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Prominent Kwekwe doctor sued for over $230 000


A PROMINENT Kwekwe medical doctor, Conway Zengeza is being sued for over $230 000 after he allegedly knocked down a pedestrian, while driving in the Midlands city in 2014.


Bulawayo resident, Nhlanhla Kalazo filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court, seeking compensation from Zengeza for injuries and medical expenses he incurred after the accident. “The plaintiff has instituted proceedings against defendant, claiming payment for road accident damages for pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, future surgical operation and medication,” the summons read.

“In addition, the plaintiff seeks payment of interest at the prescribed rate on the sum of $230 000 from April 8, 2014 being the date on which the cause action arose to date of payment and cost of suit.”

In the declaration of the suit, Kalazo submitted that on April 8, 2014 at 9:40pm, Zengeza was driving a Toyota Hilux along Amaveni Road opposite West End, when he knocked him down.

“The accident was attended by officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police. According to [the] police accident report, the defendant is said to have paid a fine of $20 for driving without due care and attention,” the declaration read.

“The negligent driving conduct of the defendant caused bodily injuries to the plaintiff, who was referred to hospital by the police. The plaintiff and defendant have been communicating in regard to damages and injuries suffered. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff suffered injuries to his right hand described on the medical affidavit of the government medical officer, which indicated that permanent disability is likely on the wrist.”

The plaintiff submitted that his medical condition was worsened by the fact that he is an economically disadvantaged person, who has no medical aid scheme to pursue the specialised medical and surgical treatments even from Karanda Mission Hospital of Mount Darwin, which is believed to be the cheapest to remove the copper plates and K nails that are still on his hand.

“The poverty on the part of the plaintiff resulted in him seeking medical attention from the defendant on March 17, 2017. Due to his socio-economic status, the plaintiff was reduced to be a beggar, yet he is a breadwinner of two children and will even go back to the defendant for handouts. He still has the copper plates and K nails on his right hand,” the declaration read.

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