposed to be a ‘movement’. A movement can only remain a movement if it sticks to its basic principles. A democratic movement must above all show change of leadership. When a leader fails to achieve the movements goals he must accept it and step down. Take a look at Asian and Western politics, they are quick to admit their failures, step down and allow others to lead hence their continued development and prosperity. Africans simply blame others for their failures, hold onto power and perpetuate poverty. MDC was the majority party in from 2008-2013. Why did they fail to implement reforms?

  10. hmmm you must shut up if you dont have anything to say.tsvangirai haana kuramba kubva.vose vaida zvigaro handiti vakanotanga tumapato twavo tusina vanotevera.why do you want to disturb our leader .@mudya usanyepere vanhu.tsvangirai won the 2008 presidential elections and it took more than a month for zec to anounce the results.mugabe wacho akabvuma kuti save vakahwina ne 73 percent.saka usataure kuti mdc haihwini.zanu pf will never win free and fare elections.

    1. politics is a field for those that can read between lines and that small print. That plus 1 percentage was the key for any party to outrightly win, and MDC did not reach that margin, saka legally or pamutemo did not win. Ok, lets accept your accession, now what happened later, where did the voters go? It should be continuing winning but thats not the case. Instead is running away from any contest including council by elections. Hama yangu pafunge.

  11. What is needed is to build trust on the ground-there are serious trust issues between the Opposition and Its Supporters.
    Have they done anything of late to engage their supporters? Have they crafted policies that seek to engage and build trust with the youths? Failure to do so will lead to one of the heaviest defeats ever! Tsvangirayi needs to know that its possibly his last election ever and any defeat next year will lead to a tattered legacy-after next year expect a lot of people to challenge him, more splits and disaster for the opposition.
    So after the signing of the GNU in the opposition camp, lets find out how to engage the electorate, lets find out why Zanu Pf wins, how they win elections. Lets highlight our core strengths, lets have one solid product that is saleable to the electorate especially the youths. Lets have a package that address voter apathy because simply singing the rigging song will not work.

  12. tendai chaminuka

    People follow their leader’s actions.I believe Cde Tsvangirai was the first one to jostle for influential position when he entered into that G.N.U just for the sake of wanting to be called a ceremonial Prime Minister.Saka vana vodii.Kana baba vachiita zvemababie van do follow suit

  13. Fighting for a prey that is still in the bush amounts to political sabotage. Willingly, key coalition officials can even be approved by acclamation to give the people a chance to demand for reforms. Why create your own barriers whereas (President) Mugabe is waiting your outfit with punitive electoral measures ahead? Lets not subject the people to further suffering because of partisan, personal interests. They have already suffered more than enough. May wisdom lead you.

  14. I think coalition is a useless thing let mdc t go it alone they have won resoundingly before so let them wait for a second round vote if they fail to make it the first round they will always get those supporters for free for everyone wants change and anyone sane knows where to put his or her vote so its not wasted so let those chancers ride on the crest of popularity mdct for relevance is an abuse of mdc t members and should never be allowed i cannot immagine the deputy presidents of a a bigger political party playing second fiddle to presidents of tiny and untrusted parties like zpp zpf or pdp this is not workable mr president No and a Big No to useless Coalitions or we dump you

  15. hhhmmm u seem to have an exceedingly short memory,if i may say.Don’t you remember wat happenned in 2008?Did Tsvangirayi and the then MDC not win those elections?Your selection of facts leading to ur conclusion is somewhat very partial.Take all the facts and hallucinate that he has failed !!!!

  16. If u dnt want to vote tsvangirai so who do u want to vote for?

    1. tendai chaminuka

      Aaaa veduwee mubvunzo here uyu.Who else besides Robert Mugabe

  17. 2018 coming too fast

  18. I agree with Mhare.No reforms no election .kana zvaramba toidza zvimwe.Election is not the only best way to unseat a rogue regime like ZANU Pf .If they don’t want to reason,then we force them to reason.

  19. Position occupiers should not criticise position seekers. That is how they become position occupants. It’s democracy. As a nation, we should do away with the concept of a one centre of power in all our political dealings and political movements.

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