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Political, economic hardships feed human trafficking


Goromonzi West MP, Biata Nyamupinga (Zanu PF), has called on government to urgently address the issue of human trafficking, which she claimed was on the increase as citizens flee the political and economic hardships in the country.


Nyamupinga, who heads the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, told NewsDay last week that government should take stern measures against human traffickers to stem the tide.

“There is great need for the government to come on board, and come up with contracts whereby the government knows the people that are recruiting and their employers so that they can even tax them,” Nyamupinga said.

“When dealing with issues of human trafficking we need to look at it and see if it is really trafficking or externalisation of employment. We also need to engage the perpetrators of human trafficking and ask them that when their employers abroad approach them what exactly are they asking for. This can help ensure that these people are protected by the State hence they won’t be abused in the end.”

Nyamupinga said the government should do more than just talking to the victims and their relatives.

“No one besides the enforcement agencies has engaged the people who are recruiting to understand what exactly they were or are trying to do,” she said.

“Maybe they also need help, maybe they have some needs. We need to look at them and see if they are employment agencies and if they are registered.

“They need to be talked to nicely and ask them if they consulted the government on exactly what they are doing, rather than just chasing them through the police and other enforcement agencies. They will just go into hiding and they will not stop what they are doing, but continue,” Nyamupinga added.

A few months ago, the government facilitated the repatriation of over 200 local women after they were trafficked to Kuwait and turned into sex slaves.

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