Mujuru, Tsvangirai on collision course

WORLDS APART . . . MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai chats to his National People’s Party counterpart Joice Mujuru at a rally last year

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has unwittingly put herself on a possible collision course with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai after she announced on Monday that she was angling to lead a proposed grand coalition of opposition parties.



Mujuru, who now heads the opposition National People’s Party, made the revelations while addressing the International Sheroes Forum in Ghana on Monday.

The former Vice-President said she believed she was the right candidate to lead the project, given her liberation war credentials and 34 years’ experience as a top government official and that she was the only female politician heading a political party.

“As I prepare for my presidential bid for our 2018 elections, I take comfort in the fact that others have done it.
The experience this far has hardened me and prepared me for the great task ahead,” Mujuru said.

“Having spent seven years in the bush and 34 years in government and almost two years in opposition politics, I need to assure fellow women that nothing is impossible. There is no territory that is a preserve for men.

“This year’s theme — Empowering Women to be Successful in Business and Political Leadership — is quite apt, coming at a time when we are seeing more and more women challenging the status quo in both business and politics.”

Mujuru’s remarks come as Tsvangirai rapped opposition colleagues who were only in the coalition talks because they sought top positions.

Tsvangirai has signed memoranda of understanding with Mujuru and MDC leader Welshman Ncube to lay the foundations for the proposed coalition, whose leader has not yet been named.

Tsvangirai’s supporters have vowed to scuttle the coalition talks if he is not chosen as coalition leader.

“As Africans, we come from a highly patriarchal society, where the role of the woman has always been relegated to a welfare officer at home, leaving the world of business and politics to men,” Mujuru said.

“I know we have waited for long, waiting for salvation to come from men, but I am here to tell you: Woman, you can do it for yourself and for your fellow women.

“We are our own liberators. We have the numbers. Women alone, in a democracy, can determine who should govern them by virtue of their numbers and influence in society.

“The time is now to catch on the tide.”

Mujuru lamented how male chauvinism denied her the chance to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

“When I was almost getting to the Presidency, as Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the world of male chauvinists would not have any of that,” she said.

“They went on to break their own laws just to get rid of me and, sadly, they found willing women accomplices to complete their task.

“As we speak today, some of those women are regretting having been used and abandoned by the same system.

“To all women, I say let us support one another for a better world moderated by mothers. Let’s elect her.”

Mujuru served as a minister from 1980 to 2004, when she was elevated to become President Robert Mugabe’s deputy, until her dismissal in 2015 on allegations of plotting the 93-year-old Zanu PF leader’s ouster.

The Sheroes Foundation is a Ghana-based international non-profit organisation committed to supporting and promoting women in all facets of life.

The foundation’s objective is to create a platform for communication, connection and community and it strives to ensure every woman and girl in Africa achieves her full potential in education, career, politics and life; and to ensure that women are at the heart of sustainable development, peace and economic growth in Africa.

Mujuru was in 2016 honoured by the foundation during its annual meeting in Dubai and this year, she was one of the top speakers at the meeting in Accra, Ghana.

This year’s event saw the foundation launching the “Elect Her” campaign, which seeks to push for more women participation by bringing together individuals and groups to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and practices that are effective.

“My war experience taught me the power of the women, that even though most of them were not at the war front, the war could not have been won without the role of women in various capacities,” Mujuru said.

“Sadly, the moment we got Independence, the governance game was for men. I was one of the few who was lucky to be part of the government at a very tender age of 25.

“I have seen a lot, I have made my contributions, I have made mistakes, I have had my lessons. But at the end of it all, I realised women can do it.”

On Monday, Tsvangirai issued a strongly-worded statement, where he cautioned his peers in the opposition against jostling for top posts at the expense of crafting a policy framework to guide government business in the post-Mugabe era.


  1. We defeated Mugabe hands down in 2008 while Mujuru was an employee in zanupf & while Mugabe was still ‘fit as a fiddle’, we certainly don’t need her services in the mdc-t now, we can go it alone

  2. Who is mujuru is da 1st place? Tswangirai for life asijiki!!

  3. This rhetoric about war of liberation is becoming nauseating to say the say the least, we have heard the same nonsense over and over again at any given opportunity from the president since 1980. As for Mrs Mujuru being in politics for almost 2 years it is correct, but in those 2 years she has done nothing tangible to prove her weight as an opposition. The first by election she and her then party Zimpf contested she lost heavily, and then her party disintergrated. Her NPP has not done anything at all; though she may have had the experience of being in government for more than 30 years-in those years she was just told what to do and when to do it by her then boss Mugabe. She never chaired any cabinet meeting in the absence of Mugabe, she was never deployed to important conferences during her tenure as VP. It means that she does not have the experience as an opposition politician. Furthermore the elections zanu pf won when she was part of the system were delivered on a platter and she did not even know how the elections were rigged despite her being the VP-it seems Mugabe’s elections chief Mnangagwa was the comptroller and had all the inside knowledge. Yep women must also be in positions of authority, but Mujuru cannot in this case demand to lead the coaliation based on her tenure as a zanu pf cadre

  4. Mujuru has started ka Zanu PF brain hakaperi.Let’s do this you are the Vice President for teo terms and then you will take over handiti??

  5. Two terms!!!Tsvangirai leading.

  6. Mujuru is not and will never be a successful grand coalition leader look at what she did in Zim Pf running a party like a tuckshop a failure indeed Tsvangirai can do it alone

  7. Mutoro unorema

    tsvangirai is the most overatted politician in mordern history. the guy has lost many times. he has no support. struggles to attract 10k supporters in harare a city of well over 2 million people. he has no support in rural areas zero. so how will he ever be president. this is not 2008. wake up and smell the defeat he needs others. he lost heavily in 2008. rural supporters are angry with him for abandoning them after 200. ask us we on the ground

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      “We on the ground”? Uri mudzimu here. Ita ini and stop speaking for other people. Mugabe was defeated by a wide margin in March 2008 , only to release results in May 2008 after juggling numbers. Taivata takasvinurira maresuts achingonzi ” Meticulous verification”. Uri Mutoro unorema sure and you are mad.

    2. hauna chinozikanwa iwe…..He lost heavily in 2008…….unondirwadzisa i have my relatives who are victims of political violence pakarohwa munhu…….

  8. Until you confess to rigging, gukurahundi and your contribution to dictatorship, no one will take you seriously.

  9. 2018 “SAVE” Chete chete.

  10. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    @gheor 100%. I have nothing to add on to that!!!

  11. Mutoro unorema you must be out of your mind, inga vaMugabe vakazobvuma vega kuti Tsvangirai won by 74%. I would i agree with any one who say Tsvangirai is very weak because in 2008, he was surposed to claim his victory but instead he decided to remain silent.

    1. Its Zimbabweans who are weak – you stand up and fight for your preferred candidate in huge numbers, and noone needs to tell or organise you to do that!

      The whole country lost the opportunity to change direction at that time….

  12. robert mugabe

    am also tired to rule this country,i need rest.

  13. There is no match for zanupf, come 2018. Tsvangirai has no clue on who to make an alliance with. That he is part to the Southern Africa Opposition Alliance, that includes the Democratic Alliance of South Africa, wholly owned by whites just shows the level of the entire MDC T’s political quisling.Mujuru is not a leader of any political party. When parties are formed there is a congress to choose leadership and this was not done by the so called Mujuru party. Legally, what it means is she imposed herself as a leader, hence she has no mandate from Zimbabweanss that she leads a political party. Period! MDC T will never win any election in Zim as long it continues to be a cry baby. It has lost ground at all council and parliamentary bye elections, and what makes people belive it would do miracles with 11 months when elections are due? THE REASON WHY TSVANGIRAI WANTS TO JOIN FORCES WITH MUJURU WHETHER PEOPLE DO NOT WANT IS THAT HE WAS TOLD BY HIS WHITE HANDLEERS THAT HE HAS LOST STEAM, SAKA KUTI UWANEWO MARI TO CAMPAIGN WE NEED SOMEONE WITH LIBERATION STRUGGLE HISTORY SO WORK WITH MUJURU, may be she can have a dent on ZANU PF winning machinery. This is why Tsvangirai will never criticise Mujuru, he knows kuti she is his survival mode. The leadership question is not yet over in this alliance. MDC T has 4 top leadership, president and three vices, who iwould be prepared to be pushed aside, nomunhuwo akabva ukooo zvako? Zimbos, this wont work, saka Mugabe ne ZANU PF yake will win. Besides, look at their policies of the economy targeted at marginalised population, the majorty in the rural areas that constitute 70% of the population. In urban areas people can cry and jump as long the mandate to rule is decided by the rural folk, forget about Tsvangirai or any political party. Think of it, the more than $300 million racked by tobacco farmers is circulating in the rural areas, wozoti munhu iyeye votera MDCT navarungu vake, Never! ZANU PF is going command on everything, saka gwarirai.

    1. why then did the DA win the metropolitan. i’m sick and tired of people who think in this manner. people who think of handlers and stooges iyo nyika ichifa asiri mastooge achitonga. it is us zimbabweans loosing steam not leaders especially asiri pachigaro

    2. Inga you just doing what you are paid for. kubva riini muvhingoti mahandlers aPresident Tsvangirai. Zvino the reality is 2018 mamama

    3. ..All was OK till you decided to drop this smelly brick…70 percent in rural areas. Really? …and where did you get these numbers? I think it is more like 35% if you ask me.

    4. fact ndeyekt vanhu vanovhotera ZANU nkt vanotya kwete kt pane zvaichatiitira tikabuda mumadaka matiri umu zanu inorova vanhu…….

  14. Mujuru is mad , stop equating 34 years destroying Zimbabwe with ruling. You were not ruling but you and yo crew were looting our resources

  15. Mujuru is nothing but a big fool. After having contributed to the miserable situation that we find ourselves in today, she has got the temerity to impose and find herself as the most suitable candidate for the coalition. This is a very big joke which should never be taken seriously. Zimbabweans please work up, she is only there to cause despondency in opposition circles. YES that very true. Be warned.

    1. very true. Mujuru is a big Zanu pf Project. Mark my words!

  16. To hell with your liberation credentials

  17. taurai zvenyu

    zvana mujuru ndezve ma personal avo izvo. Daivaida zvekutonga vakaramba vari muzanu. Zvema personal zvaka pinza zuma mupolitics dze Zimbabwe HAZVISHANDI. Ngwena ndiyo inotevera Mudhara nyangwe mukashereketa sei shumba haitereri zvichemo zvemhara

  18. Mujuru say we agree that you fought, you have experience 10 years as Deputy but here this, we have serious problems with people like you. They keep on talking about war, experience etc.
    They oppress, are very cruel, careless etc.
    I think you will excuse us when we Zimbabwe needs a democratic chapter in its history.
    So just focus on dislodging Zanu pf with other position parties. Then I think i will sound much better there after things will be ok.

  19. entertaining mujuru is a big joke and mdc doesn’t see that they are handing over victory to zanu pf come 2018, and mujuru will protect her empire why is Tsvangirai too blind to see that, mdc can go it alone ikachinja mukuru varikurwara avo voisa one good replacement which I don’t know or don’t see who, kutobatana nemamwe ma mdc is better than mbada ikuda kupinda mumusha iyooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. very true

  20. i thnk newsday are brewing a storm in a cup of tea,,mujuru was simply making a speech on the plight of women in politics generally,,,there is no basis to link this with her chances of leading the coalition somply becoz her competition with morgan is far from the gender line but stamina of their respective political projects, at most hers is a briefcase party at the moment with no proven constituency.

  21. chasara kutoitwa mkadzi naSave ipapo nokuti ndokubasa kwano baba avo…vachanzi ndipei makumbo tigopinda mucoalition

  22. Iwe mutoro unorema musoro wako ndiwo mutoro urikukuremera coz haufunge.
    Ukanyarara haumbobvunzwe kuti wanyararirei panekutaura nonsense

    1. muudze anondirwadzisa hako…….

  23. Well said HKD you the only one who reads her speech correctly. Media is dangerous and if allowed will kill us all and make path easy for ZANU. I agree Mujuru is to make her case just like any other leader is to make their case. The coalition leader is yet to be decided upon, so in a true spirit anyone of the different parties leaders has a potential of being one for all but we are not yet there.

  24. Chero president avhoterwa akapinda ari naini, chero isiri zanu pf na Mugabe chete, ko iyo MDC T yacho yakangoti ziii, co campaigning programmes nowhat, saka moti munowhina sei?

  25. Taneta nezvekuteura ropa izvi kunge ma dracula ne ma vampires. Hondo iyi yakatotiparira hapana zvataka hwina, tiri kutambura nanhasi. Varungu havasi kutanda botso sesu.

    1. wandipedza..

  26. ZANU PF will win the elections next year. It is still a long way to defeat ZANU PF because they have their tricks. One of then is they will make sure few people will vote in towns as compared to those in rural areas. They will delay the rate at which people vote in towns. In the rural areas voting will be express. Intimidation in rural ares will be rife. People will be told that we will analyse polling station based results and if the ZANU PF loses you will be punished. ZANU PF has many tricks in their bag. Constituency talk on ZBC Tv is already a campaign strategy. No MDC members of Parliament are covered as much as the coverage given to ZANU PF MPs and those MPs who sympathise with ZANU PF though they entered Parliament as independents During Parliamentary debates contributions by MDC MPs are censored. Uniformed forces who vote at their stations are not free to vote as they wish. In some areas people who are suspected not to be supporters of ZANU PF were told to vote at specific polling stations.

  27. People will always be people, they will say a lot of bulshit and all but what we all crave for a zimbabweans is a better zimbabwe, better living conditions, jobs, good healthcare, good political atmosphere. However, it does not mean Mai Mujuru or Tsvangirai cannot lead the coalition. All we need is to focus on dislodging this rogue government through unity of purpose and implementing good socio-economic policies. People may say Mujuru this Tsvangirai that but where is that taking us ladies and gentlemen —– HAPANA, Lets unite and fight the good fight for the future genrations to come. PERIOD!!!!!!

    1. very correct

  28. My vote pana Save, then ndobva ndachiller.

    1. very correct

  29. mai majuru should tell us what happens to learnmore judah jongwe in prison before she claim to lead people she was butchering,mabika,chiminya,,,, ,,?????we are not fools like myself i won’t forgive her untill ,untill and untill she confess,,,,,butchering vana vezimbabwe sevanodyiwa nyama and you came and say you are ready to lead the same vanhu in a period of less than 10 yrs aaaaah nxaaa watijairira mukadzi iwe

  30. i will vote for save not mujuru come 2018

  31. Well well, the people of Zimbabwe do not eat war credentials, tell them what it is that you an offer better than other candidates. Your 34 years in a ZANU government is not an advantage but a disadvantage. After all you only joined the opposition politics after being expelled which leaves doubt about your OPPOSITION credentials. Just contend with the fact that the real opposition parties have accepted you but do not spoil their “party”

  32. Coalition deals are not meant to hold people hostage. Signing a deal with Tsvangirai does not bar Mujuru from raising her opinions or selling her ideologies. Every willing partner is entitled to put his/her best foot forward until the most suitable of all is selected. After all, coalitions are made by harmonising conflicting party ideologies. Lets learn not to be full-time critics and embrace political divergence.

  33. Bob baba Chatunga ndizvo, kuda kana kusada, 2018 vakatopinda kare. Morgiza is outdated, wasted. He us just an opportunist who has lost it all. Ndiani anoda kutongwa nemunhu asina brainwork kudai, no strategy, no clue other than kungoda kuvepresident. Musanetsana zvenyu maface angu cherokutukana, dariro riripo pana2018 apo, Bob achipinda asina kana kubata mudonzvo

  34. Coalition of failures will also fail and continue to fail

  35. election will taught her a very big lesson, come 2018 tsvangirai will have more votes than this second simba makoni. us in mdct we believe if we keep trying one day our prayers will be answered by the most high


  37. Shelton Ngwenya

    I am surprised people are wasting time talking about spent forces. Haah why waste time speaking of a bunch of failures. People whom we really know of their weaknesses. I believe whats credible is to talk of new blood here.

  38. Seems this Mujuru is interested in this coalition to steal the MDC from Morgan. Remember she has been an advocate of this coalition and just after signing the MOU she started saying ndini ndakakodzera as if her wish was to get the MDC into her had bag. Manje tirikuzviona. you have not yet answered our questions. like 2008 results, 2013 rigging, the role of the army in elections, the role of ZEC in rigging, Nikivu, the death of Susan, bombing of Dailynews offices,. You still have a lot of work to do madam. Dai mambonyarara henyu tiite setinokanganwa. Maybe we may some sympathy for you. But kutaurisa kwako mudzimai wangu kwakanyanya. Ever since you joined politics you have never visited the three Mashonaland provinces. Urikungotevera tsoka dza Morgan. Ko Mudzi hamudewo here, ko Mutoko, Mt Darwin, Hurungwe, Mubaira, karoi etc. Unotyei nhai amai wevana kusvika nzvimbo idzodzo. kuti tione chaunga chakoka nhai mai mfana. usamirire Morgan kuti atange aenda.Ukadaro unorara ndakakugumbatira ndichiti wagona.

  39. Tsvangirai does not hv the capacity to take us to canaan.His stewardship of the MDC since 1999 speaks volumes to his inabilities to lead first & foremost.Again I doubt if at all he has n numbers enough to defeat Mugabe in an election despite claims of un-even plain field due to the supposed state non actors like the army,the police,CIOs & the ZBC under influence of the incumbent,unproved nikvu rigging claims etc,had Tsvangirai bn some vibrant& popular emerging opposition politician could hv defeated Mugabe even in such circumstances.The simple truth is the largest section of zimbabwean eletorate do not believe Tsvangirai presidency could solve our current problems besides adding more,hence even some of the urban electorate hv simply folded up & become withdrawn.However we still hope for some fire-brand emergency who could arouse both urban & rural electorate & defeat Mugabe or n zanu pf inumbent without wasting time

  40. Had Tsvangirai bn such a fire-brand like Chiluba in zambia who defeated Kaunda at once,could hv already done it to Mugabe&zanu pf.Many pple hv already doubted his abilities to do so &become withdrawn.But if we ever sumon courage to change the face of the opposition we might honestly deliver a blow to Mugabe &his zanu pf without wasting time

  41. simple truths-Tsvangirai does not hv n support enough to defeat Mugabe.Is unattractive & unpromising his leadership is dull.The rural pple don’t support his anti land distribution policies-therefor anti-people.Some of the urban people hv began to see his lack of sincerity & manipulative methods& pro foreign policies.

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