Opposition scoffs at Mnangagwa jobs claim

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s claims that the government had created more than 2,2 million jobs are an insult to millions of unemployed people roaming the country’s streets, opposition parties have said.


Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

MDC-T youth leader, Happymore Chidziva said unless the government had reduced itself to counting vending as formal jobs, then Mnangagwa could be right.

“Just walk the streets of Harare, in First Street, the levels of unemployment will look you straight in the eye,” he said.

“Vending is not employment, it is the height of unemployment.”

Chidziva said Mnangagwa’s statements showed why the party should be booted out of office in the 2018 general elections.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said Mnangagwa’s statement could have been a slip of the tongue.

“He must have wanted to say we lost more than 2,2 million jobs because, knowing him as a sober lawyer, he would not intentionally lie to the people of Zimbabwe,” PDP spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions secretary-general, Japhet Moyo dismissed the claims, saying only 6% of Zimbabweans had jobs.

“We have seen people losing jobs and most companies have now resorted to putting workers on fixed contracts. The VP cannot be right by any stretch of imagination, unless he thinks vending is a job,” he said.

ZCTU said industry has been slowly dying, as the economy continued to contract and jobs were being lost daily.

Mnangagwa said the government had surpassed the 2,2 million job creation target, which was the main campaign promise by Zanu PF as it won the 2013 elections.

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  1. VP ED + weed = hallucination

  2. Vusumuzi wako Mange

    Shows how grossly insensitive, uncaring, pitiless and irresponsible our so-called leaders are. VP you have been sleeping on duty and you have totally failed to deliver and that is dereliction of duty on your part. What you should be giving as an excuse for your slumber is that your policies have totally failed rather than present naked falsehood.

  3. ‘Mainini’ Emmer, used to carry Bob’s briefcase and opening gates for him. All we know is that he was Bob’s PA. This ‘super’ lawyer nonsense must stop. Where did he ever practice law? Just having aTheology Degree will not make one a Pastor. This guy is one hell of an arrogant liarsuch prono.

    1. I have been asking the same question over and over have had no answer, what has he done. that he can sell himself to the voters besides, the train issue. We have read and hear to be the architect of nasty things only. Any difference with Mai Mujuru. What is he doing about the cash crisis etc.

  4. Unless he was quoted out of context, Mnangagwa has been caught flat-footed on this one. This is a lie, a damned lie and a statistical lie, 360 degrees round. Up your game please!

  5. kana wototanga nekunyepa ,akazoita president anoita sei nhai vakomana asipiring candidate iyo yatotanga

  6. kana wototanga nekunyepa ,kana ave president anoita sei , let’s becareful negarwe iri

  7. haa on this one you misfired shumba,But keep pushing hard I still love you to lead this country.

  8. Ziso RaBob Marley

    Isu vacho tiriku typer kudai, kushaya basa. iye woti 2,2m are employed, Zuva raachabuda basa iye Mnangagwa ndiro zuva raachaziva the difference between Unemployment and Employed.

  9. mayb hes including prostitution,vending and thieving as employment

  10. By his and zanu pf defination of employment he is right. Maybe that is what the discuss on cabinet meetingz.

  11. Its sad to hear this from my leader, Darlington is right on saying “Kana vakatanga kupotsa kutaura ndisati ndavavhotera whta more ndazoisa X yangu pavari” Am thinking twice now.

  12. ngwena asi makanga makamwa kana kusvuta kani

  13. for someone who harbours presidential ambition to spit such vernom eludes the mind

  14. for someone who harbours presidential ambition to spit such vernom eludes the mind

  15. #THESE_GUYS…..
    You know l read the herald just now..you know herald is a Zanu paper…gues what..at some point he says “we have exceeded 2.2 million jobs”….at another he says “we are set to exceed”…at some point he says ” I think we have exceeded..”

    wotoshaya kuti what is he trying to say..inconsistency all over…hhhaaaaa nxaaaaa

  16. Just as we were about to award Mphoko with the title of ‘worst, dumbest VP in history’ Mnangagwa appears from the blue & delivers a shocker to win the title. There’ll never be a dumber VP than Ngwena, ever!!

  17. Gonzo Mumwena

    This is what they have been saying since 1980.We tolerate rubbish from these crooks.Kusanyara kwematsotsi

  18. tendai chaminuka

    E.D was reading a wrong speech.That one is dated 20 May 2018 and was supposed to have been read after the success of Tokwe Murkosi,Beitbridge-Chirundu Highway and the Command Projects.Asi munoziva kuita kwema numbers they hate crocodiles to the extent that they mixed the speech kuda kunyadzisa sezvakamboita gore riya

  19. Janana wa Bikaz

    Kana kuri kurota Ngwena bikai doro muvudze midzimu yenyu kuti yava kukurashayi,hope dzakadaro hadzitendegwi bodo.Kuda makapihwa makasvuta fodya dzekwa Mandiitawefodya Chimene.Idzo dzinokurikitai zvomene ngwena ,munotovona mava muZimbabwe yenyu moga ine huchi nomukaka ruzhinji rwuchidya nhoko dzezvironda.Chete imi munowana mukana wokunokoravo mu cookie jar kubva 1980 here muchingoba,muchingoba mugoba,nekubazve nhai Ngwena?

    1. Janana wa Bikaz wandisetsa True. Some people don’t care about others. As long as they have their hands in the cookie jar, it’s ok with them. Zveruzhinji mheno ikoko !!! After all the majority are fools !! They will accept happily, that they were given & received the 2.2million jobs. kkkkkkkkk

  20. And ZANU VP is now smoking weed

  21. Ngwena yarashika. Yabuda mumvura meine samba ichienda pazhe.Hino haisisina samba ngaidzokere mumvura samba ridzoke

  22. What a fool !!!!!!!!

  23. Ichokwadi here vakuru kuti ndozvamakataura. Ndaiti kuda munongozviita chete kana muri muparliament where you skirt questions and trivialise issues simply because they will have been raised by opposition members. Tapota vakuru musatirwadzise kudaro. Nyaya iyi ikasanganiswa neye Gukurahundi panobuda picture of a heartless, cruel man. Maybe that is why you never win elections and have to rely on your master for appointment into government. Ngwena ka pliz be serious.

  24. This bunch of failures must go. Make sure everyone registers to deliver the deadly blow

  25. ED’s comment is absolutely insolent and inhuman-how can u lift your upper lip and your lower lip to utter such nonsensical bullshit u damn squaw fool

  26. WE are the onces who must tell you that you have reached 2.2m not YOU, just lose you job for one day such that you feel the heat in the unemployment environment of Zim. Guys lets love one another

  27. this man is funny which jobs is he talking about do they have tym to move around the streets to see how HARARE has been reduced to a flee market and vending ground

  28. The moment you (lie) tell your mind you have achieved you stop working towards the goal because you believe that you have already achieved. A number of unemployed Zimbabweans are anxiously waiting for the promised 2.1 million jobs only to be told that the jobs have already been created. The problem is they promised us the jobs and never told us the types of jobs they wanted to create

  29. He is following his master’s words , Zimbabwe is the second developed country in Africa , the birds of the same furthers flock together , they have their own Zimbabwe without people . It being coward , foolish and stupid to the highest order to say they have created 2,2 million jobs while our sons , daughters sisters and brothers are loitering in the streets of every city , towns , townships and growth points of Zimbabwe , with empty pockets.

  30. I am actually surprised at the high number of simpletons who buy the nonsense from these zanu-pf people that they will create employment when in fact they are out to destroy all FORMAL employment.

    The idea is to fool people to that they are being “empowered” or “indigenisation” and “100% Zimbabwean” etc useless words. Their president even admitted failure by saying people must “employ themselves” – if everyone/every company who pays tax today stopped doing so, would he be able to even go to Singapore?

    Zimbabweans, show your ability to think and shun stupid statements – whether they come from lawyers, teachers or wherever, especially from those currently destroying whatever is left of the economy. Madness never built a country.

  31. I cant be believe this thot dokora wembudzi is worse off but dis one left me speechless.

  32. He was joking

  33. Love him or hate him but Mugabe seems to have nailed it..none of his subordinates is competent enough to aspire to the throne. What further proof does one need with this LATEST gem from the one who is ranked as front runner to the haloed office?

  34. Hezvo! Tinonyeberwa ,nokunyeberwa pasina chavanoona. Vanhu ava vakangofanana.

  35. kikikiki aizve nhai , hoo mabasa ariko kikiki

  36. Mukai mubike doro. Bikai doro muti midzimu yangu mandirasha kundipa hope dzakadai…. quote of the year.

  37. ngwena inodhlisa

    he is already showing that he does not have presidential traits.shame on you ngwena.

  38. Mazowe farms

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