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Seed companies cry foul


LOCAL crop seed producers have appealed to Parliament to come up with tough laws to curb the production and distribution of fake seeds to guarantee food security.


The call was made by SeedCo chairperson, Denias Zaranyika on Friday, when Members of Parliament toured the company’s Rattray Arnold Research Station.

“It is in earnest that, as the seed industry, we would want to appeal to you, as policymakers to come up with laws and stricter penalties that increase the controls on the circulation of fake seeds on the market.

“This will ensure a conducive environment for the seed business in which the registered companies can work efficiently, contribute to food security and improve the livelihoods of our people. The seed industry is an investment in food security and nutrition,” he said. Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands and Agriculture chairperson, Christopher Chitindi (pictured), pledged to urgently address the concerns.

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