Mutambara rips into ‘disrespectful’ Grace

ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) interim leader Agrippa Mutambara says Zimbabwe’s problems started after President Robert Mugabe’s first wife, Sally, died, before berating First Lady Grace Mugabe for being disrespectful.


Ambassador Agrippa Mutambara
Ambassador Agrippa Mutambara

“When President Robert Mugabe started leading us, he was a good leader. But his woes started when Sally Mugabe died,” he said in Mutare at the weekend, while addressing ZimPF provincial party structures.

“We were then given an unrespecting First Lady (Grace Mugabe).”

Sally died in 1992, with Mugabe marrying Grace four years later.

Mutambara accused Grace of training youths to be disrespectful.

The former diplomat said if his party wins the elections next year, they would dump the “Zanu PF privatised”
National Heroes’ Acre and construct a new shrine to be called the National Revolutionary Heroes’ Acre.

He said the National Heroes’ Acre had lost its significance and become a private club for Mugabe’s close lieutenants and bootlickers.

“We have our liberation war heroes who are buried at Chimoio shrine, in Zambia and other areas. Why are we failing to rebury our heroes in Zimbabwe? Do we not have a place in Zimbabwe?

“When we are in power, we are going to have a revolutionary heroes’ acre and we are going to take the remains of heroes in several shrines and rebury them. We are not going to do that at the National Heroes’ Acre,” Mutambara said.

“The National Heroes’ Acre has lost its significance. Yes, we understand there are a few true liberation fighters, but most of them now are Mugabe’s family.”

Recently, there was an uproar after former High Court judge, Simpson Mutambanengwe, was denied national hero status by the Mugabe-led government.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene was subjected to verbal abuse at Mutambanengwe’s burial just outside Mutare, as relatives protested against the government’s decision to deny him national hero status.


  1. kkkkkkkk

  2. Its evident that Mutambara is pursuing a secondary cause – that of the dead. Lets first elect the President of the living. Its the living who deserve more attention than the dead.

  3. Man Kenya hear hear. Is that why you want to go into power for. To bury the dead guys pleeeeeese!

  4. Ini zvangu ndinokukurudzirai kuti mu vhotere MDC T ndiyo party inochinja zvinhu cheteb kwete vamwe

  5. Kkkk khona kuthi dlwe,baba kudala sakubona lokhu nina nisakuncoma

  6. What we want to hear are development issues. Its good to rebury are fallen heroes in our country. We have the land to bury them. The Provincial heroes arces are not maintained up to standard .

  7. True indeed, we are tired of these guys who are stuck in past glory, while we agree on the importance of honouring our fallen heroes but surely more energy needs to invested into our present & future rather than in history

  8. This Mutambara guy has no meaningful agenda. He needs to talk about the future of the majority of people who have nothing to do with the so-called revolution.
    He is simply thinking of himself and when he is dead where shall he be buried instead of focussing on a number of critical issues like health, economy, education etc.

  9. suirely mr agrippa you are now a disgrace to the nation and our mutambara you are telling me that with all the challenges we are facing as a nation one of your priorities when you get into power is to built another heroes acre….i dont think you are in full control of all your mental faculties….

  10. Chirumanzu Power

    Kkkkkk lol. Mr Mutambara is something else.

  11. Wezhira wezhara

    Your headline is misleading. How did Mutambara rip into disrespectful Grace? Hapana pandambobata kunze kokunzi problems started after death of Sally and that Grace teaches youths to be disrespectful. Unotoruza dollar uchiti uchanzwa nyaya izvo hapana.

  12. Noel Mwendamberi

    president of the dead since we have many dead people on voters role they will vote for him nxaa

  13. Haaa Mtambara shamwari tipe ma serious, nenhamo iri mu zimbabwe, cash crisi, unemployment, dilapidated health sector and you make reburying the dead your top priority, haunanzvi chigaro mudhara

  14. That Mutambara is talking nonsense. Thats BULLSH!T. How can an aspiring leader talk of heroes acre this, heroes acre that? People do not eat heroes cemeteries. People need jobs and reminding them of wars fought many yrs ago does not bring food on pple’s tables.

  15. Kikikikikikikikiki LOL

  16. The Second Coming

    Mutambara is dead. Regai vakafa vavige vakafa vavo

  17. maybe if we get a transcript of his entire speech zvingabatsire. Has the reporter not decided to focus on that alone. At times media frames issues in ways that leave us with this.

  18. This was an opportune moment to tell us your policies. Unfortunately, you have nothing to offer us except burial. Why not run a burial society instead of a political party ?

  19. These survivors of the 1970’s liberation war are obsessed with their own survival,that’s all I can say! Look at their patron,he has become an international president now,wasting tax payers’ money on unnecessary foreign trips and to make matters worse,his second wife Grace behaves like she’s possessed when it comes to spending.I sometimes feel like our nation is being governed by Satanists.But one day is one,zvichapera chete.

  20. Mugabe fooled people like Mutanbara. Once a demom always a demom. Manje your priority is burying the dead…nobsense baba .utambbara

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