Nkosana Moyo ponders challenging Mugabe

FORMER Industry and International Trade minister Nkosana Moyo is considering challenging President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections, where he intends to contest as an independent candidate.


Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Speaking on the sidelines of a United States Embassy’s Food For Thought discussion in Bulawayo on Wednesday night, Moyo, who quit government in a huff in 2001, said he would make a firm decision within the next few weeks.

“I am confirming that I’m seriously considering that (running as an independent candidate for the presidential post),” Moyo said while responding to questions from journalists.

“I am still considering it. I will inform the people in the next few weeks as to whether I will or not, because if I do so, I want to see to it that this assists everyone. Our country can succeed if we elect people who can work for the people, not for individuals.”

Moyo said he had been approached by “some people to join one party or the other”, but he refused.

“It’s true that I was approached by some people to join one party or the other, but I said I could not and the reasons were that when the parties win elections, after winning elections, the governments they install, if you look at the whole continent, usually serve the people in their parties,” he said.

ZimPF official Kudakwashe Bhasikiti recently disclosed that Moyo had turned down an offer to lead the controversy-ridden party after elders Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo approached him.

ZimPF ended up resorting to former diplomat Agrippa Mutambara.

Moyo, who has become a fierce critic of Mugabe, lambasted African leaders for running their countries “for the party, not for the citizens”.

“Beyond just Zimbabwe, when you look at sub-Saharan Africa, you will notice one thing in common in all our countries: The government of the day runs a country for the party, not for the citizens. The government of the day runs the country for the benefit of party members as opposed for the benefit of citizens,” Moyo said.

“So for me, when I look as a rational person, it appears to me like a formula which is not working for our citizens. So why would I be part of a party when I can see that when I look around I do not see in sub-Saharan Africa where that particular formula is succeeding?”

As a politician, Moyo once registered as an independent candidate in Harare in the June 2000 elections, but withdrew from the race probably after realising that his agenda might not make it with the public.

But luck located him as Mugabe roped him in his new Cabinet after winning the elections. However, Moyo left the Cabinet post after being frustrated by Zanu PF’s lawlessness which led to the seizure of white-owned farms and businesses by party activists and failed economic policies.

After his shock resignation, Mugabe chided him for being “spineless”.

In 2016, Moyo lashed out at Mugabe’s government, saying its financial indiscipline and failure to grow the economy had largely contributed to the current financial crisis.

Zimbabweans are currently experiencing a crippling economic crisis characterised by company closures, massive job losses and serious cash shortages.

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  1. stop wasting time

    the Prophets have already spoken ,that a man with a foreign name will takeover from Mugabe.That man is Morgan Richard.That sounds foreign enough.Nkosana is not a foreign name

  2. Is this the new Makoni? He is just trying to split the vote.

    1. Atotengwa ne CIO kare. Operation Split Votes. How do you expect to run a country partyless? Unless he wants to challenge Robert for ZANU PF leadership, being ZANU PF himself.

  3. Indeed Tsvangirai sounds foreign.i have always wondered what it means.

  4. i support the idea of people contesting as independent candidates.This will remove elements of violence during election time.Its true the person will serve the interests of all citizens rather than confined to a particular party where he had allegiance.There is need to remove parties and candidates had to campaign and stand on themselves telling people what they intend to do rather than what the party intends to do, because the party is not the one to run the show.

  5. Another PF in making

  6. Vanhu vakamboshanda naMugabe vese havasi good including Tsvangurai himself I don’t trust him. Kozoti Mai mujuru, nemadhara e ZIM PF, Biti’s PDP all these are time wasters of mugabe. Let’s find a new party of ourselves as youth and the party with a youth leader and all youth members like EFF of Malema. Otherwise nyika iyi haina kwayakananga nematsaga aya. Wakaona here simba ratinaro isu maYouth paya pa last year July tichitungamirirwa naMawarire, let’s do that guyz tinoitora nyika yedu iyi irikudai kutongwa nevanhu vakafa saMugabe. Uye Chero tikatanga hondo tinoihwinha semaYouth. Inga amunoti maWarVert iava maYouth ka panguva yavairwa, n vairwa versus strong team but vakahwinha, so why not isu tichirwa naMugabe net machembere twake. Now mugabe wants to meet all youth County wide because he knows all the powers are in us. So let’s us stand alone as Zimbabwean youth not stand by any of these nonsense politicians.

  7. Ruramai Mutemasaka

    Viva Morgan Richard!!

  8. 1. You won’t go very far as an independent presidential candidate in this country.
    2. Not only in Africa do they serve the interests of party members. Americans have told us who the chief stakeholders in their arms manufacturing companies are. Then we have extremely wealthy monarchs.

    in short, don’t degrade any race or continent, just sell your policy to the electorate

  9. Whilst Nkosana’s observations and views might be true to some extent, I wonder how he would form a government should he win. It is clear he views all the current opposition leaders negatively (its his right) but he needs votes and some “galvaniser” to achieve his dream. Maybe he will share these with us in the next few weeks….

  10. Then who is going to vote for him? Remember this guy ran away from Mugabe when he was a minister and went into exile . You were supposed to challenge Mugabe that time baba uligwala nyasi . you ARE NOT INDODA SIBILI . We know our leader the man who never abandoned us during thick and thin he stood with us up to this day and we are going to reward him next year by making our next president .

  11. people don’t know you nkosana. you are good man but to many as good as mai mujuru. we don’t know what you have been doing in usa. may be having a comfortable life while the bitis and tsvangirais have been having a hard time and you just think to us you are better than them. do you think they have been doing nothing. why don’t you come to compliment them. what are you saying about these fighters. why don’t you humble yourself to acknowledge their work so far.

  12. The only logical thing for Moyo to do is to join mdc-t. It’s either that or he doesn’t bother himself with politics at all, ask Simba Makoni, Arthur Mutambara etc

  13. Biti praising bhora mugedhi critising his manifesto chengerai zvecoalition izvi tsvangirai you will be destroyed . Do it alone, towards election bongozozo rotanga

  14. you need a party

  15. Behind you Moyo!! Finally a much needed third force to provide the electorate with a much needed alternative untainted by opposition lerthagy and haggling over seats!! Finally someone FOR THE PEOPLE Not A PARTY!!

  16. Mr Moyo you maybe a good citizen and all but the game you want to join is called politics and not some boardroom meeting in New York or Johannesburg.This is Zimbabwe and you need to hit the ground running and not this idea of addressing meetings in hotels and bad mouthing the opposition. As a word of advice, for you to be convincing to both the rural and urban electorate…make your meetings with the Americans secret lest you are labelled a stooge…perceptions mean a lot in politics.

  17. Moyo can bank on vote. i see him as a visionary

  18. Dr Moyo is a very rational man. The country needs more people like him. I also trust that he will take the logical decision not to participate in these elections. Zimbabweans are not yet ready for politics of ideas, the only forces driving Zim politics at the moment are ZANU’s desire to hang on to power, and an opposition which is seeking for regime change. Beyond this, there is nothing else. In any case, no one will “defeat” unpopular Mugabe in 2018. Neither he, nor the factions in his party will want to “lose” this one. For Mugabe, its legacy, for the factions, well…its the only way they are guaranteed at least another term of pilfering…well if not to reconcile their differences. At best, the second best shall be very close to Mugabe in terms of votes “cast”. I trust that Dr Moyo understands these dynamics, and will make the right decision for his own sake.

  19. He is a good guy, with good intentions. However, knowing how us Zimbos have been drilled politically, we vote for parties…not individual brilliance. You can ask the likes of Munyaradzi Gwisai.

  20. Chirumanzu Power

    Kkkkkkk. Yooo . Some Visions are surely ill – conceived and advised. Independent candidate in Zim.

  21. what is this defector who ran away from home country saying?

  22. I think Moyo can campaing to come back as Minister of Timidity in a new govt, should there be any. The coward is not worthy of command – imagine a Leader who runs away kkkkkkkk

  23. Dr Moyo has a point here. Considering the stagnation of socio-political and socio-economic development obtaining across Africa, it is apparent that party politics has not done us any good. On one hand the ruling parties brag about having fought the wars to bring about independence when it is quite obvious the main beneficiaries of their policies from the start are those perceived to have participated directly in the struggle or are well connected.
    Who really fought the war? The one who received military training and handled the gun or the poor peasant who had to endure the hardships they faced in feeding, clothing and protecting and shielding the fighters. Without the peasant the war would not have been executed successfully but today they are not allowed to meaningfully participate in the governance of the country because they did not fight the war.
    On the other hand the opposition parties want recognition for having the the guts to stand up and fight the ruling parties and therefore have a right to continue doing so and nobody else.
    There should be plenty of alternatives to these systems of patronage and one such alternative would require the communities to take charge and control of their destiny. Each community has individuals with leadership qualities and individuals that communities look up to, both in times of need and happiness. Why not let those communities select such people to represent them in government rather than impose leaders on them. And in most cases those imposed leaders are not sons and daughters of those communities and therefore have no interest in them, save self-aggrandisement.
    The current system requires political parties to field candidates of their choice and who are seen to be loyal to the parties and subscribe to the parties’ ideology even if it is anti-people and does not foster development. These candidates are only accountable to the party and not to the people, they are supposed to represent and serve. When they err it is the parties that take disciplinary action and met out appropriate punishment such as incarceration, if at all it happens. More often than not, this does not happen because of the camaraderie that exists among them. ‘I will scratch your back if you scratch mine’ is the norm. Meantime the communities suffer.
    The proposed community based approach would require communities to approach individuals they consider to have the requisite characteristics to represent and lead them. On completion of the selection process the selected individuals would meet to form the government and select its head and present it to the communities for approval or disapproval. By comparison these individuals would pay allegiance to the communities and to the nation, by extension. In the event of misdemeanour they would be expected to face the law and make restitution. They would as expected, have no common interests other than serve their communities and nation. The current system favours personal and party interests and not community or national interests.
    Political scientists may find this difficult to fathom but it is tenable if people are educated on its merits and are prepared enough to ascertain leadership skills in people within their communities. If systems fail to serve their purpose, especially that of meeting the needs of the communities within which they operate, surely alternatives have to be sought and this is one alternative available. There is nothing as fulfilling and gratifying as celebrating successes and achievements other than people and events which the current system is forcing people to do.

    1. True and more,,,,

  24. the former minister is totally out of touch with realities of our political set up in Zimbabwe.he can’t challenge zanu pf he knows that coz

    his roots are there.currently he is courting mliswa under banner of third force a consortium of independent candidates philosophers.he must go take a hike cz it’s gona work.

    1. Mliswa stood as an independent and won, he is Shona, doesn’t happen with other tribes, does it?

  25. it’s not gonna work at all vaMoyo

  26. The bottom line , he is not Shona, no Shonarism no presidency for decades to come.

    1. moderation or not who cares, its true

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