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Multi-million dollar airport for Kwekwe


KWEKWE is set to construct a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art airport to replace the aerodrome that has been decommissioned, as it was built between a college and a residential area.


Kwekwe Mayor  Matenda Madzoke
Kwekwe Mayor Matenda Madzoke

Mayor Matenda Madzoke said they were now looking for a partner to start the project that was key given the city’s centrality in connecting to any part of the country.

“The aerodrome is situated in a dangerous place, it was decommissioned on the master plan, therefore, it has to be moved, but we don’t have the money so we need an investor, who can help us build a state-of-the-art airport for the town,” he said.

Madzoke said it was his wish to see an airport developed in Kwekwe for purposes of doing business.

He said the aerodrome was decommissioned because it had become hazardous considering its proximity to houses and Kwekwe Polytechnic.

The director of works, John Mhike told a recent council meeting that although its existence had become a danger, he was impressed by the marked increase in the usage of the aerodrome, which he said was a positive development for the city.

Council’s plans, according to Madzoke, were to have an airport and a mall at a yet-to-be-identified location.

“We have the current aerodrome in a place we have deemed unsuitable because it’s a danger to the people. We have to look for an investor to build a new airport and it is much needed here given how busy the aerodrome has become in terms of people using it,” Madzoke said.

Kwekwe is regarded as a hub for business given a lot of dairy farming, mining and agriculture that has seen investors flocking to the Midlands city.

Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Joram Gumbo was not immediately available for comment.

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