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Nkosana Moyo ponders challenging Mugabe


FORMER Industry and International Trade minister Nkosana Moyo is considering challenging President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections, where he intends to contest as an independent candidate.


Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Speaking on the sidelines of a United States Embassy’s Food For Thought discussion in Bulawayo on Wednesday night, Moyo, who quit government in a huff in 2001, said he would make a firm decision within the next few weeks.

“I am confirming that I’m seriously considering that (running as an independent candidate for the presidential post),” Moyo said while responding to questions from journalists.

“I am still considering it. I will inform the people in the next few weeks as to whether I will or not, because if I do so, I want to see to it that this assists everyone. Our country can succeed if we elect people who can work for the people, not for individuals.”

Moyo said he had been approached by “some people to join one party or the other”, but he refused.

“It’s true that I was approached by some people to join one party or the other, but I said I could not and the reasons were that when the parties win elections, after winning elections, the governments they install, if you look at the whole continent, usually serve the people in their parties,” he said.

ZimPF official Kudakwashe Bhasikiti recently disclosed that Moyo had turned down an offer to lead the controversy-ridden party after elders Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo approached him.

ZimPF ended up resorting to former diplomat Agrippa Mutambara.

Moyo, who has become a fierce critic of Mugabe, lambasted African leaders for running their countries “for the party, not for the citizens”.

“Beyond just Zimbabwe, when you look at sub-Saharan Africa, you will notice one thing in common in all our countries: The government of the day runs a country for the party, not for the citizens. The government of the day runs the country for the benefit of party members as opposed for the benefit of citizens,” Moyo said.

“So for me, when I look as a rational person, it appears to me like a formula which is not working for our citizens. So why would I be part of a party when I can see that when I look around I do not see in sub-Saharan Africa where that particular formula is succeeding?”

As a politician, Moyo once registered as an independent candidate in Harare in the June 2000 elections, but withdrew from the race probably after realising that his agenda might not make it with the public.

But luck located him as Mugabe roped him in his new Cabinet after winning the elections. However, Moyo left the Cabinet post after being frustrated by Zanu PF’s lawlessness which led to the seizure of white-owned farms and businesses by party activists and failed economic policies.

After his shock resignation, Mugabe chided him for being “spineless”.

In 2016, Moyo lashed out at Mugabe’s government, saying its financial indiscipline and failure to grow the economy had largely contributed to the current financial crisis.

Zimbabweans are currently experiencing a crippling economic crisis characterised by company closures, massive job losses and serious cash shortages.

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