Mujuru collides with Mugabe

National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru will this week launch a series of rallies in rural areas, setting the stage for a bruising political battle with President Robert Mugabe, who is set to soon address 10 rallies organised by the Zanu PF youth league.


National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru (left) will take her campaign to President Robert Mugabe's traditional stronghold
National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru (left) will take her campaign to President Robert Mugabe’s traditional stronghold

But traditional leaders in Gutu South have reportedly refused to meet Mujuru, who is expected in the district today ahead of her rally at Maungwa business centre tomorrow as campaigning for next year’s make-or-break elections start in earnest.

Mugabe is due to launch his meet- the-youth rallies in Marondera on June 3.

Mujuru was reportedly scheduled to meet the traditional leaders today to soften the ground ahead of the tomorrow’s rally, but the meeting now hangs in the balance after most of the traditional leaders reportedly declined to meet her for fear of reprisals from Zanu PF.

The meeting was being organised by the party’s national co-ordinator Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Chief Mawere yesterday said he was away in Masvingo and did not know anything about the meeting, insisting any political leader wanting to meet him should invite him through the district administrator (DA)’s office.

“I am not aware of the meeting. I haven’t received any invitation from the DA,” Chief Mawere said.

“But, in any way, I don’t want to be part of those political gatherings. As chiefs, we are supposed to be apolitical and, as a result, even if she was to invite me, I would not attend. I can only meet her if she comes to my home because I cannot run away from my home.”

Chief Nerupiri said he would not attend if he was to be invited. He said he would only attend meetings where he was invited by government to do government work or business gatherings, not political gatherings.

“We are not supposed to be political; I will not attend such meetings. I am the leader of the business community here and I will only attend business meetings,” Chief Nerupiri said.

Mavhaire was not answering calls yesterday to shed light on Mujuru’s proposed meeting with the traditional leaders ahead of tomorrow’s rally.

Mujuru had already confirmed the rally in a statement released by her spokesperson and NPP secretary-general-designate Gift Nyandoro yesterday.

“All roads are leading to Maungwa business centre in Gutu on the 11th of May 2017, where NPP is to have a mega star rally,” Nyandoro said in the statement.

“For the record, (the) Maungwa star rally in Gutu is officially marking Dr Mujuru’s meet-the-people rallies in the rural areas with more rallies already lined up for the rural populace across the country.

“We urge Zimbabweans from all walks of life to come and hear the way forward for our problems-riddled country from Mother Zimbabwe, a decorated and distinguished war heroine. The game is on and don’t be left behind.”

Mujuru’s rallies will coincide with Mugabe’s nationwide tours meeting Zanu PF youths ahead of the make-or-break elections expected in the second half of next year.

Mujuru recently inked a pre-election pact with veteran opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as part of plans to set up a grand coalition of democratic forces to take on the ailing Mugabe next year.

Mugabe has already been confirmed as Zanu PF’s presidential candidate in the general election. He will be 94.

Mujuru, according to the statement, will use the rally to lay out her party’s programme and strategy as part of the election campaign.

“Dr Mujuru, who also heads the political committee in Nera (National Electoral Reform Agenda), will take the opportunity to explain to Zimbabweans her vision and strategic thrust on a number of issues affecting the country ranging from issues of grand coalition of progressive opposition forces, economic and political problems confronting the country to the call for voter registration and will also officially unveil NPP’s road map to the people’s elective convention to be held on a date to be announced soon,” Nyandoro said.

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  1. Gutu Resident

    You will not get a single voter casting a vote for NPP IN Gutu

    1. @Gutu res, thats too harsh. People will think for themselves.

    2. who are you to talk for Gutu people the normal ones are fed up with zanupf, only drunkards who depend on donated musombodiya would vote for zanupf.

  2. @gutu your are dreaming ,not all people in Gutu are in favour of MDC or ZANUPF. pane vanotomuda mugutu imomo

  3. 37 yrs after independence, i thought people now understand the policies of zanu pf. Zanu pf will win next year elections. i t did its home work during the liberation struggle. people just like it. its like the love the child has for his/her parents whether they are poor or vachiroya. Mujuru is just wasting her time. she should have remained in zanupf, get to the drawing board, restrategize and do the political acrobatics within zanupf, kwete kusiya and think kuti you would do something. already the chiefs have sent a message to their subjects that this woman is unwanted and her fate has already been sealed.

  4. Janana wa Bikaz

    Gutu resident you are a very stupid person.A baboon actually thinks far much better than you. You think with your buttocks i guess,because how can a normal person advocate for a party like zanu pf which keeps on imposing and old and ailing dictator to win an election?Can that frail and old man carry the future and dreams of your children,if at all you have any.If you are not beneffiting from zanu pf through stealing, corruption and looting and you keep on supporting such a party then you need your heard examined by professional doctors.Only those stealing or commiting crimes in the name of zanu pf will be forgiven for supporting such an insensitive and murderous mafia party.Any other party which is not zanu pf should be the choice of normal people.

  5. Gutu Resident

    Janana wa Bikaz kwana wazvihwa uno ndituka kuti ndiri gudo inini unotukurira baba vedu VaMugabe iwewe unoda kuzviita ani iwe?Zvisinei his exellency will win the 2018 elections iwe Janana waBikaz uchazvotwa nazvo wozvi sungurira pamu tomatoes pamusoro peguva ramai vako vaka kuhura nababa vaMorgan Tsvangirai

    1. Mh**a yako iwe

  6. Spot on Janana all what you said is full of sense only an insane person can despute what you said pasi ne zanu yemadisnyongoro .

  7. Dai mawanirwa nyasha vanangu

  8. tagarira webuhera

    iwe gutu resident, by now u dnt even kno the differences btwn “Baba vedu” and “sekuru vedu”, waurikuti baba vedu ndiyani manje

  9. hapana munhu anobva kwagutu akapusa sa gutu resident kunyepa hazviitiki kkk mbwa

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  11. Can someone explain in simple terms what Tsvangirai and company stand to benefit from a “coalition” with Joice Mujuru. While Tsvangirai’s can quantify his supporters, what support base does Dr Mujuru have to warrant a coalition?

  12. Chief Mawere seems to be one person who is levelheaded. In 2011 he said active participation by chiefs in party politics is gradually killing the traditional chief system in Zimbabwe because people were losing respect of chiefs. He declared that he does not want to be linked to any political party as that reduces his status and demeans his standing as a chief. I thought he was just politicing but his most recent comment confirms that he is a man of word.

  13. Zimbabwe needs new leadership that will understand the plights of the young generation.Whether the opposition is good or not for now we need change .Zanu pf ITS ENOUGH WE NOW KNOW MATONGERO ENYU UYE KUTI MBAVHA MUNODZICHENGETA,CHITORAI NGUVA YASARA KUTENDEUKA KUTI VIMWE ACHIONEKWA MUMAKORE MUGOVAPOWO,Be shy of the wrongs you have done to Zimbabwe,we are swimming in poverty ,tinyareiwo

  14. @Gutu resident, i just wish that you die tommorow

  15. Gutu resident uriduzvi rakamamiwa nembwa.

  16. Expiry pdt versus new pdt. Usually rural folks buy expiry pdt maybe becoz of its cheap price vis-a-vis a new pdt which is expensive.

  17. Gutu uridatya rajaira kushandiswa nembwa

  18. Queen Bee, Mother Zimbabwe……mazita kuita kupfekerana!

  19. Pamberi nheZANU!!!

  20. Kana zvaramba chipai ngwena we zanu yacho,ava havachaonii sekuru ve wheel chair

  21. kwaGutu kwakaoma,kkkkkkkkk

  22. Mwana wa Stembeni

    Pakaipa musatukane hama, munhu anozvifungira mupfungwa dzake

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