#Throwback: Mugabe’s “Pasi neZanu PF” slogan shocks delegates

Do you still remember when President Robert Mugabe shocked more than 12 000 delegates at the Zanu PF 6th national people’s congress in 2014 by unwittingly denouncing his own party through a slogan “Pasi neZanu PF”


While it may be a case of old age taking its toll on the President, it appeared Mugabe may have been confused by a note from his wife Grace, ordering him off the podium after he had spent too much time rambling irrelevance.

After reading the note, about 15 minutes after having been handed it but seemingly having forgotten he was holding it, Mugabe appeared unsettled before announcing he had been ordered by the First Lady to end his speech.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Pasi neMatibili family and all zezurus

  2. what kind of news article is this???

  3. Newsday are u serious

  4. Whats this Newsday? Tipeiwo maserious please. Asi its not allowed to leave blank spaces?

  5. Honestly is really news? Yo are worse than Mugabe himself

  6. Mgbe has dne mor crazy thngs tht its no longer newsworthy. And to thnk Zimbos r ‘going’ 2 put the same old man for 5 mo yrs. Pliz. Frnce is putting a 40 yrs old. Who was 3 in 1980. And u expect these 2 at sme meetng, the zanulites see no problm with all tht. Pliz. If it happen again lm leaving

  7. bhasa chimurenga

    Mukuru wedu and his advanced sense of humour does not appeal to the likes of NewsDarkness not Newsday!!!

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